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WinIntegrator by: stefanRTR

• Bootable Iso Image Creation
• Image Rebuilding

with a Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 Image
• Driver Integration including Bootcritical-Option if you need a Driver to Install Windows
• Package Integration (Updates, LocalPacks and LanguagePacks)
• Package Removing
• Preset Creation
• Windows Feature Enabling and Disabling

with a Windows Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008 Image
• Package Integration (Updates and LanguagePacks)
• ServicePack 2 Integration into a original MS DVD or Image with SP1

Supported Operating Systems:
• Windows Vista SP1
• Windows Server 2008 family
• Windows 7 family
• Windows Server 2008 R2 family

Software Requirements:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile Beta 2 Important! You must reboot you Computer after installing the Framework or the Win Integrator Setup will fail.

Windows® Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows® 7 or Windows® OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) for Windows® 7

Version History:
Version Beta:
• Added: New Tool "Cleanup Image Mounts". If you get an Cannot Mount Image Error try this.
• Small Fixes
Version Beta:
• Fixed: Some Packages have been listed twice in presets and have been removed twice from the Image.
• Fixed: If a Packages has children only the parent has to be removed the children will be removed automatically.
Version Beta:
• Fixed: Some Updates have been listed twice in the RemovePackages TreeView
• Fixed: Error 50 then Enabling IIS FtpServer
Version Beta:
• Changed: The Packages to Remove are now showed in a TreeView and i started to sort them into Categories(Drivers, Multimedia...)
• Fixed: Error 50 then Enabling some Features.
• Fixed: Error 50 then Integrating some Updates into Vista.
• Small Fixes and Changes.
Version Beta:
• Small Fixes.
Version Beta:
• New Feature: Enable and Disable Windows-Features

Download :


Other links : http://www.msfn.org/board/stefanrtrs-wi … 39748.html
http://www.german-unattended.de/wbb/ind … eadID=2787


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Updated to 911

Updated to 911

Updated to 911

Updated to 911


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Updated to 911


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Updated to 911


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Updated to 910


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You need DISM

driverpacks.sytes.net/ new site , feel free to donate to keep the server alive


Thx in advance.


Help? yes please.
As said before, we can use all help we can get.
Especialy with the Vista / 7 drivers.


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Since no one seems to have interest , vista-tool is stopped.


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No one with test results yet? sad


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@midiboy , Next time i make sure its you last warning !


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Updated to beta 3


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midiboy wrote:

Once again, if it works for muiz it must work for the rest of the world ...
Sorry but I am doing my own W7 driverpacks now because yours do not work for me ...

Must be you, works fine here.
And if you can do better, why dont help me with the packs?
I only have 2 hands and not to much time.


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works fine here without, sorry m8


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expanding is not needed


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Updated to 2.0 beta 2


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Thx for reporting, we are still working on the tool.
We will look into that today.
And options like unmount etc are comming en next betas.

Let me remind you that this is just a test version of the tool smile


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Updated to 2.0 Beta 1


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Its cause it still doesnt work for all WAIK versions, we will post a fix for this as soon as possible.


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Vista-Tool 2.0 Beta 3 - 208 kB
Credits : Jan


And yes after a loooong wait we have a new test version of Vista-Tool 2
Jan is recovered very well, thank god...
And hes bussy writing a new version of Vista-Tool, its not finished yet, but you can already test if you want.

[Windows AIK]

    - This Tool needs Windows AIK for Vista!! (6001.18000.080118-1840), 
      It does not need to be installed, It just needs a copy of it (not the setup).

    - If (WimFltr.sys) is not installed, the Tool can do it for you,
      And it will try to copy (wimgapi.dll) to (system32) if missing. (Administrator?)

    - This Tool has NO support for Windows AIK for Windows7,
      It seems that WAIK-7 works poorly with Vista Images and some functions don't work at all.
      You can have WAIK-7 installed, sinds this tool only needs a copy of WAIK-Vista.

    - use of background workers (gui response)
    - all subimages can be done at the same time
    - extra functions like 'recompress, cleanup and delete'
    - tooltips with xml data from image
    - folders can have whitespaces now
    - isobuilder can build iso's larger than 4Gb
    - no more black cmd boxes, output goes to log file now
    - process can be canceled, it will finish current process first
    - program runs on windows 64bit
    - program supports 64bit images

[Some Tips]

    - Don't use a Windows Temp folder for this Tool's Temp Folder.
    - Make sure the Temp folder is large enough.
    - Make sure the temp folder stays closed while using the tool.
    - Your Mount folder needs to be empty.
    - The Tools needs write access to all the folders in the SetupList.
    - And write access to this Tools folder.

Updated to beta 3

Download : http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx

Install the driver even if you do not have an ATI graphics card , it will unpack to C:\ATI (When the setup has finished unpacking you can close it.
Then go to the driver folder.
Example :


Delete all ".msi" and ".ini" files from that folder.
Then go to the "BIN" folder of the ATI package.
Example x64:


Example x86:


And copy the ".SYS" file from there.
Example :

x64: atdcm64a.sys, x86: atidcmxx.sys

And paste that into the driver folder.
Example :


And for the WDM drivers


Just delete the ".msi" files.

Important: DONT unpack or uncab any files!

Since the ATI driver also contains the Windows 7 driver, this guide needs a little change.
When the driver is used for Vista , you have to remove the cat and inf file for Windows 7.
Just open the inf file and if it contains "NTamd64.6.0" its for Vista and "NTamd64.6.1" its for Windows 7
If you dont remove this, you will get a BSOD.