Haven't been here for a while. Could you add a working link to the latest 'good' nightly build please.
The links above don't seem to work any more.
I am wondering if it is time to update Easy2Boot with a later set of DPMS XP 32-bit drivers...

It seems the  *4IN files are older versions. I deleted the *4IN.INF files

and then there were no complaints from E2B.

A user has found a problem with the D\M\N driver folder
He has a HP TX1320es system with PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0266&CC_0101 which matches to the N folder

When running Easy2Boot+DPMS we get these errors

*** here stops until press ENTER, then i've got some more errors:

The problem is that these are not 8.3 filenames and so are not legal for a floppy disk oem F6 disk.

Have these files been renamed and made longer?

Worked OK if I renamed the file.

In DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1412115.7z - file lsinodrv.inf is missing from the D\M\L folder but is referenced in the txtsetup(lsi-sas).oem file. There is however a
lsi_sas-lsinodrv.inf file present which is not referenced in any other file???
I installed using a SAS VBox VM and the install did actually work, but E2B and Setup textmode file copy complained that the lsinodrv.inf file was missing.

re. JMB36X 32-bit dll missing from J folder.
The user added the DLL to the J Folder and did a complete install using E2B and reported no problems now.
I sent him the \R1.17.65.11\Application\xInsDrv.dll  renamed file:

  File: JMInsDrv.dll
CRC-32: fea9b926
   MD4: 58aa4fe30f7bea1a4ef9b12a9bc79422
   MD5: f625f4072c04a1aee6c60b020778a8cd
SHA-1: 6fa4e66723b5094cb6bca629779c1b91627e7931

Thanks, JMInsDrv.dll is missing in that too?

One of my Easy2Boot users has hit a problem. He has a JMicron controller and I think it is using an INF file from the \D\M\J folder.  The INF file has a section

jraid_i.inf  and jraid_f.inf

jraid.sys = 1
JMInsDrv.dll = 1

but JMInsDrv.dll is not present in the driver pack.

Also, please can you give me a link to the latest nightly so I can check that. Post #1 says what the file name is but I can't find a download link?

A link to a page where all the latest nightlies can be found would be useful..

If you had an integrated XP ISO, then you should just need to put the ISO in \_ISO\WINDOWS\XP folder and make sure that \_ISO\e2b\grub\DPMS\DriverPack.ini is present but empty so it doesn't pick any OEM DPMS driver (just firadisk).

Copy the latest driverpack to \_ISO\e2b\grub\DPMS folder (the folder \_ISO\e2b\grub\DPMS\D\M needs to be present).

If you want to test the DPMS2 feature of E2B, then rename the INI file at \_ISO\e2b\grub\DPMS to DriverPack.ini - then my DPMS2 code will create two F6 floppies, one with the Firadisk driver and the other with the SRS driver.

The other way to test an integrated ISO is to drop the ISO into \_ISO\WINDOWS\XP folder and do not have any \_ISO\e2b\grub\DPMS\DriverPack,ini file - then press F6 at XP Setup and select FiraDisk 32-bit driver and then continue install.

Well WinsetupFromUSB has used my DPMS2 grub4dos batch file (and Ilko probably will use the new one too).
So the results will be similar (except that Easy2Boot uses an ISO file directly and so WinSetupFromUSB will probably be successful on more systems than E2B).

The new test version E2B 1.32 (on www.easy2boot.com - downloads - alternate) has some menus in the UTILITIES menu which may be useful for testing driverpack INI files on different systems without actually needing to install.

You can test in a VM by booting using DavidB's VMUB utility + VirtualBox.

Basically, the DPMS2.g4b grub4dos batch file runs chkpci (a grub4dos utility by chenall) which finds the mass storage scsi/sata/raid controller PCI ID and then find the corresponding section in the DriverPack INI file. The DPMS2.g4b batch file then parses the data from the INI file section, goes to the correct folder (e.g. \D\M\I\9) and then looks at the INF files to pull out the required entries to make a txtsetup.oem file. The files mentioned in the txtsetup.oem file plus the txtsetup.oem file are then copied from the source folder (e.g. \D\M\I\9) to a virtual floppy drive (held in memory).

