Overflow - Well I've had a bad week so far so I wasn't finding any words of encouragement cuz I was feeling down myself (problems at work and with the wife)... But today is going a lot better so I wanted to write and give you a little encouragement...

First off some people can be real jerks, but don't take that as being a representation of the people that use and love the product that you produce. I know that there are several projects out there that I love but sadly I haven't mentioned it to the authors... I'm starting to get better at encouraging them because I realize now how important it is to them to know that someone uses and values their hard work. Anyway I know that there is a lot of people out there who value the work that this team has immensely. I know that I sure do. You guys (and girls?) are AWESOME in my book! This is one of the best projects that I have ever come across. I'm surprised it hasn't seen even more popularity...

Back to my other thought, some people are just loud complaining jerks, and when you come across them just don't let it bother you because they are incurable. Sadly they are loud and sometime drown out the voices of the people who really do value this project. But try not to let it bother you because they aren't worth getting mad or depressed over.

I would be happy to help out in any way that I can. I'm not much of a programmer so I don't think I could help much there, but I'd be willing to do whatever.

This project has saved me much time and headache and allowed me to do away with floppies and that is a miracle...
Thanks guys!

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Sure, just tell me what needs to be done and I'll do my best to help.

Well when I use that in BartPE I get the 17 errors that the OP mentioned... But on reading through the post it sounded like the changes he made to the LAN file was being incorporated into future versions. Meaning I wouldn't have to do any manual editing to get it to work... So just wondering if I'll still need to make the changes the OP said or if there is a LAN pack that has those already incorporated? Thanks

Hey just wondering what the status of this is and where I can get the "lastest" LAN file? Jaak mentioned the nightly but I can't seem to find that.

Yeah, I only wish that was the case with me... I am using a relatively common 3ware controller and it doesn't have that and I am having a very hard time figuring out how to get it to work... So this brand new server is just sitting around until I can get drivers integrated... well I probably would have figured something out by now, I just haven't had the time...

Okay you two just calm down...  wink
dumpydoody, I am sure that what is done in BASE would be a lot harder to duplicate than you think.. I have tried many a times to manually add in mass storage drivers and it is not easy and requires a lot of trial and error to get it right... And that was just for one driver. I can't imagine the time required to integrate as many as this awesome team has because many of the drivers are different and integrate differently. I'm sure you are great with batch files, but like I said it is not so simple. Of course you can go ahead and try and be sure to report back to us because if you can figure out a simple way to integrate mass storage drivers I would be all over it if it worked for 64bit versions of windows.

Just wanted to add something else... As far as 64bit DriverPacks go I really only care about the mass storage drivers... Those are a pain to integrate by hand and half the time they don't seem to work when I do... I don't understand what other people do... Do they all really use a floppy? I find that hard to believe with businesses that deploy 64bit Server 2003... Anywho just wanted to add that. I'm not sure what behind the scenes work would need to be done to get the Base to work with 64bit DriverPacks, but I sure would love it... I'm surprised that more people haven't requested it...

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Plus 7-zip is awesome and free! You really ought to try it.

Yeah sheesh a 33% forget rate... You might want to get that checked...  smile

To quote OverFlow:

Well lets say this is the second request for 64 bit drivers in more than a year. I prioritize by feedback.

So I did another search (yes I know, amazing) and this is actually the third request in the last year...  smile

Just thought I'd add that...  wink

Don't hurt yourself.
Well I find that using search is faster then posting.. Because more often than not someone has had the same idea or question...   wink

Sweet! I'm worth 100%...  smile  Yeah I actually did figure out that it was for the base program because I did a search before I posted and found a 3rd party pack (from 2006) that said in bold red letters that it can't be slipstreamed with the base program.

Sorry bout the wrong forum... I thought that this forum was *only* for the base program.. Guess I was wrong...  sad
Thanks for the reply. I'm just having a hard time figuring out how to integrate a bunch of mass storage drivers for a 64bit version of Server 2003.. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask...
Anywho thanks for the awesome work you guys have done for the Windows community.

Not sure if this is the exact location to ask this... But I didn't see a location for driverpack requests...
I use the driver packs and love them! Thank you so much for making them!
I have a request though, I know you don't support 64bit OSes, but would it be possible to get a 64bit Mass Storage pack? I don't care to much about the other ones because it is easy enough to add most other drivers, but the Mass Storage ones are rather difficult to add. I'm specifically referencing 2003 64x.
Just wanted to see what feedback on this would be...