Topic: NEC versa P9120 will these drivers help?

hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if these driver packages will support XP on my laptop.

Re: NEC versa P9120 will these drivers help?

Answer= no.

I don't want to google your machine. (and then try find what we do not have)

You have it, but you did not provide detail.
We do not provide solutions by machine type and do not have a database per machine type.
We can add drivers, but we ask that you help us determine what we have to add.

you could be lucky.
a regular may take interest.
If not, you will have to help us help you.

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The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

Re: NEC versa P9120 will these drivers help?

ok, so if I find a list of what I need can you tell me if you have it?

I'm kind of technologically challenged when it comes to hardware so if there is anything else I need to find out can you tell me?

Re: NEC versa P9120 will these drivers help?

submit your HWID's using the tool in our signatures.

someone may help you... or not

we support DriverPacks here and you are not using DriverPacks... therefore you're not eligible for support

furthermore we integrate the packs into the install so all hardware is supported for every machine

we don't provide support per machine - we support all machines

If you use DriverPacks and find that a driver is not included it is up to you to tell us it is not there and provide that driver for us.
If you do we will add it and it will be in the next pack. in this way not only you benefit but everyone else with your hardware.

we consider it selfish to ask us to support just your machine.

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