Two floppy drives are created. One has a [Defaults] for the firadisk driver, the other txtsetup.oem file on the other virtual floppy drive has a [Defaults] section pointing to the correct SRS driver. In this way, XP Setup sees two floppies (virtually identical files on each) and loads the firadisk driver and the SRS driver. Later it copies the driver files from one of the floppies to the hard disk (which is why they have identical driver files on them).

A floppy file 'dir' listing and txtsetup.oem files are copied to some files when DPMS2 runs so you can examine them afterwards if you like. All this is in the \_ISO\e2b\grub\DPMS folder on the Easy2Boot USB drive.

My problem is that I am now retired and so I don't have a great selection of hardware to test anything on. When I worked for a large computer manufacturer, I had loads of systems I could test of all ages and loads of HDDs I could trash!

I used DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1403071.7z for testing

platform    = "wnt5_x86-32"
name        = "MassStorage"
classes        = "hdc,SCSIAdapter"
rootdir        = "D\M"
; version 1403071
driverCount    = 351
; number of .Inf files
decompSize    = 66728474
; compSize    = unknown
; note that 'deviceName' only shows 54 chars

And modified the I-9 section to add in 8086 8C02 as follows:

ms_1_deviceName="Intel ICH7M/R-DH/8R/9M-E/10, 5/6/7/8 Series - RST 11.2"

E2B worked up to the point where I could see the SATA drives on my Z87-A system - I did not test any further as I didn't want to trash my system.

The I-A section is OK as it is for w2k3.
The extra PCI ID needs adding to the I-9 section  8086 8C02 1106. He is testing it tonight so I will let you know if it succeeds.

P.S. During the development of DPMS2, I wrote a blog entry on what I had learnt about the txtsetup.oem file format at http://rmprepusb.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06 … disks.html
This may be useful to others.

ahh, OK - I guess you are referring to http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=2461 ?
There is a mention of the INI and driver folder naming format a long way down. Not exactly easy to find. Anyway, I know now. cheers smile

OK, I was unlucky then. Is there a definition/specification for the INI file format?

I used the 'Latest DriverPacks' link on the main page which contained a link to a torrent for 'DriverPack Mass Storage 12.09 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)'. It is also featured in the 'Most downloaded' section.
It is also the most recent on in the list http://driverpacks.net/driverpacks/wind … ss-storage
Surely that is the recommended one which most people are guided to and will use?

Sorry that I hurt you!
But I don't understand. The release XP DPMS has a folder structure like \D\M\I5 , the new nightly builds have a folder structure of  \D\M\I\5. The old INI file had [I5], the new INI file has [I-5].
That looks like a change to me...

The new Easy2Boot seems to work fairly well with the new INI format now - thanks.
I was contacted by someone trying to install XP to a Intel Series 8 Z87 mainboard using DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32_1403071.7z and the new Easy2Boot v1.31.
The controller is identified as 8086 8C02, but the only matching PCI ID in the INI file is for w2k3  (D\M\I\A) so the install didn't work.
He said that the INF file in D\M\I\9  was actually successfully picked up and used by XP when he pointed XP at it.

So 8086 8C02 does not seem to be supported yet by this build for XP?

P.S. AsMedia 106x SATA controller  PCI 1B21 0612  D\M\AS worked OK though.

I notice that the INI file section names no longer correspond to the driver directory names.
For instance, in the INI file we have


but the folder is called .\D\M\I5  not .\D\M\I-5

This is a change from the last release version. Is there a reason for this? It is causing problems with Easy2Boot and "DPMS" because I need to know what the folder name is for the driver by looking at the INI file. With the latest Nightly INI file this is not possible.

Some folders don't even exist - e.g. [I-a]  or Ia.

