Thanks for "Blowing my cover"

OH, and I HAVE played DOOM in a PE before. No PE is complete untill it has at least "Some" games included for those frustration moments and long waits for scans while your bored.

Details, Details, Details... are the key to everything.
Even with a VESA driver I have no lag like what you describe, even when viewing full screen DVD movies on my PE.

I've built plugins for custom video drivers before, but without having the hardware here to work with, it's not even an option.
My older rigs have ATI Graphic boards and I like to keep a PE around with nothing but games on it for "Play Time" when I have nothing to do but wait anyways.

I am trying to port some of my custom built to the masses via the SystemCore I wrote for the UBCD4WIN project, and it's no small task.
Most plugins contain somewhere between 16 & 200 lines of code, the core has 24,000+ which does not even count the underlying plugins that support it.
Run a text search for "hilander999" on the OEM1 & PLUGINS folder, and you will see an interesting pattern.

If your not interested in furthering the development or testing fixes, let me know so I'm not waisting my time replying here.
If you are interested, and are willing to test some beta software, I need as much detail in your responces to me that you can describe.

~The Devil is in the details.

yasha wrote:

Definitely a good intermediate solution, still won't give hardware acceleration, which won't solve the lag issue I currently have, but at least I could get the proper resolution going for this thing. smile

Describe the "LAG" in some detail, when, where and what your running that seems "Slow".

I am working on some cool sh1t that envolves PNP and noticed that one major provlem is driver stacking or layers of devices that support other devices.

Sometimes it takes 3 runs of HWPNP.EXE to enumerate all the connected drivers.
You may notice a whole slew of non-detected devices in device manager with yellow ! marks through them and after running HWPNP a few extra times, these devices will connect with each other.

Short version, installing one device reveals 3 other devices that may also reveal yet another connected device, and so on...



This may be a viable solution for you since nvidia ALWAYS fits the "Problematic" catagory.


Blame me, everyone else does.

I have been sick lately and happen to be one of the only people who actually understands how this stuff works in bartpe, which explains the 57 views on you question at ubcd4win.com with no responce. When the right person reads your thread, you get answers... unless of course he gets woken up at night to respond here instead. smile

if the files are not getting copied to the output folder, it may be something in the Bâshrat the Sneaky BASE or a flag in the driverpacks ini file stopping the copy in pebuilder.
.cat files are not used in PE

With the limited Windows API set included in a PE, I'm not sure you are going to get that driver working.
Graphics drivers are a bit harder to get working and sometimes require several thousand registry entries before build (in the plugin.inf file)

I may be able to sort this out, but I'm not really well enough to spend a lot of time in front of a keyboard right now.
I also have some experimental stuff that may sort this out also, so if I get to a beta state, I'll hook you up with some goodies to try out.

Took me 3 months to explain the PE driver thingy to Jeff, so don't feel bad. (His inf entries look ok and is in pebuilder format, not either of the 2 completely different windows formats. lol )


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mr_smartepants wrote:
BhaGwaN wrote:

now you are insulting yourself by hiding your lake of ablility behind your useless speech.

"lake of ability"?  Is that next to the "Pond of Competence"? wink

Much better then the "Pond of incontinence" lol (Also known as a sewer for those who don't get the joke.) smile


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OverFlow wrote:

Sure... One could even say that my Lake of Ability could OverFlow at anytime wink

Now your pushing it.


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News Flash, film at 11.

"Residents who live within one mile of the Lake of Ability are cautioned to build sand-bag barriors as the level of ability is currently reaching a critical mass which is threatening to coerce ordinary people into a frenzy of usable thought patterns"

~No one can ever remember the level of ability being this high before.


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OverFlow wrote:

You may yet meet one or all of us... let's hope so

cheers m8

PS I actually did meet Hilander999 just recently wink
     Ask him what he did on his vacation... LOL

If you take that responce out of context, it sounds like a threat!
H3ll, even in the correct context, it could be threatening. smile


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OverFlow wrote:

I suppose if I don't exercise my psychic abilities more often I just may loose them...

Perhaps now is a good a time as any... now where did I put that crystal ball... The kids must have been playing with it again... drat... bbl need to hunt for it...

It's right next to that nail gun we had so much fun with. lol


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OverFlow wrote:

By comparison my OP is a technical genius wink.

Does that mean you cannot provide any insight into his problem either?


