Dammit!!! FIXED

Sorry Bâshrat but I was up till late updating two difrent lng files, the one you emailed and the one from rc7 so I rushed it and made allot of mitakes, but im confident in this 6.07rc7/6.08 lng release

He sent us the .lng for 6.08 via email, I translated that one and then I tranlated/updated the rc7 one also.

The one he sent by email for 6.08 and the new rc7 are not compatible thats why I had to do both.

I sorry Bâshrat the Sneaky this language trans was the biggest piece of crap ive made, it had multiple errors

but i fixed them

DipStick wrote:

Soo eehm, where to get this translated to dutch Base pack ? wink

You have to wait for the DriverPacks Base 6.07 final release to use the dutch language pack... 6.061 does not support other languages

6.07f or 08 whatever Bâshrat the Sneaky is planing on naming it... Will be Out Any Day Now smile

Problem is im not the French translator Maxximum is

My spanish one is Alt compatible

I see some ALT key errors in some lang translations maybe someone can teste all of them

When I say errors I mean the same letter is underlined when pressing the alt key, example the french has Slipstream and Sortir (Close)


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I think that B T S thing was done becuz of me smile

I noticed it after I made my tutorial big_smile

I think he means he fixed it in the next version Ry

Maybe you can make one too tongue

Hey ppl DP Base Driver Pack Creator Beta 1 (by eggster)
http://s8.createphpbb.com/jybesystems/v … ybesystems

Use DriverPacks Base Last just before you make the ISO

@Bâshrat the Sneaky
Will DriverPacks Base have a Make ISO section in the future?

Someone requested this feature some time back

Im doing the Spanish not Polish

We dont speak polish here in Honduras... LMAO

Languages so far:
Netherlands (Is that the real name of the language?)

Id say thats a pretty good start smile

DriverPacks Base b2 aint seeing my 3rd party DriverPacks

And Siginets DriverGrabber beta2 is out... Still no .cat files

NO!... I got the same issue with AVG Free


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Off topic but there is no refresh button for the updatechecker in 6.07b1

I didnt want to say anything till I was done but im trying the spanish translation hmm

Thank you Bâshrat will tell Sigi

It still dosent back up the .cat files

I want to know if they are necessary?

Are they?


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PDF doc


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Something, Anything with pics

EDIT: In that case a custom website, in the style of the php.net manual big_smile Its much easyer

I had an unsigned driver, when i would install it windows warning showed up, after i made my driverpack and integrated it the warning did not show up, thanks to DriverPacks Base it didnt show up like when i installed it normally

Nothing it didnt prompt me

This was solved by Rogue Spear he helped me Bâshrat the Sneaky dont worry

ricktendo64 wrote:

UPDATE:RogueSpear over @ msfn.org Helped me out

Thanks RogueSpear smile

Siginet wrote:

Guess what guys...!!!  I did it... I made my own version of a driver backerupper program utility thingy mer jigger. big_smile

At least it is working for me so far.  I'll let you guys play with it soon.  I'll upload it to siginet software forums.

So far it just automatically grabs any drivers that are not provided by microsoft.  It doesn't let you select which ones though.  And it has no progressbars or anything.  So you just click the exe and give it time.  Once it's done you have a drivers folder with all of your third party drivers in it. smile

I think it's awesome!



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Can I be a tester Bâshrat the Sneaky?

Im planning on ReInstalling and AVG Free wont let me use DriverPacks Base

jtdoom wrote:

Avast warned, so I chose "no action", and it let me run driverbase.

I tried that with AVG Free, i hit ignore and it still wouldnt let me use it, a complete uninstall is the only thing that worked.

I think its cuz its the free version.