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Yea I'm pretty much at the end of my rope with this one.  I'm running one last test when I get into work tomorrow.  I'm resorting to breaking driver signing in order to get rid of the Windows Driver Framework thingy from the .inf files.  For some reason that appears to be screwing things up on me.  But in the end this DP may need to do without SetPoint and perhaps someone will want to work on it.

One of the problems, among many, is that for Logitech Bluetooth devices, they will not be detected or installed during T-39.  They can only be done post install after your Bluetooth stack of choice is up and running.  For starters that likely means you can forget about using KtD for the SetPoint directory if there's any chance at all you'll be pairing up such a device at a later time.


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This is turning out be much more complicated than I anticipated...  still working on it though.


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Ok, I'll throw them together and post a "nightly", leaving the current release as is.


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Fragbert wrote:

As much as I like the concept of a HID pack, the logitech mess still creeps up and makes some setups unusable. 90204 lists v4.7 of setpoint drivers, however my 5500mx revolution combo would yellow mark in the device manager until I manually installed 4.7 from logitech's website. What is so tricky with logitech drivers?

There's two installers with SetPoint, CDDRV_Installer.msi and KhalInstaller32.msi.  Do you think if I made those into exception installers that the problems would then be fixed?  From looking at them myself, I just really don't know.  At this point that only Logitech HID devices I have at the ready are bluetooth mice - and since those need to be paired up post install, everything seems to work flawless.  I am guessing there's a difference when it comes to a directly connected USB device that detects during setup itself.  Anyway the point I'm trying to make I suppose is that I can make the installers and update the DP, but I won't be able to properly test the proposed solution.  If you, or others, are willing to test it out I'm willing to put together the installers.


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mr_smartepants wrote:

I think XP support will die the day M$ switches off their activation servers. big_smile

This is a primary reason why I have ditched Windows on my own computers and am actively working to minimize Microsoft's presence in my organization.  I have also ceased creating custom installs for people - to the horror of a couple hundred people where I work.

I haven't followed up on figuring this one out yet, but I think that there is a driver for this in one of the main DP's already.  The newest Panasonic ToughBook CF-30 that we have been getting have this device.  I noticed it in device manager and set about getting the latest driver from Panasonic themselves.  Turns out that the driver from them was older than the one loaded from the DriverPacks.  I haven't checked through them all, but possibly it is in DP Chipset?

Anyway I bring this up because if it were to be implemented in a 3rd party DP, without finding the other one, there could be a conflict somewhere.

I don't know if it's been mentioned before but you guys may want to check out FOG.  Beats the pants off of both Ghost and Acronis.  Free and open sauce to boot.

Ok I implemented the drivers into the Misc pack.  Note that it's only the drivers and that I did not make exception installers.  As I don't readily have access to the appropriate hardware for testing, I am unable to evaluate if the excess software installs are anything necessary or even desirable.  Both the TabletPC drivers and the Broadcom security drivers software are .msi files which means it shouldn't be too difficult for me to make exception installers for them.  Again though - if it's necessary.  I've noticed over the years that some of these things are not only unnecessary, but in some cases it is preferable to leave them out entirely.  Also, both installs include all kinds of Microsoft Visual C/C++ runtimes which I would lop off making those runtime installations prerequisite.

Let me know if the driver portion of this all works out for you, and if exception installers are warranted I'll bake those into the next release.


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20090214 - Updated

- \B1 Broadcom USH CV V6.0.6000.16386 [20080718]
- \B2 Broadcom TPM Device V3.0.0.1 [20071105]
- \D  Dell Tablet PC Key Buttons V1.1.5.0 [20080922]

After several attempts to upload this to the official 3rd party DP site, and failing, I finally just uploaded to my own hosting.  It would consistently fail at a certain percentage done, so I don't know if there's a space issue or some other problem.

I noticed that most of the supported devices are Latitudes which explains why I haven't run across it yet.  But I'm sure the time will come, so I'll see what is involved with this thing and hopefully we can get it sorted.


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The problem is that installing a 3rd party Bluetooth stack is more than just trivial.  Sure Microsoft's stack is built in, but it completely sucks and I remove it with nLite.  Even if you don't remove it however, the pairing process is not something which can be automated.  Every BT device I have ever laid my hands on - and that's probably around 100 or so now - requires that you push a button, flick a switch, or do something physical to the device to enable pairing.  Without pairing you don't have a PnP enumeration.

I'll take a peek at it.  We're mostly a Dell shop here but I haven't run into this one yet.


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You would need to install your Bluetooth stack ahead of time.  What I do is KtD the SetPoint directory so that when I pair up my mouse it automatically grabs the drivers.  I am assuming that this would be the case with Microsoft's stack as well.  Since pairing is a manual endeavor, there wouldn't be a way for the BT devices to be discovered.


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ssx4life wrote:

New version works great ^_^

Thank God.  I was beginning to doubt it was possible.


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I updated the filename thinking the url still went to my hosting.  I took the opportunity to finally add the official FTP info into FileZilla and uploaded there.  Link should be working now....


