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Mass Storage x64

Question: How do we add these Mass Storage drivers to boot.wim?  This will make sure that Setup will detect any SATA/RAID Hard Disk during installation (ie, textmode integration).
Answer: Extract dpms to C:\test\DP_Temp\  Mount the boot.wim index:2.  Add the drivers with DISM

1. Mount Boot.wim (for textmode drivers ALWAYS mount index #2, NEVER #1)
Dism /Mount-Wim /WimFile:C:\Source-OS\SOURCES\BOOT.WIM /index:2 /MountDir:C:\test\offline

2.  Add Drivers
Dism /image:C:\test\offline /Add-Driver /driver:C:\test\DP_Temp\x64 /recurse

3. Save work
Dism /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:M:\test\offline /commit

4. Mass storage text mode is done

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IaStor (Intel matrix storage) is up to 8.6 WHQL now...

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Will be in the next version, thx !

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Updated to 902

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Is there any way you could add the Dell PERC 6/IR drivers (and preferably all of the PERC drivers) to the next release? I need them badly - I'd do it myself but I'm not sure how the mass storage pack works - I've got everything else (graphics/LAN/etc) working fine after i added some drivers to your existing driverpacks.

Since Vista dropped text mode setup, is there anything special about the mass storage pack anymore? I know it was strange in XP because of the txtsetup.oem files.

link to drivers:

They are for Win2K8 but work fine in Vista.


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Updated to 903

@emkinney i added the Vista version if you dont mind.

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Updated to 903.1

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One complaint about Masstorage x64 - even if you do not have a SI controller, a SI control panel applet will be installed regardless. I remove the SI folder completely from integration for now.

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It doesnt do that at my end , and not on many computers i installed.
So cant help you yet with this.

Updated to 903.2

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Hi muiz,

it also happens on all of my pcs and even on vmware so at least in vmware you might be able to reproduce this.
I mentioned this a few months ago by the way :-)


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I dont have that problem at my end, sorry

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Muiz, in this case and in the past when multiple persons state they have the same specific problem with VistaTool, your response sounds as if the issue is imaginary unless you see it yourself on your PC and you reply with a VERY curt "no problem here, sorry". We appreciate your efforts in putting out driverpacks and the tool - but the attitude you convey when people are reporting bugs is completely the opposite of other contributors to this community.

DriverPacks BASE would never get where it is today if Basharat told everybody with a bug to report that he cant help because he sees no problem on his end.

Specifically for this SI bug, I too notice this on VMs (in addition to my PCs) and since the beauty of a VM is that it elimates any variable's with hardware configuration, this leads me to believe that you have not tested in a VM or bothered to check your control panel in an existing VM.

Food for thought.

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That was very diplomatic Fragbert...
I certainly hope it is well recieved by muiz.
He should be able to realize you are only trying to be helpful in the nicest possable way. big_smile

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@Fragbert why dont you make the packs instead of whining about things.

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muiz wrote:

@Fragbert why dont you make the packs instead of whining about things.

I assumed you would make such a one-lined, dismissive and defensive reply. A pity.

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I will tell this for the last time :

At the moment i do this packs all by myself including hotfix packs.
I try to have a life also besides driverpacks.
All my free time i spend updating the packs, cant do more then that.
When people have a problem i cant reproduce, its very hard to fix.
You keep spamming the same error over and over again.
Told you before, i dont have a clue at this moment.
And if you think im doing a bad job, why dont you join the Vista team and help us with the packs?

So.. yes i heard you, but i cant fix it atm.... sorry

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Excuse me, but dont dare accuse me of spamming when I made ONE POST about this error less than a day ago! Somebody ELSE also brought this error up. You see, this is what happens when there is a genuine bug, multiple people will report it. What you should do is instead of getting all defensive saying that we are imagining things, is at least take note and make a genuine effort (time permitting) to reproduce the error - which I suspect you have not done as of yet. If you want to reproduce the error, simply run an x64 install with this x64 pack in a x64 VM. I guarantee you will see it.

People who develop these kinds of projects do so with the understanding that there are bugs and that people who report them are doing a SERVICE - not "whining" as you put it. You may not think so but we are very much helping you to improve the only decent Vista unattended integration tool in exisitence.

I understand completely that you have no time to constantly update a huge project like this - a reply from you saying as much is much better than "sorry, dont see it here, tough luck". A project like this most certainly should be an open group project much like XP driverpacks are now. The more people the better - but since this is Vista that will be hard to do since it is such a pariah in the unattended community.

I am not a programmer so the best I can offer you is reporting bugs and specifics on how they are reproduced - and I have quite a few now on Vista-Tools if you would be willing to listen instead of dismiss.

