More people with MCE who have problems? or is it just me? i cant get it to work.
Old version works still fine.

Here it still doesnt work.....

yes i have this always

Auto update the packs , best idea ive heard till now.......
Saves lots of time also.

Maybe the wrong place to put this,.... but now it does this.

And some more files after that one.

And why would you want  to have both if i may ask?


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Ok sorry i didnt know that...
i will let you know as soon as possible.

Stil dont work , i guess it has something to do with MCE ,but in the first versions this didnt happen.

Ofcourse , i start al my tests with a clean windows


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Nvidia Lan problem still there ?

reported before :


no i didnt

i removed the "=" but that  did NOT the trick.

Now i get a BSOD

I also noticed this under : [DiskSpaceRequirements] :

FreeSysPartDiskSpace = 1024
UpgradeFreeSysPartDiskSpace = 1024
51WinDirSpace    =  726788
351PFDocSpace   =       0
40PFDocSpace    =    1744
50PFDocSpace    =   25336
51PFDocSpace    =   25336
PFDocSpace      =   81112
351WinDirSpace   =   80000
40WinDirSpace    =   76486
50WinDirSpace    =  599028
TempDirSpace512  =    491114496,13448704
TempDirSpace1K   =    492655616,13496320
TempDirSpace2K   =    495745024,13568000
TempDirSpace4K   =    502579200,13787136
TempDirSpace8K   =    517693440,14008320
TempDirSpace16K  =    551944192,15024128
TempDirSpace32K  =    623116288,17170432
TempDirSpace64K  =    778502144,21561344
TempDirSpace128K =   1110966272,31719424
TempDirSpace256K =   1811677184,52953088
WinDirSpace512  =      1234637
WinDirSpace1K   =      1237236
WinDirSpace2K   =      1242710
WinDirSpace4K   =      1253744
WinDirSpace8K   =      1276584
WinDirSpace16K  =      1327008
WinDirSpace32K  =      1425952
WinDirSpace64K  =      1664896
WinDirSpace128K =      2201856
WinDirSpace256K =      3372032


Are those 4 suposed to be there?


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Driver pack updates tongue...... cool

Same thing here

Ty Denney

This will be fixed in next version? , if so i better wait instead of messing around with my textsetup

Thats the way YOU see it , and i am NOT you.

Anyway , after renaming them and  slipstream it halted on an error :

I rename them , and the base pack is renaming it back......

double work

After i renamed them all like this : DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_603.7z ( example )
It recognized them , but.......
When i opened the OEM folder i saw that they all where renamed again

so  DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_603.7z became DPGA603.7z

What is the use of renaming them then?

And the 3th party drivers  all have their own .txt file in the OEM folder.

Example : This file had to be renamed to be compatible with 8.3 filenames.

Original filename: DP_VMWare_wnt5_x86-32_v1.1.7z  , text file : DP_VMWar.txt : This file had to be renamed to be compatible with 8.3 filenames.

Original filename: DP_VMWare_wnt5_x86-32_v1.1.7z

What is the use of renaming them then?

Will it be possible to make your own MassStorage DriverPacks ?
Or  to update it by yourself?
With the old packs it was not possible.

At my end the conversion works fine now.


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Finaly a forum....

Nice m8 wink