I certainly will give it a try then mr_smartepants, thanks for getting to me so quickly! wink

Sorry to *bump* an old-ish post but may I just ask if this issue with GX620s Locking up on bootup is fixed with the latest Mass Storage and Chipset Driverpacks releases (11.06)?

The last install DVD I created using versions 11.04 of these 2 Driverpacks still freezes on GX620s.  I tried updated the BIOSes to the latest A11 but that didn't help unfortunately.

Bl00dy GX620s are even wierd PCs on Dell's terms.

Not a problem fella, I'd be glad to help.


Hi fellas,

Just an update to say that I've just done an even newer disk using mr_smartepants' [NIGHTLY] DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_101101 and this works perfectly with 'JRAID.SY_' present and correct.

Not sure what it was that was giving me the run-around with 10.10 but whatever didn't work for me in that pack seems to have been fixed with 10.1101 so many thanks for that Mr_Smartepants! smile

(Thanks for the tips and feedback too Jeff!).

Hi fellas,

Apologies for the slow reply; busy times here at Manchester Uni! smile

I've compiled a brand new disk using Mass Storage pack 10.10 and again I get the 'The file jraid.sys could not be found' error.  Loaded my new ISO into MagicDisc and did a search of the file structure for 'Jraid.*' but no files were found.  Interestingly it appears that most of the other *Textmode Driver* files are missing too but not all of them.

One thing that may be a factor in my particular install is that I do Multi-Boot AIO-DVD installations.  This has never been an issue before though and as I say Mass Storage pack 10.09 works OK.

Has something changed in pack 10.10's .ini files that would cause DPBase 10.06 to mis-read the Textmode Driver install in Multi-Boot Mode maybe?

Looked at my Base 10.06 log files for the two Packs' installations and they are markedly different.  The main reason for this is that when the 10.10 pack failed initially I then just ran Base again using the older 10.09 pack and so it deleted any existing 10.10 references during its 'PREP' stage.  Aside from that the main thing I can see is that when installing 10.10 Base detects that there is a QuickStream Cache available whereas with 10.09 it created one itself after removal of the old info.  As a result, the 10.10 installer loads its MassStorage ini file from here:
<SLIP> QuickStream Cache available for DriverPack MassStorage text mode drivers!
<SLIP> E:\Driverpacks\QSC\wnt5_x86-32_uni_DP_MassStorage_1010_textmode\DriverPack_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32.ini

whereas the 10.09 ini file was loaded from a temporary directory instead:
<SLIP> Extracted DriverPack MassStorage to a temporary working directory.
<SLIP> E:\Driverpacks\tmp\DPMtmp\DriverPack_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32.ini

Hope this extra info helps you gurus out! wink


EDIT: Added *clarification* of what files were missing as it sounded a bit vague.

Hi Overflow,

That's one thing I didn't try fella.  Now I've rolled back to 10.09 I'll have to compile a brand new source again to test this out so will give that a whirl tomorrow and let you know.


Has anyone else come across this error before with the latest Mass Storage driverpack?  As the file can't be found setup halts before textmode even fires up properly. :-/

I've not seen any other reports of this so wondering if it's something I've done wrong.  I've checked the MD5 file hash of my pack and that's fine and I can open the pack in 7zip and browse to the jraid.sys file itself in the 'J' folder so it's definitely in there.  I'm testing my image in Oracle Virtualbox but don't think this should affect it as it's only loading in the files at the point it fails?

I notice a lot of work has been done on the Jmicron stuff recently so wonder if an ini file has an error in it but as I say nobody else seems to have had this issue so I doubt that! smile



Just rolled back to Mass Storage Pack v10.09 and that works a treat so there definitely seems to be something amiss with the loading of jraid.sys from v10.10.  As I ask above could this be a Vbox issue?

Hi people,

Thanks again for the very regular updates on this pack.  I'm just wondering whether the MD5 checksum needs updating in the first post as the pack seems to download correctly but the file hash is wrong?

Hash in first post  : 5665aef108e0e3874c7ad0c13c35f222

Hash of download: 7AF8A3C07961EB27ED683C29F19E67EA


EDIT: Actually, ignore that point above as I've just spotted Compstuff's post with a link to the newer, August pack above - Cheers Compstuff et al. wink


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Requi3m, you're an absolute LEGEND, thanks a lot for posting those links up as I've been struggling to download Sound B for 2 days now but thought it was just my PC being funny! smile

Kept getting up the 68% mark and then it stopped downloading but your link works like a charm.



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On the April Fool's front a friend of mine did something similar to the 'snapshot desktop, hide icons and taskbar' trick above to a colleague at his works.  As an added twist he also created folders named 'P0rn' and 'Beastiality' on the desktop before he took the snapshot image.

Apparently it took his workmate/victim a VERY long time to work up the courage to contact IT Support... smile

Cheers big man, I'll head on over there now... wink

Hi Gents,

Jeff - Sorry mate, like a prize banana I did indeed get confused and in my haste made the very 'silly' mistake of thinking the Chipset update was a Mass Storage update so apologies for that... hmm

On to the issue at hand...

DaveWI - I'm only using a bog standard Unattended XP install DVD but looking at the link you sent you're using a 'one size fits all' sysprepped disk image.  I've never really dabbled with sysprep fully so can only guess but as our 780s are all running fine with current set of driver packs could it possibly be a Sysprep issue that's causing your 0x7B errors?

