Topic: Forum standard abbreviations & shortcuts

0The list of of supported substitutions was recently updated and it occurred to me that this list was not publicized.

I belive that most of our team is aware of a few of these already but probably did not realize there were so many.

by useing common abbr. we can let the forum subsitute for us. (in order to make them visible i have added a space charachter (or two) to each one (otherwise they would have been substituted automagicaly)
"b ts"      "Bâshrat the Sneaky"

"d pb"         "DriverPacks BASE"
"b -log"     "DPs_BASE.log"
"f -log"     "DPsFnshr.log"
"b -ini"     "DPs_BASE.ini"
"f -ini"     "DPsFnshr.ini"
"d psf"     "DriverPacks Finisher"
"d pf"         "DriverPacks Finisher"
"d ps"         "DriverPacks"

"d pcpu"     "DriverPack CPU"
"d pc"         "DriverPack Chipset"
"d pga"     "DriverPack Graphics A"
"d pgb"     "DriverPack Graphics B"
"d pgc"     "DriverPack Graphics C"
"d pl"         "DriverPack LAN"
"d pm"         "DriverPack MassStorage"
"d pms"     "DriverPack MassStorage"
"d psa"     "DriverPack Sound A"
"d psb"     "DriverPack Sound B"
"d pw"         "DriverPack WLAN"

"d p3p"         "3rd party DriverPack"
"d ps3p"     "3rd party DriverPacks"
"t pdp"     "3rd party DriverPack"
"3 pdp"     "3rd party DriverPack"
"3 dp"         "Third party DriverPack"
"3 d ps"     "Third Party DriverPacks"
"3 d pm"     "Third Party ModemPack"

"d l"         "download"
"c dn"         "[u rl=]cdn[/url]"   IE    cdn
"t he bugtracker"     "the [u rl=]bugtracker[/url]"   IE   the bugtracker

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