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Yeah, it's indeed been quite a while this time smile

I'm almost about to bind them in myself, but somehow I feel it's better to leave that to the skilled hands of the Master wink

Anyway, I think Bash's priopity is the new GUI.
After that works flawlessly, he will update the drivers.
No point in having a buggy slipstream but updated driver files.
Wouldn't get you anywhere that way (moreso since the new packs seem to be incompatible with the old script).


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NutEdge wrote:

So really that means that ATI Catalyst Control Center needs .NET Framework installed and that is root of problem.

It's just the GUI which is dependent on .NET, the driver itself works flawlessly without.

In my researching, today, it seems a lot of people can't stand the newer ATI Catalyst Control Center for various reasons. If I didn't want to use the newer ATI Cataylist Control Center and just use older one would I still have to install .NET Framework?

No, unless you have other applications that require it (as I do).
Basically, I integrate it using the German variant of RyanVM (sereby.german-nlite.de).
The funny thing is, though, that my laptop which runs NHC, which also requires .NET always installas the CP version of the drivers, which, in turn, do not require .NET.
Any reason for that, Bash?

Bâshrat the Sneaky wrote:

In the next version of DriverPack Graphics A, the good ol' Control Panel should be reincorporated though. ATI has added it again, on a request en masse of their users smile.

Oh, have they?
Last version I found including the CP was 6.3.
Of coure, you could always install the 6.5s, uncheck the CCC in adv. install options and install just the CP from 6.3.
Works like a charm.

Could we get an option to chose whether we want to integrate CCC or CP though?

Over the time I've become rather fond of the CCC (ATi did a lot to shorten loading times!) since it offers more options for more recent VPUs.
I already tried ATT but that didn't quite work out for me...