Topic: USB3 support for UBCD4Win 3.60

Which DriverPacks is/are needed to unleash the speed of USB3? UBCD4Win 3.60 DVDs are built

from XPsp2 & 2k3 with Mass Storage 12.09 and LAN 12.05 DriverPacks only. All severs and

desktop have Intel / Renesas USB3. Thanks

Re: USB3 support for UBCD4Win 3.60

Sorry i missed this post previously

Wow, IDK...

If anybody could crack that nut it would be CDOB. The better option would a be newer version of PE. (PE3, PE4, or PE5)

If your PE supports the drivers it makes life a lot easier.

try 911cd or winbuilder or msfn - if cdob doesn't pop in here soon

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sorry it took so long to respond

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Re: USB3 support for UBCD4Win 3.60

Oh man, UBCD4Win, brings back some good memories...   :-)

I was in charge of the drivers in the project for most of it's life until it ended in 2010, or was abandoned I guess. I sadly have moved on myself to other things and using other builders, such as WinBuilder. But, hopefully someone else can help as it's been so long, I don't remember much at all about how I got the drivers working.,LittlBUGer.png