it is the truth dear friend

how do you explain the integration of all the drivers with no problem and that the DVD market 100/100 except HID

for me I did a checkout of each pilot and I've integrated one after the other.
I found a problem in the intergration of HID driver.

this is the best method for me

thinks for your answer

I found the problem in the integration of pilot DP_HID_wnt5

I joined because all the drivers without any problems except HID drivers


I integrated the drivers with windows xp sp3 since the program Nlite

but I came across an error when I first step of the installation

Line 36059 of the INF file \ i386 \ txtsetup.sif is invalid

which this is the line

setup,2.exe = 2841,,,,,,,2841,0,0

file link:


I have a problem in the last

doesn't work

thinks for all answer

doesn't work

hello evrey one

I have hp pavillon dv5 1120ek

I searche sata driver to integrate with winxp

I download a driver I can't intergrate cause it's setup file