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The images I built are win xp , win7 Ent. and win7 pro.


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I use MDT 2012 instead of WDS.
we have like about 10 different Dell laptops and desktops.
I downloaded the cab file for each model and inserted them into MDT.
it works like a charm for all 10 model.
i also have couple of ghost image made by driverpacks.


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There are also few drivers that I need to add to driver packs drivers,
Do you know how to do this or can you write a program to this?
by that I mean adding non existing drivers to driver pack by downloading them from manufacture website.
i have problem on few pc that driverpacks can't install drivers for sound , video, AMT and TPM  and I have to install them manually.


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I ran the DP-updater and after it finished updating, it deleted all my drivers from my Hard drive.
looks like I uploaded my driverpacks file to remote location.
whay did this happen?


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I wanted to appreciate for the time and effort you put into creating this program.
this seems pretty cool, but I'm kinda lost and don't know how to use it .
I ran the program but it keep saying " no driverpacks file" , then it show the drivers on the right windows and nothing on the left.
can I also use this program to add new drivers that I have downloaded from manufacture"s website and still use the SADV2-11118 scrip to install them on my univesal images?


this is exactly where I'm stuck.
I have created 2 images for windows XP 32 and Windows 7 64 bit.
for driver installation I use driverpacks along with SADV2-111118 Script to install the drivers automaticaaly during installation.
on %95 of our computers the driverpacks works ok, but on some of them it either creats BSOD or doesn't have the driver at all.both issue are related to incorrect or non existing drivers.
I need to know how I can update drivers or add new drivers to driverpack correctly.
I tried to add new drivers to the 7zip files, but that didn't worked, I think the ini file that resides in each driverpack should also change to address the added drivers. I'm just gussing.
Could some one clearly explain how this process works or better yet post a video that show the whole process?
thanks again for all the hard work and hope some one will answer my question that is the answer to all of us.


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I have built an universal image for windows 7 and used driverpacks on it.
the image works fins on some of our hardwars but it will crash on the others.
i noticed it's because of the misuse of the drivers.
I need to know how I can update or replace the old drives with good ones in driverpacks.

Can some one please tell me how I can do this or I have to do something else.
I really need to get this done since my reputation is on the line.
I hope you understand.

I'm working on an universal image for windows 7 64 bit ent. using the SAD2 automated driver installation.
the SAD2 works fine but there is only couple of drivers missing after SAD2 finishes unpacking and installing the drivers.
I tried to manually add those drives to the drivers 7zip file, but they still won't install.
I was wondering if htere is a process for adding drivers to drivespack That I have to follow or what I did was the right process.
I appreciate if some one explains that to me.

can someone please tell me how I can integrate wimax and Dell G4 LTE broadband driver for Dell E6420 laptops?