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faraaaj_ali_1 to faraaaj_ali_999:

Where do i start, its a hard choice, OverFlow's done an exceptional job and covered everything really well already

You fail to realise that no one in this forum has problems with you for:

* Wanting to help and contribute to the community.
* Your religion
* Your country

We do have problems with:

* Advocating Software piracy
* You targeting the main code writer accusing him of being threatened in some way by your code as to why you were banned
* Your General attitude

It seemed from the start that you were saying that OverFlow got his code wrong and yours was the correct way to do it. Perhaps this just translated badly....
In any event its a bad idea to make any such statement without having spent a bit of time doing some research by browsing the forum.

No one here would feel threatened if you could come up with a better way, you would be thanked for it. But you havent, and its a simple as that.
It was your choice to post in an insulting way to the project leader after that.

So maybe you felt rejected, if so, thats your problem, and not the fault of anyone here.

Dragging the whole thing out and posting again on the same thing after being banned, because you were becoming offensive and bringing religion/countries into a non political non racist/discriminating forum, doesnt earn you any friends here...trust me, ive done the same thing in another forum myself, protesting about Bush smile

The statement: u as European ur blood is dirty of crimes ur fathers did to our nations &  now u accuse others with theft is offensive because no one in this forum did anything to you, your country or any other country. I have never met a single person in this or any other IT forum who gives a sh*t about race/colour/religion

You brought that sh*t in here, and its not welcome. If you have a problem with western countries, feel free to take it up with our leaders because the public of most countries involved in conflict at the moment actually protest against war and march to end it.

Ive been unusually measured and polite in my post so far, but this should sum things up rather nicely

If you want to be a bitter fuckwit, go ahead, you just wont be doing it here

gollum the infidel


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Im disappointed too, its good friday here and nothing is open, so im stuck at home, could have used something to entertain me!

One day we'll find someone silly enough to stick around and be total fodder


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OverFlow wrote:

And I didn't even use the T word... LOL

Hey M8!

You didnt have to mention the T word, im psychic smile

Okay, you know who emailed me

kickarse wrote:

TroLL! lolz...

Oh, to be fair he also tried to reverse engineer one of the programs, either dpfnsher or dpinst... I can't seem to find it now since he's edited just about every post to sanitize them.
ed. oh here "i tried to decompile it but failed
i think it was compressed with Armadillon"

Well thats just not on, reverse engineering should earn a email to me for a flame and then a life ban smile

Edit: Well in that case just life ban + 1,000,000,000 years, ive had enough of script kiddies and idiots these past few days

Normally id flame him proper, but the minute i do i suspect one of the cards will come out, im thinking religion, and i dont like to enter flame wars over religion, unless its a neoconservative catholic who tries to take away my Avatar motto of "Goddamn Narcotics Agent" in 911cd.net smile

And even that was resoved rather peaceably....if you count around 4 pages of back and forth with the person concerned about why i cant stand the catholic church and religious zealotry smile

I just dont have the stamina to deal with ideological wankfests like i used to


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All i want to know is, when you have the pirated Windows CD (with Driverpacks integrated) can you send me a link to the website you post it on.

Because youre not kidding anyone, thats what you seem to be aiming for.

Yes, theres plenty of pirated Microsoft CD's on the net, but that doesnt mean its to be encouraged.

It may surprise you to know that people in projects like this ARE able to find out when people post their work online and as part of pirated Microsoft operating systems.

Youre no better than the guys posting Bart PEBuilder CD's on websites or trying to sell them on Ebay, if youre indeed aiming to do something similar, and let me tell you that more than one of those people are seriously regretting their actions.

And leave things like religion and age, and general insulting out of your messages, otherwise i turn up, and then you dont get as measured a response from me as this one smile

Overflow wrote:

Did someone say troll?......

You rang?

Hmm, someone seems to be spouting off about X64 not unlike an Apple fanboy, and you know i wont tolerate that!

MeOW wrote:
MeOW wrote:

Also, note the 'vibe' XP64 enjoys on ptp: " WAREZ ARE NOT TOLERATED LINK REMOVED Jeff "

Pathetic. I wasn't even linking to "warez", I was pointing out a tendency ANYONE with an internet connection can see using Google or any other meta ptp search engine.
Bunch of hypocrites. As if you are remotely "legal" with the inclusion of drivers in packs. Give us a break and grow up!

Its a widely understood thing that any mention of P2P (please use the correct terminology, not PTP, when posting in a forum where the average IQ wont tolerate such mistakes please) or software available on, or posting links to such programs is verboten.

That reinforcement to the other statements on this subject aside....

Yes anyone with google or P2P program can search for such programs, its not, however your place to provide direct links to or suggest such things in this forum.