Well 12.09 worked in VBox (in that it did not BSOD - it just requested iastor.sys during phase 2).
I know what you are saying about a real machine, but I don't have one at the moment with ICH9 8086_2829.

Is there a description of the DriverPacks.ini syntax anywhere?

For instance,  the section below is for folder I3 in 12.09 which has 3 inf files
2829 is only present in iaahci.inf which uses iastor.inf and iastor.sys

So why is the 2829 PCI ID listed in this section for iastor3 and not iastor.sys?

ms_1_deviceName="Intel ICH8/ICH9/EP 80579 SATA AHCI/RAID Matrix 7.8"


I spoke too soon! The 1306202 build BSODs in GUI-Mode setup at just after 34 minutes point with 0x000000F4 error!  Xp Sp3Pro. This is using the iastor.sys+iaahci.inf+iaahci.cat files.
At least the version 12.09 didn't BSOD!

It is not a modified D-P-M-S. iso, it is just flat files. the d-pms.bat has been re-written for Easy2Boot.

The download is on my blog http://rmprepusb.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06 … sting.html

To make it work from grub4dos you would need to use
set FIRA=2
/d-pms.bat 0  (remove hyphen!)

You also need a D-PMS\FIRA folder to hold the FiraDisk and WinVBlock files (see the download for more details).
Please bear in mind that this is a very new development and is not yet fully tested!

Thanks for the reply. the 1306202 build looks good! 8086 2829 has I9 = iastor.sys and it works!

re Chenalls D-P-M-S.iso - I have modified it so that it also adds in Firadisk and Winvblock.
This is for my Easy2Boot project (www.rmprepusb.com).

So I can boot from a USB drive to grub4dos, mount a vanilla (unmodified) XP ISO, build an F6 disk using D-P-M-S.iso and then install XP directly from a USB drive. Easy2Boot can have any number of XP, Vista, 7,8,SVR2K8,SVR2012 ISOs on the drive and install from any of them.

For XP, the user needs to:
1. Boot from USB, choose XP ISO, press F6, add all drivers using S  (e.g. AHCI driver picked by D-P-M-S + Firadisk + WinVBlock drivers), then continue with text mode setup.
2. Reboot back to USB drive, load ISO into memory, boot from HDD - GUI mode setup begins.

re. Oracle. David B has written a utility which allows full rd/wr access to USB drives in an Oracle VBox VM. So now we can boot directly from a USB drive (incl. USB 3.0 adapters) on the host with full rd/wr access to the USB drive. This was not feasible previously as Windows locked the USB drive volume and prevented writes under the VM.
http://reboot.pro/topic/18217-booting-v … orkaround/

re. Name of this topic. It is nothing to do with a VM. merely that the INI file is incorrect and has the wrong sys driver for 8086 2829. The fact that I am testing on a VM is irrelevant. The Driver Pack is incorrect and it would affect a real ICHx controller as well as a VM. What happens is that you get an 'iastor.sys cannot be found' message during GUI mode setup, but XP seems to be able to use iastor3.sys just fine anyway!

; version 12.09
decompSize    = 51131351                   
compSize    =  7801967               


I have been using chenalls DPMS batch file under grub4dos on a Oracle VirtualBox VM with the virtual hard disk configured as a VHD on an ICH9 controller. This makes a virtual F6 txtsetup.oem floppy disk in grub4dos.

The PCI ID for the AHCI controller appears in the VM as 8086 2829.

I think that the entry in the main wnt_x86_32.INI file for [I3] is incorrect as it refers to iastor3.sys.
However, the correct INF file for 8086_2829 is IAAHCI.inf (which is also in the I3 folder), and the correct sys file is iastor.sys not iastor3.sys.

I am not sure I fully understand the ini file syntax, but as the I3 folder contains 3 INF files, perhaps there should be separate entries for some PCI IDs.

I changed the I3 entry to be  tag=iastor and iastor.sys and now it works fine with DPMS.