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I've uploaded the updated DP but have not yet had the chance to run a test on a system with a Logitech keyboard or mouse.  Any feedback and results will be greatly appreciated.  If this doesn't work, the next step will involve breaking driver signing.


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Well I noticed an .inf/.cat file pair that seems to be Vista specific.  I lopped it out and just need to test on a unit here at work.  I don't know if it'll be the difference or not, but it's more than likely my last best hope at getting it to work properly.


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Ok, I think I'm just going to remove support for Logitech SetPoint completely.  It's becoming too much of a pain in the ass.

EDIT:  Found a possible solution.  Testing....

Got a new batch of Panasonic ToughBook CF-30 mk2 laptops and these are now using a Toshiba Bluetooth chip.  This DP worked just about as perfect as I could have ever hoped for.  Man I really wish that all Dell laptops used Toshiba for their Bluetooth as well.


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20090122 - Updated

9.01.22 - RogueSpear

- \F2 Fujitsu USB TouchPanel HID Driver V1.0.0.1 [20070301]
- \P changed to \F1
- \F1 Fujitsu PS2 Touchpad from V2.0.4.2002 [20031108] to V2.2.4.20006 [20060801]
- \LS Logitech Setpoint from V4.60.42 [20080229] to V4.70.165 [20080926]


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20090122 - Updated

- \A  Atmel TPM Device V3.00.00.15 [20050517]
- \G  Axalto e-gate USB/ISO7816-12 Smart Card V3.00.06.00 [20060425]
      Axalto e-gate USB Smart Card Reader V3.00.06.00 [20060425]
      Axalto e-gate Virtual Reader Enumerator V3.00.06.00 [20060425]
      Gemplus ContactLess Bus Enumerator V1.0.0.0 [20050131]
      Gemplus GemPC Card Smart Card Reader V4.0.2.7 [20071207]
      Gemplus GemPC Express USB Key Smart Card Reader V4.0.3.7 [20080326]
      Gemplus GemPC Pinpad USB Smart Card Reader V4.0.3.6 [20080317]
      Gemplus GemPC Serial Smart Card Reader V1.0.5.11 [20040626]
      Gemplus GemPC400 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader V2.1.10.1 [20040106]
          COMPAQ PC-CARD Smart Card Reader
      Gemplus GemPC410 Serial Smart Card Reader V2.6.3.0 [20030818]
          American Express GCR415 Serial Smart Card Reader
          COMPAQ Basic Serial Smart Card Reader
      Gemplus GemPC430 USB Smart Card Reader V2.1.0.1 [20030811]
          American Express GCR435 USB Smart Card Reader
      Gemplus GemPC433 USB Smart Card Reader V1.2.0.3 [20011015]
      Gemplus Gemprox-XU(1) PC/SC Contactless Reader V3.0.0.15 [20071015]
      Gemplus PnpGemprox Device Driver V2.0.0.6 [20051027]
      Gemplus Serial Smart Card Reader V1.0.4 [20011107]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex 20 Smart Card Reader V3.06.00.01 [20020308]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex 20 V2 Smart Card Reader V1.04.00.01 [20021218]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex 20 V3 Smart Card Reader V1.13.00.01 [20031205]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex 30 Smart Card Reader V3.5.0.5 [20020704]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex 72 Smart Card Reader V2.13.0.5 [20020318]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex 72 V2 Smart Card Reader V1.45.00.01 [20020806]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex Lite Smart Card Reader V2.14.00.02 [20020307]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex USB Smart Card Reader V2.10.00.01 [20020314]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex USB Lite Smart Card Reader V2.0.8.6 [20020901]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex USB V2 Smart Card Reader V1.42.00.01 [20020825]
      SchlumbergerSema Reflex USB V3 Smart Card Reader V4.31.00.01 [20060210]
- \P2 Panasonic Misc Driver V1.0.1200.0 [20070302]
- All installers called by exceptions are now located in D\3\X
- Renamed \P to \P1
- \AU AuthenTec AES1610/2501/2501A V7.7.0.84 [20070328]
- \P1 Panasonic ToughBook Hotkey Driver from V6.1.9.0 [20030318] to V10.0.10.1 [20061114]


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I downloaded all of these.  It's going to take a little while to go through them however.  Most seem like custom Synaptics packages.  I'm beginning to wonder if we should just start to break driver signing, where needed, in order to get the best distribution per workstation.  It would be a fair amount of work to keep track of all that I'm guessing.

Ra wrote:

PS3 SIXAXIS Controller
PS2 Controller via USB adapter
Wii Controllers

If you have links I'll take a look, but I'm probably not going to go and hunt these down.


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I'll implement as much updates and fixes as I can this week.  Finally have a fleeting chance this week....

Unfortunately I am beginning to think that a seperate DP for VMware and VirtualBox is going to be necessary.  There seems to be some conflicts (for me anyway) in VirtualBox when the VMware drivers are present.


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Ok, I'm finally back in the swing of things here.  I'll see about integrating updates, fixes, etc...