Topic: Sysprepping Windows XP with AHCI drivers pre-installed


I installed a reference Windows XP system in a VirtualBox virtual machine, and with SAD was able to integrate DriverPacks into the deployment process. I was able to see during mini-setup that dp_Inst_tool.cmd was run (BTW, does it matter if I run dp_Inst_tool.cmd during the Run Once VS the Additional Commands stage?) and the relevant DriverPacks installing windows showed up. However, the test deployment of the sysprep-resealed image was also on a virtual machine.

When I used Symantec Ghost 11.5 to make an image of the system, and deployed it to a bare metal test machine, the OS would repeatedly reboot without even getting to the Windows logo screen. I described the issue here, and a response suggested that it is because lack of AHCI support in Windows XP, and that changing the bare metal system's BIOS setting to IDE should work. Even if this solves this issue, however, I don't want to have to manually change the BIOS settings in a bunch of my organisation's computers during deployment which would be a big hassle. Therefore I am wondering if there is a way to pre-load the relevant AHCI/SATA drivers into my Windows XP reference system in VirtualBox before running sysprep?

I know there is the Mass Storage DriverPack, and there is a checkbox for it in DriverPacks Base when running SAD using method 2. The problem is my current setup runs dp_Inst_tool.cmd *during* mini-setup, but the system wouldn't even boot and wouldn't reach mini-setup to begin with. So:

(1) I'd like to confirm that the Mass Storage DriverPack contains the relevant AHCI drivers I am looking for.

(2) Is there a way to pre-load/pre-install AHCI drivers into Windows XP in VirtualBox? If so, and if it can be done with DriverPacks, how do I do it? BTW, I found two posts (here and here) that shows how to install an AHCI driver in an existing Windows XP installation. But they are specific to the chipset of that machine, while I'd like to prepare a sysprepped image that can be deployed to different hardware that might have different AHCI chipsets (so this is where I am hoping DriverPacks might be able to help).

I confess I am very new to DriverPacks so I'd appreciate any specific suggestions you can give me. Thank you very much!

Re: Sysprepping Windows XP with AHCI drivers pre-installed

Really... you didn't read the tutorials? the ones stickied in this very forum?... Really?

RTFM... then ask.

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