As far as legality of this project goes, its been around longer than P2P and unlike P2P hasnt raised a single issue with vendors as far as im aware. In fact, in a fair world, they would donate to the project as it benefits all vendors whose drivers are included. They are well aware of the benefits to large scale IT deployments particularly of such a project.

As for X64, well the project has to focus on the widest userbase, and that happens to be X86. X64 is, and will be for many years to come a niche market. Why? Its the same conundrum that annoys me about PC's in general and niche market wankers and gamers are to blame. You could give 90% of people an i486 running Windows 3.11 and they still be able to do their jobs. Nothing annoys me more than constant MB/Socket updates forcing people to buy overpowered PC's, the reason being that the PC market now is driven by spotty little geeks who play games on their computers. The rest of us who actually use the PC for productive things really dont need the constant upgrades to nearly all PC components which only cater to the slack jawed IQ challenged bedroom tragics who play world of asscraft 24/7.

I dont need a 1Gb video card, nor do i need an X64 CPU to allow me to use great volumes of RAM. Need i mention that for most of its life every CPU, yes even a Quad Core CPU, is going to be spending its life at Idle, so 1Ghz or 4Ghz makes no difference to sane people.

X64 fits into this niche culture, only adopted by once bleeding edge hipster doofuses who still bleet on about why cant i get XXX app to run in stable manner, why does X64 IE crash all the time etc. Why cant i get an X64 driver for XXX bit of hardware...mainly becuase the bit of hardware is cutting edge as well, or is so old that even X86 drivers havent been updated since 1999. It was your decision to go off the mainstream and follow what most of use recognise as a grand experiment in architecture change by MS and CPU vendors to see who and how many would follow them down the X64 rabbit hole.

Dont blame us, you went down that hole willingly, and must suffer at the hands of MS and the CPU makers for your folly

Diluting the manpower assigned to the project to create a side-project to cater for those who decided to become guinea pigs for the X64 cabal probably isnt going to happen, and ill tell you why. The project caters, as ive said, for the widest userbase possible, and theyre mainstream people, people who chose the (mostly) reliable and stable X86 path because theyre mostly people who actually use PC's for what they are intended for, and in a rare moment of solidarity and forming an intelligence nexus, they chose the right way.

You sadly havent.

Stop blaming the world and own up to your decision to try X64. Sorry it hasnt worked out and that you cant get any help for it here in the way of driverpacks, but were are sensible folk, who run and contribute to a project that caters to people who are running everyday systems.

Oh and if you dont like the answer, why dont you just follow one of the links you posted to other websites and stop increasing the size of our forum with your inane whinging.....

Probably because looking at those links, where the most common words are "error" and "problem" and also usually include the words "Im trying to run Farcry on X64.... or F.E.A.R crashes on my X64 box" (in my world talk of such things would earn you a bullet in the back of the head), youre still too stupid to realise that X64 for any reasonable person is a huge waste of time......

OverFlow wrote:

You are the master... I tip my hat sir!

I am so glad you stopped by... We are amused!

We don't usually have a need for censoring.
The very few words that are listed were added out of necessity on an as needed basis,
rather than someone attempting create a list proactively in anticipation of vulgarity.

Sometimes expletives do have an appropriate place wink
I requested that a UserBar should be made just for you... big_smile
http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic. … 016#p29016

Im glad youre amused, i wasnt entirely happy with my effort as i came in at the end, usually i like ot be there on the front lines in the thick of it
Plus i had about 5 minutes to craft that and it felt a little rushed to me.

I dont mind a bit of swearing, lets be honest, but i try to use it to give emphasis to an argument, and not wield it indiscriminately.

My own userbar? thats a first for me

I'd like to thank God, my mum, the unsuspecting admins of driverpacks.net and my dead cat yasmin.

Thanks for describing me an an artiste in your userbar post, hopefully i can  live up to it:)

OverFlow wrote:

Woo hoo!
Welcome to DriverPacks friend!

Why thank you kind sir.

One is currently amused that ones use of c0ck became "male bird", while a special kind of nut remained untouched.

One could have endless hours of fun with this....

Someone said Troll....so here i am, and they didn’t even have to say it thrice.
Just say it once in any forum a newbie is spouting off in and my little ears prick up, i get a semi and i turn NoScript off and join in where I’m needed

Since i have been summoned forth by a comment such as this:

Well I received news that the troll patrol is inbound.

I am therefore compelled to appear and put in my 5 cents worth, though as usual i only have a $50 note on me....

The troll apologises, he was far from your lands on other tasks for a great bulk of the day in the Real World and has only just now managed to make his way back into the tower of solitude and make use once more of its magical interweb interface.

