Topic: Reatogoand Driverpacks

Hi all

Is there an easy way to integrate driverpacks into reatogo?

Anyone familiar with it?

Reatogo is based on bartpe, but i have no clue what the similarities or differences concerning driverinegration are. It uses a different plugin format, so adding drivers does not work the same.

It wouldbe great if someone knows a solution, or can give me a hint wich meathod might lead to success.

I'd use win xp sp2 or sp3, main priority are graphic-drivers.


Re: Reatogoand Driverpacks

One of the UBCD4Win guys probably knows... they stop by here occasionaly but you might get a quicker response at wink

have you tried the DriverPacks graphics plugin ? ? ?

did you read the other thread in this forum? … 735#p28735

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