Could be. There shouldn't be any semicolons in those lines (where "install.exe" is written).

I'm happy to know that you were thankful.
Sorry for thinking the other way around. smile
If only you knew how much time you saved me. I really do appreciate your work.
It's a shame not all know how hard and frustrating this all stuff can get, and above all not getting any payment.
Maybe the feedback isn't given at all time, but I assure you many people, including me, thank you behind your back.

No problem, JakeLD.
I know none of you get paid, that's why I appreciate your doing so much.

RougeSpear, I was only trying to help. You don't have to be so cynical.
The file "KHALMNPR.exe" on the HID pack gives an error telling it's not a valid Win32 application.
I did compare the hashes of the two files; from the HID pack and from the Logitech installation file.
They were different and that is why I knew these two files were not the same.
The DriverPacked file's MD5 hash is: 1E9987B72F1522424C8001CC557834B0
The Logitech file's MD5 hash is: 19E0D28FE38F55CA4C63F77D3657959A
I also checked all other files from the "LS" directory from the HID pack to see if more files don't have the same hash.
I found that in addition to the mismatched hash of the file "KHALMNPR.exe", these files have mismatched hash too:

LBeepKE.sys, LHidFilt.sys, LMouFilt.sys, LUsbFilt.sys, WdfCoInstaller01005.dll

Edit: Forgot to write the "KHALMNPR.exe" hash.

RougeSpear, after few tests I found out that there is a problem for people with Logitech mouse, like G5.
After integrating this pack there is that old problem that Chad wrote on version 7.09.23.
By the way, check the "KHALMNPR.exe" file. It seems corrupt. Maybe this is the problem.

Thank you for this pack, RougeSpear.
Unfortunately, it breaks keyboard and mouse support at OOBE.
Windows installation goes fine, but after it finishes and restarts the problem begins; At OOBE, after you press a key you can no
longer press other keys, nor move the mouse cursor. You can, however, move the mouse cursor unless you press any key.
Again, while in windows setup to problem does NOT occurs.
I have a USB keyboard and mouse, so I didn't try and use PS/2 ports to see if something is related to USB.
Moreover, I don't know if the problem only persists at OOBE. Maybe OOBE is not related, maybe it does.

Note: This was tested ONLY in a virtual machine (VirtualBox).

Edit: Hmm... strange. Unchanging your change log at the first post distracted me from seeing that there is a newer version.
I will try the latest version (81027) and post my results.

2nd Edit: Well, the newer version if just fine. Thank you very much.
You better change the change log. It can cause confusion to others, too.
Thanks again. smile

Oh, ok.
Yes, I did read, but I started reading this topic a long time ago, and didn't really see the updates on the first post.
Thank you again. smile

First of all, great work. You really are awesome.
Second, when do you think you will work on the new GeForce drivers?

Thank you very much. smile


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Thank you for all your hard work. smile