Topic: [REL] [x86, 64 bit] DriverPack MassStorage 6.00

Current DP_BASE CAN'T SLIPSTREAM 64bit DriverPacks


+added HPT370/370A/372/372A/372N/302/302N ATA RAID Controller
+added HPT374 controller
+added HP RR182x/181x controller for Windows 2003 AMD64 version
+added HP RR222x controller
+added HP RR232x controller
+added HP RR2240 controller
+added HP RR2310/2300 controller
+added HP NVIDIA nForce4 Intel 64bit PATA/SATA/RAID drivers
+added HP NVIDIA nForce4 Intel SLI 64bit PATA/SATA/RAID drivers
+added HP NVIDIA nForce 590/570/550 Serial ATA Controller driver 64bit
+added NVIDIA nForce1-2 64bit driver ATA/RAID
+added NVIDIA nForce4 x16 64bit driver PATA/SATA/RAID
+added NVIDIA nForce4 AMD64 driver PATA/SATA/RAID
+added Promise FT8300/Sx4300/TX4310/FastTrak (519/579/719/779)/SATA300 TX4302/SATA150SX8/TX4300/TX4200/
+added Promise FastTrak S150 TX2plus/FastTrak S150 TX4/FastTrak 378/FastTrak TX4000/FastTrak S150 TX2plus/FastTrak S150 TX4
+added Promise SATAII150 TX2plus/SATAII150 TX4/SATAII150 579/SATA300 TX2plus/SATA300 TX4/SATA300 779
+added SiS 180/181 RAID Controller/SiS 180,182/
+added ALi ATA/RAID drivers (M5228,M5281)
+added ULi SATA/RAID Controllers (M1689/M1567), (M1689/M1567) ,(M1573), (M1573), (M1575/M1697), (M1575/M1697)
+added VIA VT6421 RAID Controller/SATA,VT6410 RAID Controller,VT8251 AHCI RAID,VT8237A SATA RAID
+added VIA mimiIDE controllers
+added VIA CX700/VX700 RAID Controller … 64_600b.7z

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Re: [REL] [x86, 64 bit] DriverPack MassStorage 6.00

is this pack the same as the one you posted earlier?
your ftp seems down
I ask cuz
I can get it to work to have that gui integrate the 32bit driverpack

but I can't seem to integrate those massstorage 64bit drivers you created ( … 0a.7z.html)
if I put the 32bitdrivers in the DriverPacks folder it works
but if I put this 64bitdrivers in the 3dpartydrivers folder it doesn't pick'em up
any help is appreciated

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Re: [REL] [x86, 64 bit] DriverPack MassStorage 6.00

I have explained this earlier....look at the "...ALPHA almost released" thread.

PS. Ftp is temporary down. There is some trouble with my server. Sorry

Re: [REL] [x86, 64 bit] DriverPack MassStorage 6.00

is it compatible with the latest base? i thought you couldnt make your own masstoragepack

yep i was right

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Re: [REL] [x86, 64 bit] DriverPack MassStorage 6.00

Big thank you for the 64 bit support! smile