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http://ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?sho … mp;p=75463


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@MR. OverFlow

Sadly, I digress, with the continuity of each post you make, you continue to publicly deny your overwhelming psychic ability to diagnose on a whim, any foreseeable circumstance, not circumventing the original progression of distilled emotions, filtered through babble-fish and pasted here in driverpack heaven for the tangible amusement of all parties involved. Wherein any theoretical placement of events, not clouded by the retention of displaced ions gravitating towards the all powerful, charismatic leadership skills we have all grown to love and cherish, for no other reason then to be led to our fate, by the divine intervention of "IDE" verses "SATA" verses "RAID" verses "Who the h*ll is this Bart anyways?".

The staggering amount of calculations not calculated, the one's with no zero's, the newbie who got screw'd-B, the user who is the abuser, the idiot who got one question right, and of course the broken clock which is always correct, providing it's traveling by plane, non-stop in the same progression and theoretical contention as to constrain the time continuum, right down to the exact second when he said "Hey, Is this thing ON?".

At long last, and with lowly incontestability to the foresight, throughput, and contention to retain information, no matter how flawed the theory may be, you sir, still amaze me on a daily basis when you launch personal attacks on the lower level life forms that scamper at your feet, simply because your too damn lazy to fold time back a notch and allow this poor sole the chance to catch up.

Perhaps you should have another cup of coffee before posting again?

~hilander999 out.


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muiz wrote:
OverFlow wrote:

I just hit the ban button wink

whahahahahahaha +1

He does that a lot. smile

http://ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?s=& … mp;p=74069

OverFlow wrote:

Wow... you are a mind reader...

No, No, No....   That would make YOU the mind reader. cool

Would you expect anything less?

The contents of MassStorage.sif get appended to TXTSETUP.SIF in the build process to overcome a limitation of pebuilder, which provide the additional sub-sections required to support certain driver types.

-I- wrote:

apart from UBCD being way beyond illigal wink,   
with any PE builder that  makes you have to use your own windows cdrom,
it could (or maybe even should) be possible to add more drivers. the problem at this point IS though that adding these (uncompressed) drivers to your boot  would almost completely kill all the space on your BootROM (dvd),   

So overall,  these 'cd' driverpacks might just be  a real pain. 
i wonder what would happen with a programm like PE builder  when  Storage drivers are cab'ed and then included in  txtsetup.sif   -  and the pe-builder is  given That (instead of a virgin cdrom) as its  source..

I think I may be able to clear this up.

There is a WAREZ version called "Ultimate Boot Disk" which is at around version 6.x or something like that. This is distributed illegaly by JusThink and his merry little friends.

UBCD4WIN or "The Ultimate Boot CD for Windows" is completely legal which is why you have to build it yourself and not simply download in iso file.

The former is full of WAREZ and our distribution is 100% freeware or licensed for us to distribute.

The work done on pebuilder driverpack integration has been a joint project between our team and the driverpacks team, where Overflow & Myself have taken the blunt of the work.

You need to take a fresh look at both projects as we are already using a driver method like you said we should have done, so it's safe to say you have not looked in the right place for a long time.


Will take you to the legal (Freeware) version which includes a fully licensed OEM VERSION of pebuilder, paid for by the people who use our project to simplify the building process.


Please keep in mind that rdsok is testing BARTPE support, not a normall install.

This changes everything.

I believe that HIDCLASS.SYS is copied by the coinstaller so it wont be in an inf file.
Pebuilder support is still at alpha stage for this pack and is expected to be buggy at best.

For those that don't know, for a standard bartpe to work, all added drivers are expanded to their respective folders at build time, not boot time, this is why pebuilder support is taking so long to complete. Nore info will follow as time allows.


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Does AUTOIT work on linux?

Please define "Wine"?? A version of Linux?


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raymerjacque wrote:

none the less.

No matter what you do, or how hard you try, or whatever excuse you come up with, or how much you hate it, anyway you look at it, VISTA IS HERE NOW, there is nothing you can do to stop it from taking over the market or making it's place in the world, XP IS ON IT'S WAY OUT, and there is nothing you can do to stop it either, by the end of this year vista will be the main operating system in use by the general public, especialy when vista sp1 is launched, those that have not bought are waiting for the compatibility and bug fix patch IE sp1. by the end of the year you will have lost 80% of your users here on this board because only a handfull will be living in the past .....

besides, i don't understand the harm in making a framework for vista ? , is it laziness or lack of the operating system knowledge ? . does it not make sense to make a framework so long so that the users like me can start working on driverpacks ?

and please if you give objections then give some valid arguements, not just "vista sucks" bla bla bla crap.

