Topic: S.A.D. and XP(Bootable) DUAL DVD.

Driver Packs team is always saying that if you extract all drivers in the DVD or If you use Method1. It will become space pincher.
If I planned to make XP Disc, definately I choose DVD. So there is no worry of space>>
XP and Softs(1GB)+Driverpacks(3GB)

Either I use method1 or method2. All the drivers will be copied to C:
M2:I think DP deletes it after setup. but it was there in my c, I am unable to delete Audio drivers it says access denied...(I think my system is using it).
As per Method1 will also copy the content to C.

I have slipstreamed office07 and essential softs using RunOnceEx.cmd. I am thinking to burn S.A.D. in Bootable XP DVD and call DP_Install_Tool.cmd through RunOnceEx.cmd.
So there is no extraction in my C:, No wait for unzipping DPacks.

Also I can Use same DVD as S.A.D by making EXE to ask>what to install?
XP, DrivrPacks, Office or ..?

Is it right way? Plz guide me...

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Re: S.A.D. and XP(Bootable) DUAL DVD.

for me I did a checkout of each pilot and I've integrated one after the other.
I found a problem in the intergration of HID driver.

this is the best method for me