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Over the past months SAD2 and your driver packs have become an intrinsic part of my reimaging and deployment process. Being a single SysAdmin in a steadily growing office of around 100 your project has saved me only knows how many hours.

At this stage though, the workstations I am receiving are starting to beat the contents of the driver packs, now to the point that none of them will work for me. So in a help you to help me moment, what can I do to assist in maintaining driver packs at a more recent level? I have a steady stream of Lenovo desktop and workstation class machines coming to my desk that I would be happy to test on. Unfortunately, I do not have much in regards to development experience.

Any assistance you need I would be happy to provide.

Re: I would like to help

We are always looking for help big_smile. Welcome to DriverPacks!

I have added you to the Testing Team and you will find some forums that were hidden are now visible.
TechDud is mostly adding drivers ATM.

Have you tried the test packs?


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Re: I would like to help

Welcome, Plunks!     smile

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