When i set about answering a post, i immediately scan for certain keywords and phrases, among them are

I have X years of experience...
I work at geeks r us...
I work at geek squad...
I’m part of a development team...
I’m interning at...

And then i set about rendering an appropriate response, guaranteed to address the central issue raised by such statements: overconfidence and sometimes complete lack of understanding shown by the postee regarding the uses and purpose of whatever projects thread/forum they’re posting in.

Before prostituting my knowledge in forums i ask the postee to consider the following steps to understanding ones self and their predicament:

Recognising the issue didn’t cause itself
Accepting your stupidity caused it
Noting your own limitations, but blundering on anyways
Keeping on with fruitless tinkering in the hope *something* will magically resolve the issue

At last, in utter desperation, posting a message on an internet forum asking for some kind soul to help you resolve the issue
Making the mistake of posting on a forum frequented by Gollum/Frodo, a known troll
Again realising you’ve made a major error
Totally disregarding advice given by Gollum/Frodo or any forum member because you think you know better
Exaggerating your own technical skills in a fit of self importance
Using the words "I’ve already tried that" when all symptoms/evidence cause and effect completely contradicts your words
Returning weeks later, moments before we delete your profile because we've all agreed "well, I’m going to miss him , but he wont be back", and telling us you FINALLY took our advice and your PC is now working

But i digress.....

We're here to address some misunderstandings and criticisms raised by a newbie, FalconFour, and i am the very man to handle this with respect, dignity and decorum....

I think I’ve already covered that my interest is peaked by keywords, in this case intern.
So here we go....

Ridiculous Statement #1:

One thing's been having me bash my head against a wall, though. The driver packs for graphics are split up by some ridiculous criteria with no real-world purpose.

Respectful Answer:

Keep banging your head on the wall halfwit, all the answers to the universe are to be found once you have severed your frontal lobe with vigorous impacts against immovable objects. Its an arrogant person who, being a newbie, openly questions a projects methods BEFORE reading documentation. Especially when its plainly available on even the intro page before you go to download them. It would be obvious to anyone with half a grey cell the reasoning why. But even if it wasn’t, wouldn’t it be far more polite to ask why they were split, rather than making out like this decision had caused you immeasurable grief leading to hair loss and a limp ding dong.

The project has been around for many years, and i'll wager you'll change your philosophy before the project changes its.

Ridiculous Statement #2:
We've got nVidia and ATI (the two "dedicated GPU" manufacturers) grouped into "A" along with a bunch of unnecessary control panel installation trash on the ATI side (that, in fact, causes the driver pack to not slipstream properly - it "crashes out" silently after integrating A1 acting like it completed - that's the bug referenced in the title)

Respectful Answer:

Thanks for the clear and well documented bug report (okay later on you almost got it right and you almost got a smiley stamp, but then you reverted to abuse). What frickin bug report. Um hello I’m just posting to say i found a bug at X point in the process. The free silly T-Shirt for your effort is in the mail, along with a Scuba Diving for Dummies book - First Lesson: Get a bucket, dip head in 10 times, but come up 9 times only for a pass mark.

Ridiculous Statement #3:
Then we've got VIA and SiS drivers, this time with a bunch of outdated manufacturers nobody cares about.

Respectful Answer:
People actually still use these old cards. Perhaps in your universe, im going out on a limb here, where you probably have an SLI setup and spend all your time going on super gay quests with your friends in Buttmuncher - World Of Asscraft, this outdated stuff seems useless. But spend a second thinking about places like where i have volunteered, at the Salvation Army etc where old PC's get reconditioned and donated both locally and overseas. To people doing this, having these drivers in a driverpack make life easier when you’re doing a room full of dissimilar systems.

Ridiculous Statement #4:
nVidia, ATI, Intel, VIA, and SiS are the five manufacturers that produce the graphics chips on about 95-98% of the computers in the shop - including laptops

Respectful Answer:
The first statement you’ve made that is sane and true, although i had to prune it from the paragraph to separate it from the nonsense that follows. And because of the nonsense that follows, I’m leaving this heading set to Ridiculous Statement #4.

Ridiculous Statement #5:
So far I've had to waste hours of time and tons of bandwidth downloading - then repackaging and recompressing and bug-testing - those driver packs, trying to get all 3 installed with just the components that are actually relevant to me. How come the "Big 5" aren't packaged into "A" or maybe just A and B? Doesn't it seem a little excessive that I'd have to download all 3 to get the drivers I need?

