Thanks a lot mr_smartepants

Thanks again OverFlow,

for verrry clear instruction(s) and everything.

Now I can sleep happly without anything left in mind.

I deeply know and fully agree OverFlow,

"Team Work" is the key to many things, I am always happy writing to dp since everytime I write so far, things solved with good topic posts , self-proving how nice you maintain Good Team Work.

we are a small community here too having full team spirit, feeling the same with you.

just one mini thing I noticed to underline since things will be fixed on next release,
on all tests, CPQ32FS2.SYS compressed inside SYMC8XX.SY_  (I mean inside SYMC8XX.SY_ file there is CPQ32FS2.SYS file with CPQ32FS2.SYS name)
With not being an expert like you guys, I do not know if name mismatch cause trouble.... only noticed and reporting here wink.

Thanks again.

Thanks OverFlow , Thanks mr_smartepants

also keep in mind to check missing (not replaced)
PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0012&SUBSYS_001b0e11 = "sym_hi"
PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_000b&SUBSYS_60040e11 = "sym_hi"
entries too wink
(maybe they are not required anymore, but better a 2nd check made by you guys to be sure ....  , well I am pretty sure you will make a clean check....)

OverFlow wrote:

GOOD EYE my man!!!! We'll get that fixed!

All Credits to Olegpov, who catched missing hwids with his well known sharpe eagle eyes.
And thanks to JonF and Saydin77,
We had some days of confusions since JonF figured out things 18-Jan , I am very happy now everything related will be back to normal.



one more very mini confirmation question about this matter wink


OverFlow wrote:

If a driver is a replacement it MUST replace all HWIDs supported by the previous driver .

in xpsp3 txtsetup.sif there are

PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0002 = "symc8xx"
PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0004 = "symc8xx"
PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0005 = "symc8xx"
PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_0006 = "symc8xx"
PCI\VEN_1000&DEV_000D = "symc8xx"


in dps_base + dps1101 integrated wincd-xpsp3 txtsetup.sif, none of above exists.
in dps_base + dps1101 integrated pebuilder-xpsp3 txtsetup.sif, all above exists.

OverFlow wrote:

Don't try to figure it out ... let us do that tongue

I only just want a confirmation if it is intentional smile so i can follow the shining path on pe1 cool.

OverFlow wrote:

No bug report has surfaced as a result (yet).

I do not think any bug report for bartpe or anyone asking why new unused files on windows cd since both will work on the field nicely.
I understand (agree , fine.....) your decision not updating dps_base, not urgent at all. big_smile

OverFlow wrote:

I hope i have cleared your possible confusion

Your explanations %500 cleared all confusions and shines our way tongue,
Thanks a loooot for Strong Support. cool

OverFlow wrote:

symc810 and sym_hi are removed completely

Thanks, that was what I was expecting too cool
Than only reporting: dps_base - bartpe plugin do not delete these files and entries in txsetup.sif (tested with all default pebuilder etc.), instead it overwrites the way I explained on previous post.
ps: I do not know pebuilder syntax well....

OverFlow wrote:

Sorry No hope at all. (you asked so nicely i really am sorry)
Asked and answered a thousand times hmm

Sorry for taking time and thanks for the reply.
I guess in the end, one day, we would have to make a small package to support pe1x64 :>, probably following great DriverPacks arrangements smile.

further, I tested integrating to winxpsp3enu cd, DPs_BASE_1006 - DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1101.7z
this one worked better than bartpe plugin wink and deleted all entries from txtsetup.sif (leaving only symc8xx entries as it was explained before)
SYMC810.SY_ ve SYM_HI.SY_ exists in final result (inside each file there is CPQ32FSFS2.SYS file) , so not complete removal wink
also SYMC8XX.SY_ contains CPQ32FSFS2.SYS but I guess SYMC8XX.SY_ should be containing SYMC8XX.SYS (actually CPQ32FSFS2.SYS)

from both results my conclusion is:
DriverPacks mass storage package arrangements finished wink but dpsbase application not updated following these changes which cause confusions, minor things we all living through time to time, I hope next dpsbase utility will clear all possible confusions.

Hi OverFlow,

thanks for all clear replies (specially to post 3)

just to verify:
so CPQ32FS2.SYS file copied with names SYMC8XX.SYS , SYMC810.SYS , SYM_HI.SYS to overcome 1 driver instead of 3 native driver issue, instead same file with 3 names wink. Can you confirm this is intentional ?
(also re-tested with untouched pebuilder311a , DPs_BASE_1006 , DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1101)

some comments about things on this topic:
yes, pebuilder is best reference, since it is stable , trustable, and great work of Bart Lagerweij which shows his accurate far sight I admire a lot.
Heh, comparing with winbuilder, winbuilder have oppositely famous with its unstable and untrustability, but sadly for today it is what many have at hand.
(I hope one day a good programmer provide a better pe-build-scripting tool, hope never ends wink)
we, nt5x fans, want more smile
I am making pe1x64 builds since ~2009-10 along with multi language support (chinese etc.) already integrating some custom x64 drivers but sadly we do not have a mass storage package for today.
Is there any hope (take this as a honest request) to have DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x64..... one day, which I believe increase popularity of both pe1x64 and xpx64 smile.

Hi All,

I have a bad news, Dipe go to commercial (with a small price),
Check "Driver Import PE" here

Sorry, developer is kare, it is not in my hands.

