Topic: Two really quick questions

I've been tooling around with DriverUpdater-v0.3.5 and it's working great, I just had 2 quick questions

#1.  After selecting the drivers I want to extract I get this window.  Is this normal?  Can I hide it?

#2.  After that window I get this.  I assume it's because the application has the ability to install after setup... and can not find the .exe    Just wanted to make sure though.

Any ideas?


Re: Two really quick questions

OK i have some questions for you...

where did you get driver updater...
what is it? and why are you asking us why it is broken?


Edit - Oh that is the Jaws App... you should post in that thread! wink
Other wise Jaws may not be aware you are haveing an issue.
jsut put a quick note over there with a link to here big_smile

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