Helmi wrote:

1. You do not have to use M1, so why bother?
There may be someone else who finds it useful so why remove something that has been working since?
Plus, SysPrep may rely on that, dunno (never used that myself so I wouldn't know)

2. The size increase by using the less memory-dependent lower compression seems to be negligible, unless you were down to single digit MBs already...
If you also include Windows updates, then you will hit the limit eventually, as these grow a bit each month.

Also, WPI could easily been "exiled" on a second DVD or a network drive, if needed.
True, breaks the completely unattended installation but you could use a second drive if you had etc.

3. Better by what?
Fragmenting the drive less?

Also, that is exactly what the Finisher does, cleaning up the archives afterwards...

4. The new auto-updater for the DriverPacks included in BASE kinda makes this a no-brainer.
There is virtually no difference for the user if they have got all packs at least once.
If it auto-DLs one pack or a handful, doesn't matter.

At the end of the day as the saying goes "you cant please everybody".

To point 3 tho m8 yes it would be faster as for the other things it works and works well so why fix something if it aint broke kinda thing? However making improvements is always a good thing... ok im not making much sense here but I hope you know what I mean.

Any chance this could be repacked into the the other pack listed in the sticky thread or is this a dumb question?

EDIT -  Sorry just checked the version numbers, I'm having one of those days!!!!

After reading this thread I have a few points myself if I may.....

1. Would it be worth scrapping M1 all toghether and just use either M2 or M3? Since these are faster it makes more sense to me?

2. Helmi pointed out that many folk have a slow connection so I think it would be better to still compress the drivers as much as possible to keep down the amount of space they have. Plus many people also use WPI on their installs which can use a lot of room so the less space needed by drivers the better.

I use WPI myself and with that and all the driverpacks plus 3rd party ones I can still put it all on DVD5!

3. I agree that copying to HDD before decompression is miles better, could a little command be put in it to delete the archives packs after extraction just to keep things clean?

4. Keep all the packs as seperate ones then people can get the ones they want, and if they want all of them then they can download them all just like it already is. If it aint broke dont fix it kinda thing???

Just my pennies worth guys big_smile


Synthesis2k2 wrote:

Okay, I narrowed it down to 3 DriverPacks.  Bluetooth, Phone, or Scanner.  Since I don't really use these very much (or since the drivers are so easy to grab if I do), I will just leave these out.  I don't think I'm going to do any more weeding out to find out which one was giving me the problems.  This adventure has cost me a far number of dvds already. -_-;;

Just keep in mind, if anyone has similar USB issues, pass on the info!

-Syn ^_^

Thanks man Ive had the same problem too! I am running VMware Workstation to do my tests on and no USB devices would work I will try removing these packs and report back.

As for an earlier post I made about not being able to use the 3rd party ones Im not sure what the problem was but I binned everything I had and downloaded everything again and started from scratch and hey presto! no problems now lol!

OverFlow wrote:

just a couple of things...

1 We support
  a Win2k Sp4
  b WinXP SP2 and SP3
  c Win2K3 Server SP1, SP2

If the finisher came up and said XPsp3 and it wasn't.

We would definately get BUG reports on that wink

The curved text is extremely hard to read.

buit it looks nice wink

How about mine Overflow?

Yh m8 that looks cool! Was thinking of making one similar to that with reflective text.

King Cobra wrote:
Stoner wrote:

Cool m8 any chance i could have that icon and i will put my own text with it plz m8?

Let me know ok wink



I got this Logo http://driverpacks.net/DriverPacks/BTS_DriverPacks.png from here Bâshrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks
You can download the favicon I made here. favicon.zip
The only credit I take is that I made it into a favicon for DriverPacks.net
as for the Logo's & Banners I used that Logo in them, so
do as you please with the Logo or favicon but I don't take any responsibility for what you do with it.

No worries m8 thank you.


Cool m8 any chance i could have that icon and i will put my own text with it plz m8?

Let me know ok wink



Here is what i have come up with so far m8... it is a work in progress just something i put together in 10 mins or so...


Please click the picture to view it in full size. This is version 2 of the wallpaper type thingy.

What do you think?


