I can confirm that it works if you remove the AMD Filter folder...

I would think this could be fixed by including an updated driver from intel that better matches the intel HW, it that exists... (now it's using the RTM drivers from win7)


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We are using Matrox for multi-screen digital signage players with many screens... We use them for many customers, and currently I just include the driver in addition to the driverpacks downloaded here... That works fine for me, and often we need more current gfx-drivers than included in DP anyways.

But I was under the impression that the goal of this project was to supply drivers for ALL hardware:-) (judging from the sound-DP, there are many rare products supported)


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Matrox drivers seem to be missing for windows 7 (I can find them in the XP driverpack)...

The M-series gfx cards are supported http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/suppo … ad/?id=455

PS: I assume the matrox driver fit better in the GFX B package, as not many are using Matrox anymore


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Tried the 11.06 on Aopen's digital engine (Core 2 Duo + ION, http://partner.aopen.com/source/news/de … 9-aoe.htm), and the gfx driver install failed...

First it reports missing driver signature, and when I select "install anyways", the driver is not installed (it seems to install, but is missing after reboot).

My fix was to unpack the nvidia 280.26 driver and place it alongside this driverpack in my "drivers path" used for auto-installation. Then it worked!

So it seems that upgrading the nvidia driver in the driverpack would fix the problem...

Seems this problem is back after the 11.09 release:
>>- AMD\1 AMD package from 8.881 package.

This probably re-introduced the filter-drivers removed in 11.04.1
>>- AMD\1\Filter AMD PCIE Filter Driver (reported here: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=4516)

Ran into it on intel HW, causing the GFX to fail. The problem seems to be that the the filter driver matches hardware not from AMD.