something change the attrib from hidden and system to visible an normal ... so the mess comes up.

the desktop.ini already always exist but hidden and as a system file ..

Read my Post #7  there i wrote that with pure xp sp2 and base 6.10 i got this desktop.ini  issue ..

perhaps it may be a timing problem ?
as i noticed the finisher in 6.086 works much longer than in base 6.10 .. perhaps there is find the solution beeing on the installation of the drivers or something else..

perhaps windows have not enough tiome to set the attribs from this desktop.ini right so it pop´s up..

facts are:

xp pro / home sp2 + winnt.sif + sereby´s

with base 6.086 : no desktop.ini  is shown
with base 6.10   : desktop.ini was visible

what is the problem to understand , that something of your base is modify the attributes from the dekstop.ini in autostart from the current user, and also know is that everything in autostart is opend or startet during startup. so a file with extension .ini was opend by notepad. hope all things are now clear...

for you again: somethin in the base konfig must be chance the system and hidden attribut from the desktop.ini in the startupfolder.  so it is visible and now was opend.

open command window -  go to autostart folder - make a attrib -s -h desktop.ini  and reboot ...

what happen?  right .. desktop.ini was opend in notepad ...

clear now ?

where is the problem that you use my winnt.sif an try it at home ?
i thin k you have a  pro or homeedition , and you able to use nlite and sereby´s updatepack ,so where ist the big deal ?
you didn´t do anythingelse as take xp pro or home  sp2, then sereby´s updatepack an copie the winnt.sif into i386 and apply your driverpack with same konfiguration as we do .. then you must have the sameresults , because we are 3 people withthe same problems and different xp versins ... thinkabout it ...

@siginet: i have told since last week that there is a issue in the base , but wim all the time says that not possible and no one has this issue too. but if you read the threads also some other people have it ,so i´m  not alone . and i spend the whole week for testing and find the reference, and now i have found the facts , but i have no motivation to subribe also to the bugtracker , to put there the same information as here . if you like  put it there. i have to test the same sh*t for xp home because there are some other issues to, also the silly desktop.ini.

i think the the base makes some bad tweaks so the normally hidden DESKTOP.INI file is now visible and as erveryone know , files in the autostartfolder are execute during startup, and so the dekstop.ini would be opend with the notepad. perhaps this would be a hint for wim to check the fault...


xp pro sp2 + sereby´s + base 6.086 -> no desktop.ini issue...

xp pro sp2 + sereby´s + base 6.10   -> destop.ini issue

how long will you say that there is no fault by the base when then facts are clear?
I´m very angry to waste the whole week to check this out which i have said since last week that there is a bug in the base but you still says there is not!

Note that you can change your password in your profile wink

to change it i must know th old one !  not a good hint ....

i go to bed now .. please put the things to bugtracker .. i´m to tiered and lazy for this now ..

for what is this bug tracker for ?  and need i a new account there?
i didn´t know my password here ,because i use cookies and so i forgot it ..


make winnt.sif with nlite

1. Pure xp pro sp2 only with winnt.sif   -> no desktop.ini  and svcpack.inf was ok no logotest issue

2. Pure xp pro sp2 with driverpack and base 6.10 and winnt.sif  -> f*ck desktop.ini and svcpack.inf was corrupted , no logotest issue

3. Pure xp pro sp2 + sereby´s updatepack + winnt.sif + driverpack  and base 6.10 -> f*ck desktop.ini and svcpack.inf was ok but logotest not solved with "microsoft kernel audiomixer"

the desktop.ini issue is definitly a issue frome base ... i test it  read my other thread!

i get also the \D\D  in windows driverpack folder...

use also KTD and m2

svcpack.inf also crunched and not readable

ok here some new information :

since yesterday i got this f... desktop.ini also in xp pro.

so i test around:

i make a winnt.sif with nlite.
then i copied this winnt.sif into a  pure xp pro sp2  -> works without desktop.ini

svcpack.inf from pure xp pro sp2

Signature="$Windows NT$"




now next info: (bad for wim!)

take a  pur xp pro sp2 now with driverpack and base 6.10 and the same winnt.sif -> got this f*ck desktop.ini  and also svcpack.inf was corrupt

svcpack.inf corrupt


and now i didn´t want to here anything about that this was not driverpack or base which make this silly issue! i have spend the whole week for this and i´m not really happy about this! and at the beginning i said that this issue comes from base !!

All the time was waste for that, because i know this also at the beginning....

svcpack.inf  from test with sereby´s updatepack and driverpack -> also got this silly desktop.ini file

Signature = "$Windows NT$"
MajorVersion = 5
MinorVersion = 1
BuildNumber = 2600

CatalogSubDir = "i386\svcpack"

;	An den Anfang geholt
;	Sortiert


when did a useraccount created by windows?  at the first login ?  perhaps this could be the reason why the copy command not work , because during install of windows the $OEM$ things from Cd are copied to harddisk , right ?
and so it could not copied to a location which is not availible at this time ,right ?
so how can i get this things work ?

the problem is that the desktop ini issnt present all the time , i din´t know when this file was created during setup.
so i didn´t know when i have start the batchfile for delete it.

my sugesstion was to make a del.cmd file with 

DEL "%UserProfile%\STARTM~1\Programme\Autostart\Desktop.ini"

but this didn´t work.  i didn´t find out where to place this command and when to lunch it ..

unti li didn´t know when the desktop.ini file was created i think about to copy a del.cmd  file over the OEM methode into the ALL USERS startupfolder and this must to be llunched up during windows starts up.

but this didn´t work the file wassn´t copied  into the folder and i didn´t know why.

i put for deleteing the the following into the del.cmd :

del del.cmd

all this stuff didn´t work really ...

any help ?

ok  with base 6.07rc7 it works without deskto.ini and have not selected TEXTMODE drivers ..

how can i delete this annoing file in the autostartfolder during windows starts?  i have tried several things but nothing works at all..

any ideas ?

base 6.086 may do it not but with this autologin dosen´t work with xp home anymore ..  and also not with 6.09. but with 6.10 autologin works again ..

i see no references betwee n all this mess .-(

we are turning in the circle ...

i will test other way .. i wil take a pure xp home , with  selfmade winnt.sif for unattended install an then all driverpack , then  i see if it comes up again  or not ..  so we see if there are some interferences between nlite and driverpack , but i did.n´t think that are driverpacks the reason.

another idea  is to use an older base with the newest packs and see if the desktop.ini is still there...

think i would test this at first ...

let you know the result ..

i see that jtdoom has the same problem as i with the desktop.ini file ... 

did u use nlite ?

i also use methode 2 and KTD base 6.10, nlite 1.2b or 1.2rc

so you see that it is a problem only with DRIVERPACK not with anything else!

ok i tried to find out with which base it works ... … ;de;330132

this solves not the problem it self ..

hello helmi have you msn or something like this to talk in german a bit faster ?

Helmi i see you are from germany i´m too, so we can talk in german?
did you use also xp home ? i have still the problem with this desktop.ini , also with 6.10

First, you know by your self , that often microsoft things works again without visible references...

i use for the test the same testenviroment and same xphome nlited base.

so with 6.09 base it dosen´t work
with 6.10 it works..

have you any idea where i can put a script which delete the file in the startupfolder during startup from windows ?

that you quite update the base to 6.10 shows me that there was a bug inside, because i tried to install wit hthis base and  woooom nearling all things goes right only one thing left over..

after installing erverything , and when desktop comes up there was showed a  dektop.ini file with the editor , and this file wa slocated in the startupgroup , but who put this into it ?