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Re: [REQ] ASUS Wireless Radio

What type of Radio is this?

I cannot search MSUC via my linux OS.  I can download only direct links at this moment.
Am properly licensed, have chose non-MS for iNET though.  My setup is a bit of a mess right now.

Perhaps somebody can direct me as to how to build a 7-based PE disk, unless 8-based PE still works on non-touch HW.  My experience at this point is mostly with NT5, so am a bit of a 'noob here so far.

I like the generic links, though.  Those can help future pack workers too!

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Re: [REQ] ASUS Wireless Radio

I tried three or four of the win7pe builds, didn't like most of them LOL.

can't remember which one i liked now rofl. I have just been using the one image i like.

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