Topic: DriverPacks Tutorial for the BartPE plugin
Help file for the DriverPacks Plugin for BartPE
Currently supporting; x86 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP and 2003
Mass Storage Only for now - more to follow!
Section One:
Older versions of UBCD4Win previous to 3.05 install directions

Disable or remove any existing Mass Storage Drivers.
UBCD4Win came with many drivers and to avoid conflicts these needed to be disabled.

To disable the included MS drivers...
create a new folder in the UBCD4Win folder called DISABLED then cut and paste
the <UBCD4Win>\drivers\SCSIAdapter folder to the <UBCD4Win>\DISABLED folder.
You can also simply delete this folder if you wish but this would not allow you to use them later if needed.

Newer versions of UBCD4Win Include Bashrat the Sneaky's (Bâshrat the Sneaky) DriverPacks

All versions of BartPE

Extract / install the DriverPacks Base program to a folder that IS NOT in your plugin folder - IE C:\DPsBase\
We will allow the Base program to create our plugin folders because it is critical to proper operation of the MassStorage plugin and also future DriverPacks like LAN and Graphics.

Download the latest Mass Storage DriverPack directly to your DriverPacks folder. IE C:\DPsBase\DriverPacks\
Don't get the other packs right now since they are not (yet) supported and don't need to take up extra space in your plugin.
you dont need to unzip or do anything else to the packs manually.

Run c:\DPsBase\DPs_BASE.exe and select your language on the 'Start' page.
Click the button with the > sign on it (or click on settings) to display the 'Settings' page followed by the 'Location' page
On the location page (see fig1) Select BartPE and "Browse" to your Plugin folder.
note - If you select a valid BartPE Plugin folder the OS: field will change from 'N/A' to 'bartpe'
note - If you do not select a valid location you will not be shown the rest of the settings pages.
Figure 1

Click on DriverPacksâ„¢ in the navigation pane or click on the next button '>' (see fig2)
If the MassStorage DriverPack exists in the C:\DPsBase\DriverPacks folder then MassStorage text mode will automaticaly be selected.
Figure 2

Click on 'Slipstream!'
That's it your done creating your Mass Storage plugin.


Afterwards you will have the following new folder under \plugins... ' \plugin\\BASE'


"plugin\\BASE" is hard-coded into the executable and must not be altered in any way.
Doing so will create problems upgrading to a new MassStorage Pack or adding new packs when they are supported (like LAN)

Run UBCD4WINBUILDER.EXE or PEBuilder.exe and open the "plugins" page.

there should be new plugins (fig3)
"# - BASE - Press <CONFIG> to enable drivers or reset DriverPacks plugins"
- this should be set to 'NO' because it is only here to 'configure' plugins it is not part of the build.
"# - MassStorage"
- this should be set to yes to enable the MassStorage Plugin and enable the drivers for your build.
Figure 3

If "# - MassStorage" is not there or is out of date then select

"# DriverPack - Press <CONFIG> to enable drivers" & press the CONFIG button.

This will setup the base.ini file to your local directory and run the driverpacks base which will generate the mass storage drivers plugin.

You MUST press REFRESH before you will see the new plugin listed in pebuilder.

Help file updated by
Overflow - 2007-11-17

OverFlow - Jeff Herre, code for mass storage plugin for driverpacks
Many thanks to Bâshrat the Sneaky, hilander, cdob, and the ubcd4win team: i could not have done it without you guys

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