Hi Mr.Cyrix

Kare very recently changed the distribution method,
For BartPE plugin email Kare

A new Version of "Driver Import PE" is available.

Driver Import PE V1.3.3.0
- Command line support added
- Driver Install State detection enhanced
- additional Formats (*.zip, *.rar) now supported.

Note: Detailed info on Command line support exists in help file of the plugin & script

boot-land forum topic here: … topic=5213

Bartpe plugin exists on author's website:

Also available within LiveXP smile

A new Version of "Driver Import PE" is available.
The current DIPE have more compatibility and any bug fixes.

Driver Import PE V1.3.2.7
- manuell mode: driver detection bug fixed
- Hover Buttons added
- .mof-Support integrated
- Info Button added
- DriverPacks - Foldercheck integrated
- Subdriver detection bug fixed
- Reduce Memory Function added.
- Driver Installer enhanced , (e.g. Nvidia Nforce Network and all exotic Driver)
- Read Data (class)-bug fixed

the bartpe plugin get download on website:

Also available within LiveXP smile

A new version of Driver Import PE is out.

Driver Import PE V1.3.2.1
- Error at compressed Files fixed.
- Error in SearchFunction fixed.


New Version of "Driver Import PE" is now downloadable from kare's website
You can get  Driver Import PE pebuilder plugin (BartPE, UBCD4win, XPE, SherpyaXPE, ...) from:

LiveXP users can get updated version by simply downloading new script from LiveXP server. (Click download on winbuilder)

Driver Import PE V1.3.1.8 New features:
- support to drivers that use "Program Files" folder added (%programfiles%)
- filename renamed DrvImp.exe to DrvImpe.exe
- check subdriver on manual inf import (ex: hdaudio)
- Driver check (manual) os type, (When "System (OS) on HD" method selected, you see hostoses names on disk(s))
- Coinstaller improved (sigmatel audio devices works properly)
- Driver searchengine 12% faster
- hardware detection bug fixed
- Note for frequently asked Nvidia Lan drivers: with "System (OS) on HDD" method you can install at once. With "Folder inf" method you should first install bus driver than maindriver.

Hi, here is our finding:
Mainboard: ASRock: 939N68PV-GLAN … N68PV-GLAN

Johannes saved his lan drivers with SmartDriverBackup
but this didnt work with BartPE

after lots of trials, in the end we found out that

makes the ethernet work.

with being verry curious why SmartDriverBackup dont work ???, I hope this info helps for your marvelous further development.

At date: 2010-01-29 (after a long time current topic created) , Dipe developer kare decide to go commercial (with small prize) with Dipe.
(also written at post 16 of current topic)

Please check posts wink

Thanks a lot.

I am glad to announce Driver Import PE now supports DriverPacks

Driver Import PE, add Drivers to PE after boot (not before) to PE environment.

You can add mass storage, gpu, sound ... drivers to PE

Visit Kare's site

Also for english&forum visit Boot-land Page (supported by the author Kare) … topic=5213

"Driver Import PE" included in the "LiveXP Project" and freqently updated (check Boot-Land Page)

Email Kare to get the BartPE plugin

Have a nice day.


dipe now deletes all reboot lines in inf now, working great, new version online.
I also create a new topic for announcement for (i guess it is a good idea, if not please delete any post-topic you want)


yep i think as you write too, i guess dipe will delete reboot line before installing to hostospe.

Thanks for concern

Special thanks to galapo, as usual smile

recent news:
only deletion of Reboot is enough,

in otherwords

Changing DP JRAID_I.inf [JM] section:



is enough

YES Galapo,

Changing DP JRAID_I.inf [JM] section:



makes it work
Also i noticed xraid_f.inf have same line too, so i change with same method and it worked too. When dipe searches in package, it first finds JRAID_I.inf than xraid_f.inf, both working with this fix and i guess makes the same thing. Only with xraid_f.inf it writes "GIGABYTE GBB36X Controller" on the screen.

Anyway, now question is what is next step???
I made a rough seach, and there are about 53 .inf files that have REBOOT line
IS dipe change reboot lines with Addreg=Inst.AddReg before adding driver to hostos appropriate?????
or what is the appropriate method???

ps: Kare reads this topic regularly.

ps: Out of topic: Galapo, Maybe that is the reason of my failure when trying "Off Line SysPrep Tool" looong time ago.

yes you have to have fbwf to make DIPE function correctly.

(fbwf is easiest method to explain and apply)

yes, of course UBCD4Win smile , i wrote in the begining but forgot in the middle smile, i know both, i like UBCD4Win more smile

Goodluck with trial

For UBCD4Win

Add fbwf plugin from here
Add DriverImportPE plugin from here

I just test with UBCD, these 2 plugins works nice.

just a note, current DriverImportPE (that you will download) support drivers from manufacturer, not from DriverPacks 7z file. Add a masstorage or ethernet driver from manufacturer to the cd and test it with them.

Edit: i mean put drivers you want to test in a folder in cd, like X:\mydrivers\

"as i said i tried it in vmware and it reported failure"

?! you should report this to boot-land

i frequently make builds with livexp and try with vmware, no problem.


answer is YES

for a quick trial, try livexp (, also a tutorial here … topic=4111
-find and add fbwf drivers (put files to appropiate folder)
-enable driversimportPE script(plugin).

When you boot with livexp cd, by using driver import PE, you can add any massstorage or ethernet drivers from manufacturer.

I guess it will be more clear when you make a trial.