Topic: Just want some info really :)

I see that Driver packs for Vista are not quite ready.

I am about to do a fresh install of Vista (lucky me!)

1, Just wondered if Vista Driver packs will eventually include a Base-style app like on XP driver packs?

2, Is it worth integrating the vista driverpacks yet?

3, where can I download the Visat driverpacks

4, Do you plan V-lite support?

5, Maybe a FAQ would be good for Vista driverpacks, if I missed it please link me!

Many thanks for all your hard work on this and the XP driver packs, You have already saved me lots of time (and electricity! and downloading off rubbish Web site like Realtek!!!)

Thanks David (fan!)

Re: Just want some info really :)

Um... i was never a fan of Vista and Muiz picked up the ball and ran with it...
It does work and is "ready" it may not have the polish that DriverPacks BASE does but neither does vista tongue.
Yes adding the vista DriverPacks is worth doing! and the packs for vista eachhave thier own frum wher you can grab them, Bâshrat the Sneaky is in process of adding support for the vista packs to the website as we speak wink

as with nLite and BASE don't add drivers with both...

We are streched pretty thin on man power... sorry about the state of our documentation.

Always nice to have a fan! now if we only had two... wink

In as much as i am really warming up to Win7 I will definately support that for DriverPacks BASE and probably as a result of that i will accidentally add BASE support for vista too...

But to your main question yes ther are packs check out each of the vista forums for links to the packs be sure to thank Muiz and confirm that it is actually ready wink

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Re: Just want some info really :)

Vista-Tool works fine, although there is a learning curve to it for sure.
One of the major drawbacks (that we have on our 'to-do' list) is we have no Vista 'Finisher'.  There are workarounds, but they are clumsy.
I would integrate all the DriverPacks that would fit, then for those drivers that require apps/control panels, re-run those separate installers after Vista is successfully installed.

Re: Just want some info really :)

Brilliant thanks, will check out Vista tool and the packs. Long live Win7! Bit embarrassing that a beta is better than the 'stable' Vista!!!

Re: Just want some info really :)

Vista-Tool 2.0 is on the way.......
Lots of new features, and bugs fixed.
And we are working on Win7 support.
And i hope more user friendly, i dont think it is right now. (But who am i?!?)
I will post more details soon, for now its just wait..........