Re: Testers needed for new Graphics driverpacks

personally, I thought we should have a new topic for the next testpack ot "The RC.."

(The info in this topic covered quite a few test versions and some of these already got published... but the reader has to wade thru all the old info?).

But hey, it serves a purpose as well. The reader can get an idea about how difficult it can be to get it to work.
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The answer was 42?
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Re: Testers needed for new Graphics driverpacks

Thanks Jaak.
Yes, This is definitely a long thread to read from end to end.
It's main intent was to get the test DriverPacks out into the open for 'non-testers' to test for us, since we have a limited number of 'official' test-team members.
Because of the experimental nature of future DriverPacks, it might be better to remove the links and close this thread.

Oh, and the 174.53 drivers only officially support the 9800 series cards.  We've been tinkering with them for mainstream cards and testing continues.  But typically we will ONLY release DriverPacks containing WHQL drivers that have FULL support from the vendor.  We never use beta drivers and only use 'cross-pollinated' drivers as an experiment.
It's unfortunate that nVidia chose to release newer drivers for ONLY the 9800 series cards.  That means we won't see 'Unified' drivers for another month.

Stability is our ultimate goal.

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