The list of DriverPacks I'm using are below (planning to update to April packs next week some time):

Chipset                10.02
CPU                    9.12
Graphics A                10.03
Graphics B                10.03
Graphics C                9.12  (not added 'cosmetic' 10.03 pack yet)
Graphics Languages    10.03
Graphics PhysX        9.12
LAN                    10.03
Mass Storage        10.02.21 (Nightlies)
Runtimes for ATI    9.12
Sound A            10.03
Sound B            10.03
WLAN            10.03

*3rd Party*
Modem            10.01
Webcam            10.01.04
Bluetooth                9.10



Thanks a lot fella, that would be greatly appreciated. smile

Hi rock333,

Thanks a lot for the kind compliments, although to be fair I'm a relative newbie to this forum myself! smile
Good luck with your exams.

Aside from that I'd just like to say a big *THANKS* to Bâshrat the Sneaky, Woody22, Overflow and all the other contributors who keep this big, Driverpacks machine rolling as the new Mass Storage pack works like a dream!

I finally found the time to do a new unattended disk and the Driverpacks side of it went off without a hitch so cheers again.


Hi gents,

I've finally had time to create a new unattended disk to use here at work and every driver works perfectly except for the HD audio on our new Dell 780 desktops.

HWID is as follows:


The drivers can be downloaded from Dell's website here:

Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated HD Audio   
Release Date:    09/02/2010
Version:    5.10.x.7270, A12
Download Type:    Driver   
File Format:    Hard Drive
File Size:    11 MB   

If you need any more info then please let me know and I'll sort it out.  Many thanks again for all the hard work people! wink



As I've said in my release comments post I'll test these new packs out on the newer Dell Optiplex 780s in the next few days and report back.

Thanks again gents.

Thanks a lot for these new releases fellas, greatly appreciate all the hard work you guys put in to get these packs out!

Gonna compile a new unattended XP disk to test on our Dell 780s here at the Uni - Will report back next week.

Cheers! wink

Thanks fellas, just glad I was finally able to give something back after all the help I've had from you guys in the past! wink


Hi Rusty,

Welcome to the forums squire! wink

Your problem is fairly strightforward so I'll do my best to help point you in the right direction.

The tutorial for creating your own driverpacks is very easy to follow and so as a newbie you should hopefully get through it OK.  You can find it here:

Once you've used this tutorial to create your driverpack then simply download and install the Driverpacks BASE application from here:

Now, browse to where you've installed the BASE application and stick your newly-created pack in the '3rd Party Driverpacks' folder. 

All that's left is to run the DPs_BASE.exe program and then point it to where your XP install files are located and it'll do all the hard work of slipstreaming in your drivers.

Good luck! wink


Hi people,

I've searched the forums and haven't seen any recent (last few months) posts on this subject but it may be more common than that would suggest?

I was really tearing my hair out as to why my new batch of Dell 760s were freezing then blue-screening on shutdown despite the image previously working fine.

After doing some Googling it seemed that it could be a problem related to the Intel Matrix Storage driver and the ICH10 Southbridge controller trying to use 'Link Power Management' on SATA drives that don't support it during shutdown as this has caused problems in the past it seems.  There were some suggestions that switching SATA mode to ATA or Legacy fixed this but I wanted to know more and dug a bit further.

I think the driver included with Mass Storage 9.01 is version and upgrading this to Dell's stand-alone driver (v8.9.0.1009) didn't fix the problem either.   

Fortunately, the latest version of the Matrix Storage Manager application on Intel's website is bundled with a version 8.9.1023 ICH10 driver and this DOES fix the problem! smile

The important link to the updated Intel download is here:
http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_ … p;lang=eng



p.s. The 3 sites where I found out the info that helped me (if anyone is curious) are:

(BSOD STOP 0x00009087 while shutting down Windows)
http://social.technet.microsoft.com/For … 09670b310b

(Optiplex 760 Imaging Issue)
http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/for … 2007210041

(Intel® Matrix Storage Manager Bug)
http://www.paulscomputerservice.net/ind … Error9.php

Great advice Overflow, just completed a fresh install and all hardware (LAN and Sound) are detected perfectly on my HP DC7800p!

Many thanks to both you and JakeLD for all your help and good advice - Hopefully one day I'll be able to return the favour! wink


Does the latest version (8.05) of DP_Base support x64 driver packs yet? I've reviewed the changelog and seen no mention of 64-bit support for these 3rd Party Drivers so I'm guessing 'no' but thought I'd ask anyway! smile

I've got 2x32GB RAM Lenovo Thinkstation D10s to build and it'd be nice to have a few drivers in my x64 XP disk as the Vista x64 that comes with them seems to crawl along at the moment. :-/

Cheers for the tip Overflow.  I was using SP3 RC2 initially and then just slipstreamed the final release of SP3 over that install instead of using a clean SP2 disk as I'd done lots of customisations and had a lots of apps installing from RunonceEx too.

Starting from scratch again now though and just gonna port over my $OEM$ Apps folder to a fresh install, make the appropriate changes to enable them and hopefully that should be that.

I'll keep you posted fella... wink

Aye, the files are there for KB88111 but it's broken apparently and although there are various fiddles you can do to get round the problem after an install like extracting the KB888111's 'common files' folder and using that driver we all still have to wait until Microsoft release a newer SP3 hotfix that overcomes it I think?

http://forums.microsoft.com/technet/sho … p;pageid=0

(sorry for instigating this in the wrong section Overflow)

Apologies for my slow reply, everyone's away on holiday here at the moment so I've been a lot busier than I anticipated.

Finally got round to testing it out though and thankfully that test pack works a treat - Many thanks JakeLD!

The HP's LAN card is now detected properly so just the stupid Microsoft UAA(KB888111)/XP SP3 problem to fix now so I'm off to the Sound section... wink

Thanks again.