I would be happy to start working on support for vista drivers, BUT....

1) How long will it be before there are enough drivers released to even call it a "Driverpack"?
2) How is this request any different then all the requests for a continued Windows 98 update pack?
3) Do you have any idea HOW MANY PC's are still running Windows 98?
4) Someone donates a full licensed copy of Vista for me to work with, learn from.
4b) Do you think my 5 year old AMD SLOT A 750 will even boot Vista? (NO)
4c) The donated copy of Vista needs to come installed on a machine that will RUN Vista.

WHEN MS releases the first Servicepack, What makes you think they will not change the way driver loading is setup and invalidate all the work done on a new OS in it's infancy.

I've already had my PM box flodded on 2 forums with requests for Vista support for pebuilder, which will be at least a year down the road, if anyone is actually still using Vista at that point???

Remember what came before XP & after W98?... Thats right, Windows ME (Mistake Edition).

There were so many people posting just like you are now about how it was the best thing since sliced bread, yet now, anyone with a brain who got stuck using Windows ME, have either upgraded to XP, or dropped back down to W98, which despite the lack of support is still being used on hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide.

You used 2009 as the year Vista will be KING??? Still Agree???

My favorite Read so far was nick-named "The longest Suicide note in history" which is an outline of Vista's DRM crap, which has been met with so much resistance, that MS is already changing the way it works and the ELUA based on the fact that every major corporation on the world said NO NO NO, we are not switching no matter how cheap you sell us a stie license for.

MANY, and I do mean MANY corporations are still useing Windows 2000 in the infrastructure, because it is as solid as a rock. period. They have not even switched to 2k3 yet, so what is it that makes you think Vista will not simply be another giant flop from Microsoft?

DISCLAINER: I represent no one, This is my opinion alone and means no more then yours does. Everyone is welcomed to there opinions, but lashing out at others because you dont like what you hear will only get more responces just like this one.

I've not tried Vista, Will not try Vista, Have no machine that will even run vista. I still have a multiboot option to load Windows 98 (did you guess that?) because I've got some really nice hardware that never got supported in XP, which is the same thing MS has done again with vista, left out a lot of hardware that is really good, but old enought that no one will be spending the money to re-construct new drivers for Vista to support 5 year old hardware.


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Bâshrat the Sneaky wrote:

I agree with hilander999. Silence equals (virtual) flawlessness in this case. Otherwise this forum (or at least UBCD4WIN's) would have been flooded with support requests/bug reports.

@hilander999: if you don't mind, I won't create that forum at the current site, but only at the new site, which is quite close to be finished. If you disagree, no problem, I'll create a new forum right away.

Here is another point we do agree on.

If the release was causing problems, all three forums would have been flooded with complaints by now, so concidering that there has been nothing but good feedback, I would say that simply adding the new section to the up-comming forum is perfect.

With more additions, more questions. The release (as I posted it) is NEARLY IDIOT PROOF, at least to the best of my knowlage it was setup to be used by anyone, even when basic computer skills are absent.


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jtdoom wrote:

Jeff, it could be disheartening, but yes, the silence was deafening.

I am in favour for a subforum, tho.
this function is a real godsend and a LOT of work was put into it.

You REALLY have no idea. lol

When I posted the initial bartpe version (including the plugin) we linked to the file directly at ubcd4win.com so we could monitor the number of people who have downloaded the file.

The post was made on the 5th and the file has recieved 768 hits since then, BUT with the server crash at our forum, we lost 5 days worth of data, so the 768 is not a reliable number, it is more of a minimun number. So it's really more like 768 downloads in 8 days, which I would say is a fair number and does represent a unique new user-base for driverpacks.net also.

Take that into account, and then release that NO ONE has posted that it was broken or did not work (unless they needed a driver not included in the pack) then I would say that while the silence was certainly deafening, it's also a very good sign that our approach to driver support for pebuilder has worked very well to date.

It certainly would be nice to hear more responce from the users who have tried it, but you will seldome have a new user, actually join any formu, just to say that something has worked. Where as if it had been a bad release, I'm almost certain that all 768 people would have stepped up and told us to FIX IT.

BTW: A sub-forum here for pebuilder support would be a good idea concidering that there are already postings in other areas fo it and I'm sure more will follow. Keeping them together would be a bennefit to everyone.

What has to be done to add this driver???

Promise Fasttrack TX2200 PCI is missing, can it be added?


http://www.promise.com/support/download … amp;os=100