Topic: [SOLVED] Failed to CAB compress \D\M\3\1\3wareDrv.sys

Failed to CAB compress \D\M\3\1\3wareDrv.sys to C:\DriverPacks\QSC\wnt5_x86-32_uni_DP_MassStorage_7011_textmode\3WARE95K.SY_.

; preferred language
prefLang    = "English"
; yes/no, enable or disable the wizard-style buttons, if not specified: yes
wizardButtons    = "yes"
; yes/no, enable or disable the GUI, if not specified: yes
GUI        = "yes"

; disc/bartpe/multibootDisc
instPlatform    = "disc"
; trailing backslash is allowed, but not necessary
location    = "C:\hfslip\SOURCE"
; none/all/select, if select, specify them below, if not specified: all
DriverPacks    = "select"
; 1/2, method to install the DriverPacks, if not specified: 2
DPsMethod    = "1"
; GUIRunOnce/RunOnceEx/custom, if not specified: GUIRunOnce
finisherMethod    = "GUIRunOnce"

; this section is optional!
; none/all/select/paths/patterns, enable or disable Keep The Drivers (KTD) , if not specified: none
KTD        = "false"
; <path>, to specify a custom KTD cache location, if not specified: default (%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks)
KTDlocation    = "%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks"
; yes/no, enable or disable QuickStream Cache (QSC), if not specified: yes
QSC        = "yes"

; you should only add this section if you've set [Settings]\DriverPacks to "select"
DP_Chipset    = "no"
DP_CPU        = "no"
DP_Graphics_A    = "no"
DP_Graphics_B    = "no"
DP_Graphics_C    = "no"
DP_LAN        = "no"
DP_MassStorage    = "no"
DP_Sound_A    = "no"
DP_Sound_B    = "no"
DP_WLAN        = "no"
DP_MassStorage_textmode = "yes"

; this section is optional!
; CCC/CCP, use ATI Catalyst Control Center or ATI Catalyst Control Panel (only relevant when slipstreaming DriverPack Graphics A)
ATI_cpl        = "CCC"


Re: [SOLVED] Failed to CAB compress \D\M\3\1\3wareDrv.sys

try deleting all the files in the QSC folder and try again.

If that fails then post your DPs_BASE.log instead of the .ini

have a great day.

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Re: [SOLVED] Failed to CAB compress \D\M\3\1\3wareDrv.sys


Thank you.