Topic: my first Driverpack installaion xp gui says missing iertutil.dll

hi i made my first nLite and driverpack intgration

My nlite works fine without driverpack intigration. so my error must be in the driverpacks
i use method 2 in driverpack base. and i have Windows XP Pro SP3 danish shall i then in driverbase chose danish or what?

first i make clean XP pro sp3 Danish CD to folder on harddrive and then add hotfixes with nlite. and not make iso yet
then i run Driverpacks program version DPs_BASE_8124.exe


and after i make iso with Nlite. but when i gui mode comes up and driver ingration begins it run all thoug to the end. and then i get error setup.exe cant find iertutil.dll

please help dont know what that file is for.

kind regards THXMAN

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Re: my first Driverpack installaion xp gui says missing iertutil.dll

that is the result of the way IE was installed...

We have seen similar issues a couple of times before.
The fix was to change the order in which the IE7 was added with nLite...

I forgot where the posts were, but if memory serves me correctly,
One person did all their other updates first, then ran nLite a second time, and added IE last and alone.
The other one just changed the order of the updates in the nLite list...

In the past this has been attributed to nLite
(IE if you run DriverPacks on your source without nLite you won't have an issue either)
It seems it is the combo of the two that on rare occasions will spit out a file.
This issue WILL NOT occur if IE7 is not slip-streamed...
This issue will probably not occur again if you change the load order in nLite... big_smile

I hope that helps and please report back with any additional info or results
We would love to hear from you... especially with any good clues or your solution.

Awesome first post - excellent details and version info - big_smile

Welcome to DriverPacks and have a great day!

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