Respectful Answer:
Unless the resident secret forum ninja actually tracked you down at your home or office, then held your genitals in the infamous "squirrel grip" and said he'd only let go when you'd visited driverpacks.net and the words download completed on each of the driverpacks, i fail to see the possibility that anyone forced you to do anything against your will. I’m not aware of a resident forum ninja, though there’s probably a molester uncle on here given accepted odds of such things in a large collective of people. For the record I’m into cheese and livestock myself, I don’t do humans.

But i digress....

Hours you say? are you using a Wargames era acoustic coupler modem? If so, i can understand the frustration, i used to own one and can remember the length of time it took to download Samantha Fox Strip Poker from a BBS in the 80's, only to be shattered when i ran it and Sam's bits were so pixelated i couldnt get the teeniest amount of masturbation fuel from the experience. But i didn’t log back onto the BBS and have a whinge. I got on with life, went to the local newsagent, got a magazine with Sam in it, locked myself in my room with a bottle of vitamin e cream and abused my body in ways that the catholic church still hasn’t got words to condemn me with.

Which brings me to the point again, in case you still haven’t read it, for why they’re split. For people who don’t want to download 1 big file, who have slow connections and only need partial support given in that driverpack. Do you seriously believe that just because you find it inconvenient to have 3 separate packs that suddenly a call will go out to the oompa loompas at driverpacks.net to get cracking on integrating 3 into 1 because you’re a bit miffed?
No, you’re right, you are the arbiter of change, you ride a pale horse...we've been going about this the wrong way.
Choice is bad, we get it now. How could we have gotten this so badly wrong.

Hmm excessive to have to download all 3. You’re right, if they’re integrated into one, it will shrink magically.
I like where you’re going with this, no, i really do

Let me know your bank account number or your ISP account, ill get straight onto a refund for all the pain you’ve been put through.

Ridiculous Statement #6:
Your hard work has thus far wasted my time and hasn't saved me any money... as I haven't made a cent off my intern job and I haven't yet even been able to get the "hard work" to even "work" yet. It's just been a headache for the past several hours trying to piece apart the tangled and broken mess trying to make it into a coherent mass that I can get DriverPack Base to accept, then PEBuilder to build, within 700mb, along side a couple hundred megs of other combined BootCD's in one ISO.

Respectful Answer:
The refund is on the way, i swear, i personally actioned the letter to your ISP stating that they should "immediately disconnect this arseclown as he only uses the internet for demonstrating his stupidity and ignorance, oh and a love of midget scat-centric websites"

Have a panadol on me, and know ive just shed a tear for you

Ridiculous Statement #7:
Why in god's name do they even need to be updated...? All I care about is that 95% of the computers on the workbench actually come up with a optimized video driver. If the video card just came out in the past 3 or 4 months, I kinda expect it to not work properly in a CD I burned 6 months ago anyway...

Respectful Answer:
You’re right , we haven’t learned anything since your first post, this is supposed to be all about you, damn the 100,000 or so other users. We're sorry to report that you caught us at a bad time, we're all in a meeting right now and cant immediately restructure the entire project to fit your needs. We can offer you a complimentary f*ck Off while you wait though.

Ridiculous Statement #8:
You didn't "explicitly shove it under [my] nose",

Respectful Answer:
I was trying not to make you feel submissive, i figured you'd just lean forward and open your mouth

Ridiculous Statement #9:
I downloaded UBCD4Win

Respectful Answer:
f*ck no. Well, i guess you’re going to make an arse of yourself over there at some point too.
UBCD4WIN guys: Let's start a pool on how long it takes him to display his unique brand of project aims and understanding over there....


You started out as an arrogant "male bird", spouting wild theories on how we were doing it WRONG, failing to bend the projects aims to serve you solely. Then there was a brief period where you seemed to soften as you were given some useful advice, though from my keyboard such help would not have been found. For the briefest of moments i pictured you as a young man, on a quest to discover the secrets of integration and tales of PE boot disks and other such magics, a young man trying to prove himself, removed cruelly (and some might say a tad early) from suckling at your mothers teat. A cocksure young man, railing against authority, adamant you knew a better way. We tried to tell you you are on a path to bitter heartbreak and desolation and forum ridicule. Still you started to stray again in to Fucknut country.

There was just the very hint of possible redemption about halfway through the thread, but it is often said one cannot hide ones true character forever, and so it was to be

Overflow tried to put you back on the one true path to salvation where you could be embraced by all other members of the forum and merriment could be had, along with much mead.

In the end, you’re just a very silly boy, especially taking on one of the head man like that, all out in the open and sh*t.

He has big balls, i haven’t actually seen them, but I’ve seen the shadows.

We're all now listening intently, waiting for the sound of yours dropping... and for you to get a bit of perspective on your fricking place in the grand scheme of the forum.

Troll out.