Topic: Audio issues with Dell D600 Sigmatel

I apologize if this has already been addressed, but search did not reveal anything to me...

I am using AutoImage with the Driverpacks (all of them including the third party packs latest versions avail by Dec 2008) doing unattended installs via RIS. All of the drivers install fine except sound. Windows reports that the "Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver" is not installed. I can remove it and rescan for new hardware and it will auto install. But after doing that, I get no sound from the laptop speakers. If I plug in external speakers, sound plays fine. Windows does not report any errors in the sound, as well as volume control appears to work just fine... just no sound from internal speakers. If I update the driver with the one from Dell's site, everything works fine. I do not have the VEN or DEV ID numbers at this time, but I will reply to this with Driver versions and VEN/DEV's.

Re: Audio issues with Dell D600 Sigmatel

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Re: Audio issues with Dell D600 Sigmatel

Device Name: Sigmatel C Major Audio
Driver Provider: Sigmatel

Device Instance ID

Hardware ID

Compat ID

Matching ID

For the Non-Working Drivers:
Date: 11/11/2004
Version: 5.10.4251.0
Signer: Not Signed
The Files included are:
stac97.sys Ver 5.10.4251.0
stac97co.dll Ver

For the Working Drivers:
Date: 11/151/2004
Signer: WHQL
The Files included are:
stac97.cpl Ver
stac97co.dll Ver
stac97.sys Ver 5.10.3952.0

I have modified the INI file several times, but it was just a normal, intergrate everything into a source image using method 2, KTD all, using QSC.
the 2 driverpacks used (relating to sound)

Re: Audio issues with Dell D600 Sigmatel

are we to assume XP sp3?

were there rvm or other updates?
drivers added or removed with nlite or other means?

it would be awesome if you could please link us to the known working dell driver (on thier site)!

Thanks for stopping by and reporting... it makes DriverPacks better for everybody!

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Re: Audio issues with Dell D600 Sigmatel

It was XP Pro and Home Service Pack 3. It was also on XP Media Center 2005 SP2 (SP3 breaks Media Center when slipstreamed). There was nothing else except driver packs. No RVM. No Nlite. Only thing that has been slipstreamed into original source was SP3 (except on Media Center) and the MS HDA Patch (KB888111).

All of the official Driverpacks were slipstreamed, and 3rd party packs were Bluetooth, Misc, Modem, TV, and Grpahics A PhysX

The correct Driver can be found at: … eid=118248

I will do another test install tomorrow with a Vanilla XP and only slipstream Sound Pack A and B and report the results.

has an entry for (Line 70)

%STAC97.DvDscInt%=STAC97, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24C5&SUBSYS_011D1028

but DP_Sound_B_wnt5_x86-32_805\D\S\zD\stac97.inf does not:


A similiar issue was raised before at in relation to a SigmaTel Card on a Dell Laptop which was corrected on the 7.12 update.

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Re: Audio issues with Dell D600 Sigmatel

Sigmatel is one of those drivers, which must be pruned at first of all. I have an idea how to do it. Please wait a pair of days!

Re: Audio issues with Dell D600 Sigmatel

sp3 includes kb888111 - don't add it...

base will detect and add that kb if required wink

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Re: Audio issues with Dell D600 Sigmatel

Does it? I know it was supposed to but it didn't/didn't work. KB888111 can not be added to a machine that already has had SP3 installed as an update, because it (KB888111) looks for SP1 or SP2. However even after installing just SP3, HDA is still not installed. There is a modified patch on the net, that can be used on a SP3 machine, that will install MS UAA, but it doesn't come directly from Microsoft. The alternative way, is to uninstall SP3, install KB888111, then reinstall SP3.

Slipstreaming SP3, I did not think would make a difference as to KB888111 installing after the fact. I can report though that having both installed into an image does indeed install the UAA, and Sound is available. It has been awhile, but I am pretty certain that just slipstreaming SP3, did not get the UAA installed.

The method if slipstreaming patches I use is
WindowsXP-KB936021-x86-ENU.exe" /integrate:"C:\CDImages\XPCD"