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I have played around with DriverPacks for a few weeks now and wanted to know if anybody had figured out how to get an XP slipstream will all drivers including 3rd pary withou running into the 4096 txt file limitation.

Re: Master Driver Disc

welcome to driverpacks

its called method 2 it slipstreams all drivers and has no known limit.

method one has this limit because the drivers are added in text mode instead of in GUI mode.

only method one has this limit (in text mode setup) and method one is considered obsolete by many including Bâshrat the Sneaky

based on the title of your post you may be wanting to use KTD (Keep The Driver) search for that if so...
or create a drivers only cd search for that if so

both subjects are coverd extensively and have stickies

if you truely are wanting a "master drivers cd" (and not a slipstream) windows would be running in GUI mode and have no limit on the search path.

if you are wanting a cd you can just pop in and use as a master drivers cd then just create a method one disk and copy all the files from

$OEM$\$1\D  to a CD this CD can be used for the search removable media option in add new hardware. no limit...

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