i was told:
start with sp2 or slipstream sp2
1.ryan updates
3.dpacks last

no sure if the is correct but that is the way i use them.

not all fixed. sad

does anyone have copies of "slipstream_DPM.cmd" and "Fedit.exe" for the old multi-boot packs that they could share with me?

all fixed

there was an internal link. i now have a copy. someone had deleted it.

gosh's site is very outdated.

i got an old copy of the instructions sent to me now i need the old mulit boot files.

"FILES\Multi-Boot_tools : slipstream_DPM.cmd and Fedit.exe". does anyone have a copy of these files?


i need multi-boot support also,por favor smile

i am assuming that multi-boot support will be added to the new base. is this correct?