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OK, it's always possible that there is nothing wrong with Vista-tool or the vista DriverPacks themselves...the drivers themselves maybe at fault here.
@Fragbert, which folder exactly are you deleting to make these work?
Has anyone used kickarse's HWID tool to scan these DriverPacks yet?  Something is triggering this control panel install from within Vista.  It's a shame we don't have proper log files to investigate.
I'd prefer to eliminate any possible alternatives before resorting to finger-pointing (which never solves anything anyway)

so far I found duplicates between:
Dell SAS * Controller


ATI 436E Serial ATA Controller

Silicon Image's Pseudo Processor Device  (prime suspect)
\Masstorage_x64_903.2\5\4\2\sippd.inf  (9/20/2006) Delete .inf
\Masstorage_x64_903.2\5\5\2\sippd.inf  (9/17/2008) Keep
\Masstorage_x64_903.2\5\6\1\sippd.inf  (11/13/2007) Delete .inf

I'm not overly concerned with HWID dupes from two .infs from the the same OEM folder (like \Masstorage_x64_903.2\2\2\...massive overlap!), but in the case of overlapping HWIDs from different vendors, we cannot prune the .infs because that would break driver signing. 
Maybe deleting the offending .inf or folder is the best way forward until we can disable driver signing issues.
I'd rather have stable drivers than more drivers.

Note to all.
We DriverPacks builders are few.  But we cannot bugtest on all hardware.
We NEED testers.  It's a symbiotic relationship.

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Hi guys,

I would call the Vista driverpacks section something like Vista-Win7 driverpacks section. Sooner or later, people will come flying to Windows 7 and then it won´t be such a pariah anymore :-) I myself use Win7 build 7056 exclusively now and except for some minor bugs have no complaint whatsoever.

Even Vista was not that bad over the last few months once you set your mind to it and learned a few new ways but it certainly was different from XP and we all know that people won´t learn new things unless they have to or unless they gain some profit from it. Hopefully Win7 will bring enough profit so people will adopt it.

As for the Vista driverpacks:

muiz, I really, really (really !) appreciate your efforts and your quick response to new driver updates etc.
I hope you can see that my reporting of bugs or problems is meant to help make the driverpacks better, it´s not just whining. :-)

I would very much like the Vista/Win7 driverpacks to go the driverpacks Base route with logging/testing etc.
It does work currently (at least I have found no major problem on my pcs except for the one jraid driver update) but it may be different on some other hardware or with different drivers.

If I can help in any way (I am no programmer except for some very light scripting but I can test) please tell me !


PS: I m not using the Vistatool by the way because it does not work unattendedly and won´t integrate the drivers into all images of a wim (you have to do this manually one by one). Instead I have created a script that will integrate all DriverPacks automatically using the waik commandline tools and integrate it automatically into all available images of a wim. So the proble with the SI control panel on vmware is definitely a driverproblem not a vistatool problem.

I can post the scripts if people are interested or would like to adapt them (currently it does not have any logging)

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Re: MassStorage x64

I can use all the hands that are available.
And there is no such thing as slipstreaming all the images at once, i dont think a pc can handle that.
And the reason i use Vista-Tool to slip my drivers is that Vlite messes up with that.
I get popups during the setup for each driver, with Vista-Tool i dont have that problem.

And again i hope you fully understand i do this for free like all the other team members in my and their free time.
And we realy want to help with problems but sometimes we just cant or dont know how.

Now please lets stay ontopic about this, or post it in the Vista-Tool part of the forum.

Re: MassStorage x64

Hi muiz,

And there is no such thing as slipstreaming all the images at once, i dont think a pc can handle that.

I did not say at once but I do slipstream the drivers into all available images of a wim. From my script:


REM Create Indexfile of wim
"%WaikTools%\imagex.exe" /info %WinImagex32% > "%AIWTempx32%\indexinstallwim.txt"

for /f "tokens=3" %%a in ('find /I "Image Count" "%AIWTempx32%\indexinstallwim.txt"') do set ImageCountMax=%%a

set Index=1


IF %WinOS%==Windows7 %dism% /Mount-Wim /Wimfile:%WinImagex32% /index:%Index% /MountDir:%Mount%
IF NOT %WinOS%==Windows7 "%WaikTools%\imagex" /mountrw %WinImagex32% %Index% %Mount%

ECHO Integrating Driverpacks into install.wim Image %Index% of %ImageCountMax% ... 
ECHO Please be VERY patient ...

IF %WinOS%==Windows7 %dism% /image:%Mount% /apply-unattend:%DriversSource%\Driversxml\drivers_installwim_x32.xml
IF NOT %WinOS%==Windows7 start "" /wait %pkgmgr% /o:%Mount%;%Mount%\Windows /n:%DriversSource%\Driversxml\drivers_installwim_x32.xml

IF %WinOS%==Windows7 %dism% /Unmount-Wim /MountDir:%Mount% /commit
IF NOT %WinOS%==Windows7 "%WaikTools%\imagex" /unmount /commit %Mount%

if %Index% LSS %ImageCountMax% set /A Index=%Index%+1 & goto :startindex32

Thats just part of my script. It also automatically creates those drivers.xml files that Vista needs depending on the location of the drivers folder. The whole thing is a bit different for Win7.

I know it is just a commandline process, nothing advanced like C or vbs or powershell but it works.
So things are indeed possible ....


Re: MassStorage x64

We are working an a update of the tool, maybe it comes in handy

Re: MassStorage x64

Hi Again,

I think I may know why the SI Control panel is being installed ...
See this picture:

This is the driver details for my Western Digital Harddrive (connected to the onboard Intel ICH10 controller in AHCI mode). For some reason the harddrive uses the Silicon Image SiRemFil.sys driver although no SI controller is present on the system.

Can you do something about this, muiz ?

The ICH10 controller uses the Intel iastor.sys driver.

Re: MassStorage x64

Thats Win7, is this problem also in Vista?

Re: MassStorage x64

Updated to 904