Ok m8 will do for sure! Any idea on screen res? Im thinking 800x600 (i think is the norm) but may be wrong or shall i make as big as possible?

Actually yes I do m8, I'm not bad with Photoshop but I'm still a novice but I dare say given time I can sort something out! wink

How about having a billboard type screen which shows that the driverpack finsher is running rather than the grey box? also how about removing the disabler box too, this would clean it up a bit and make it look much nicer?

The billboard could have the site url in one corner or something like that?


Helmi wrote:

Yeah, of course.
I need to clean that one up anyway.

I just wanted to check up on that info I gave you, first.
After all, it's just an IIRC and I wasn't sure whether we were just discussing it or it had already been done (the merger).

No worries dude thanks for the info wink


Are you using DP Base to slipstream the driverpack into your install m8?

OverFlow wrote:

yes if you want to be able to install TO the array it must be created first by the hardware (bios)...
Not all controllers support this in the firmware.

Ahh i think im with you now m8, so the software needed to create the array to begin is hardwired into the hardware then and then you can install from there.

Ok cool! thanks for the info m8y as always fantastic buddy!

OverFlow wrote:

yes you can install to an array...
as long as you can set up the array in the PC's hardware setup

So would this be done then via the BIOS of the system that i want to install to then m8? Very new to RAID so aint got a clue did some looking on Google and ended up more confussed!!! yikes


Helmi wrote:
Stoner wrote:

[Oh btw the DP LCD is missing 404 error and its not in the index directory for the downloads (v8.10 i think it is) got all the others though.

LCD was merged with the CRTs from Monitor and hence removed from the server, I guess...
(there was a post about this somewhere, IIRC)

Ah ok m8 no worries then, how about editing the first post to remove the LCD bit so others dont have the same little niggle like i did?

Thanks for your answer and the info wink


Hi guys, using this driverpack how do you install to a RAID array assuming the pack has the correct driver? Will this work if the distribution folder is present ($OEM$) and will it just detect it automatically or do you have to tell it?

Im thinking of building a RAID array in my desktop for something to do plus my system needs a new install anyway big_smile

Thanks for the help.


OverFlow wrote:


Use the provided host!
- that is why we provide it!

Fair nuff m8y i wont be doing i doubt since u guys know like tons more than me big_smile

Oh btw the DP LCD is missing 404 error and its not in the index directory for the downloads (v8.10 i think it is) got all the others though. I will be doing a test build on this maybe later today if not then it will be next week before i can report back on whats happened.

Thanks everybody.


Im a little confussed on this guys on how to use this... any chance of an update to the first post to give a structured set of instructions on how to use this app? It looks awesome btw and im defo interested in this.

Helmi wrote:

I got the file, will put it on the official 3rd party DriverPack host now...

EDIT: Done, see first page for link.

Also, please do not use RS.com (especially if you are not a premium user, as it will only allow ten DL of the file before it gets blocked) for uploads or other OCHs.
We have the 3rd party DriverPack host for a reason wink

If you upload the file to a collectors account it can be downloaded more than ten times it will be on their servers until it has not been downloaded for 3 months or put it on Premium in which case they wont be removed until the account is closed.

Just a thought tongue

How about using Media Fire or ifile.it wud they be ok?

Sorry guys... heres some more info for you and i hope you can help..

@ JakeLD

Yes I am using the latest version of Driver Base and they did get put into the 3rd party driverpacks folder.

@ Overflow

Its me again m8 sorry to be such a pain sad

Its not that things dont get installed its that the entire thing crashes while trying to use them which i really dont understand. I test by using VMware Workstation since i dont have a proper test rig for testing purposes (i wish i did!!!)

I will try them again and report back here with more detailed info about the problem and what happens guys.

Thanks for the help and support.


Hmm guys... im being a bit dumb here but i cant get these to work for some reason, they slipstream in no probs and they get their names changed (i simply use the rars that i download from the first post) am i doin this wrong do they need to be unpacked and repacked before using?

I would really like to use all the 3rd party packs so all help much appreciated folks!

mr_smartepants wrote:

Oh, and: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic. … 023#p27023
No more requests for common drivers please.

Understood dude my apologies sad



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Thanks for the updates guys!! You folks are awesome!