Topic: problem with txtsetup.sif invalid file


I integrated the drivers with windows xp sp3 since the program Nlite

but I came across an error when I first step of the installation

Line 36059 of the INF file \ i386 \ txtsetup.sif is invalid

which this is the line

setup,2.exe = 2841,,,,,,,2841,0,0

file link:

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Re: problem with txtsetup.sif invalid file

Did you check your nlite build in a VM before using DriverPacks?
You can use Nlite (we don't recommend it), but you MUST test your resulting build BEFORE using DriverPacks BASE.
Nlite is really aggressive when modifying system files.

Once you're satisfied that your build is working, THEN use DriverPacks BASE.

Re: problem with txtsetup.sif invalid file

thinks for your answer

I found the problem in the integration of pilot DP_HID_wnt5

I joined because all the drivers without any problems except HID drivers

Re: problem with txtsetup.sif invalid file

That's impossible.  The Third Party DriverPack HID doesn't make any changes to txtsetup.  Only dpms makes those changes.

Re: problem with txtsetup.sif invalid file


it is the truth dear friend

how do you explain the integration of all the drivers with no problem and that the DVD market 100/100 except HID

Re: problem with txtsetup.sif invalid file

The only explanation I have for you is that when DriverPacks BASE "integrates" the Third Party DriverPack HID (or any DriverPacks other than dpms), it just copies the pack to the \OEM\ folder of the target source and renames it to comply with the 8.3 dos file names.

This file had to be renamed to be compatible with 8.3 filenames.

Original filename: DP_HID_wnt5_x86-32_1109r1.7z is now DP_HID_w.7z

dpms is the ONLY one of the DriverPacks that DriverPacks BASE modifies the txtsetup file.

Can you post your DPs_BASE.log so we can see how you're integrating the DriverPacks?