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Hi all!
The program allows DRP automatically install drivers for most devices in a few clicks.

When reinstalling Windows on a computer, has always required special programs - "Driver". Sometimes, manufacturers provide users with the drivers or spread them on their websites. If this does not drive or lost, it creates a big problem. The interface for the driver Paka will help you!

The advantage of DRP:
* No need to search and download the "weighty" driver
* You do not need to go from computer disks
* Put on one Check 700Mb
* Suitable almost all computers
* Quickly establish!
* Easy to use!


The page program:
Translatet by Google: … &tl=en
Discussion at oszone:

Key features DRP:
* Instantly determine which of the archives Paketov driver can be installed on this computer
* "Intelligent" mode installation. Unpack only contain information on this device files that shortens the time unpacking and speeding up the installation of drivers
* "Hand" treatment plant. Unpacks the entire archive driver Paka and choice: a driver for a device to install. Installation can be produced from the DRP or manager of the devices
* "Automatic" mode installation. The entire archive unpacks and sets all drivers.
* Automatic updates from the server checks 03compu.

Full assembly Beta 4 can be downloaded from the torrent (530 MB):

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Looks nice!

Welcome to! smile

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Thank you! smile
I apologize, I do not know English and to translate using Google.
Google - a good translator, but not without uprechny may be someone to correct the translated text as it should?

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If someone can translate it in english i can translate DRP in my language (italian)

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i dont see DriverPacks mentioned in the GUI...

i am sure you did not intend to forget to credit and link to us ...
after all the DriverPacks are the most important part of being able to use your menu... smile

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