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Thanks @ OverFlow and Helmi for your detailed replies. Sorry this is getting pulled way OT. Look like it's turning into a newbies guide for using DriverPacks wink

I have loads other questions, but I think it'd be best to start a fresh topic for those.

I've read the Base Tutorial, (which seems to be pretty straight forward) nLite docs, and now reading RyanVM manual:

Once I've got a general overview of the process I will first try to build an XP recovery disk with SP2  and hotfixes applied to it. I know this will work for a particular laptop, as this is the machine the original recovery DVD came with. So getting that far will confirm I know how to use nLite, and how to sliptream SP's and hot fixes, and create an ISO image and build a bootable recovery disk.

Once I have sorted that out, then all I need to do is create another recovery DVD disk using SP3 and hotfixes, and use DriverPacks_Base to add the missing drivers for my target laptop.


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OK, thanks for that OverFlow.

Is SP3 OK now, as I read some poor reviews about it on Softpedia sad

Will this one do for an offline install?

I've also got SP2 as well, so I thought about doing that first, then adding SP3 to another ISO created from the slipstreamed SP2 XP ISO?


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Maybe I was a little bit vague with that Helmi.

This is what I was refering to:


What you will need:

    * A Windows CD. This portion of the guide is applicable with Windows 2000 through Windows 2003.

    * The Service Pack you wish to use for your operating system.

You will need the NETWORK INSTALL. It's the larger of the two options to download.

I only want to create my own offline recovery CD/DVD. So I take it I don't need the NETWORK INSTALL ?

Maybe this can be made clearer on the beginners guide,  http://driverpacks.net/docs/beginners-guide-windows-xp

as they referer to the MSFN tutorial there?

Ok. Thanks for pointing that out Mr S. I was not aware of the tar.gz torrent, until now smile

Here is a link to download ALL of the DriverPacks from one .torrent file. What initially put me off using torrents, (apart from never having much success with it,) was the fact that I had to download each DriverPack from a seperate torrent file. This torrent file contains everything to download just from one single file. Maybe for newcomers (like myself), this would be worth adding to the downloads page?

Then to keep the DriverPacks updated, one can just download the latest release for a particular pack, using the single torrent file from the DriverPacks download pages?

Outdated link.  See the DriverPacks "Donate" page for updated link.

And the contents of the torrent file is:

Directory: DriverPacks for Windows 2000.XP.2003.Vista.7 (28.08.2011)

windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_b_wnt6-x64_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_audio_wnt6-x86_1104.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_audio_wnt6-x64_1104.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_b_wnt6-x86_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_a_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_b_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_mobile_wnt6-x64_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_a_wnt6-x64_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_mobile_wnt6-x86_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_sound_a_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_a_wnt6-x86_1106.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_sound_b_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_c_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_webcam_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x64_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x86_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_bluetooth_wnt5_x86-32_910.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_hid_wnt5_x86-32_1105.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_languages_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_wlan_wnt5_x86-32_1101.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_modem_wnt5_x86-32_1101.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_graphics_physx_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_runtimes_wnt5_x86-32_1107.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_misc_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_tv_wnt5_x86-32_1005.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_monitor_wnt5_x86-32_1005.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_wlan_wnt6-x86_1104.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_wlan_wnt6-x64_1104.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_lan_wnt6-x64_11042.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_webcam_wnt6-x64_1103.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_lan_wnt6-x86_11042.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_lan_wnt5_x86-32_1101.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_massstorage_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_tvcard_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_webcam_wnt6-x86_1103.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_chipset_wnt5_x86-32_1108.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / monitors_x64_911.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_massstorage_wnt6-x64_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_chipset_wnt6-x64_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_cardreaders_wnt6-x86_11041.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_massstorage_wnt6-x86_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_cardreaders_wnt6-x64_11041.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_chipset_wnt6-x86_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_lan-ris_wnt5_x86-32_1011.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / gaming_x64_812.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_gaming_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_modem_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / cardreaders_x64_911.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_misc_wnt6-x86_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / dp_misc_wnt6-x64_11051.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_monitors_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x64)_driverpacks / misc_x64_911.7z	Bytes
CD&DVD.jpg	Bytes
windows_vista-7_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_cablemodem_wnt6-x86_1001.7z	Bytes
windows_2000-xp-2003_(x86)_driverpacks / dp_cpu_wnt5_x86-32_1005.7z	Bytes
info.txt	Bytes

2.89 GB in 56 files. Torrent created 2.9 weeks ago.

info_hash: 4ef5abb257b5c77b9dd5e1320ba454d93cdf86d1

This is the torrent I used to successfully download all the *.7z DParchives, using Vuze for Linux smile

VUZE - Cross-platform GUI BitTorrent client

Here is a Linux bash shell script I used to test the integrity of all the downloaded DriverPacks. All the find commands are on 1 line:


# -------------------------------------------------- #

# command to recursively test the integrity
# of all DriverPacks *.7z archives

# -------------------------------------------------- #

echo "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"
echo "Running script: $0"
echo "++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"

echo "Testing DriverPacks Archives:"

# This gives a dir listing for a specified *.7z file
# find ./ -name \*touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x64_1107.7z -exec ls {} \; -exec echo \

# list the contents of a specified *.7z file
# find ./ -name \*touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x64_1107.7z -exec ls {} \;  -exec 7za l
 {} \; -exec echo \;

# test a specified *.7z file
# find ./ -name \*touchpad_mouse_wnt6-x64_1107.7z -exec ls {} \; -exec 7za t
{} \; -exec echo \;

# -------------------------------------------------- #

# list all the downloaded *.7z archives
# find ./ -name \*.7z -exec ls {} \; -exec echo \;

# test all downloaded DriverPack archives
find ./ -name \*.7z -exec ls {} \; -exec 7za t {} \; -exec echo \; 2>&1 | tee

# -------------------------------------------------- #

exit 0


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Thanks for that Helmi. I'm pleased to hear I don't need to use the network installer package.

I need to read the beginners guide, and take a look at nLite docs, and also RyanVM's package. I understand what you say about RyanVM's package not having anything to do with the DriverPacks. But if I'm going to build a slipstreamed CD/DVD then I may as well add the SP's and hotfixes to it first smile

That would be a great help for newbies like myself smile

The question i pose to you is why do you wish to extract them all?

Probably because I'm a total newbie, and out of curiosity just want to see what's in the Drive Packs. wink

I had ideas of learning how to manually install any missing drivers from the extracted driver packs, onto my slipstreamed installation image, but that is not necessary according to the beginners tutorial, which I'm just about to get my head around?


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I'm a total newbie to DriverPacks, and thought this would help with me to manually install some missing drivers for a laptop.

So I'm just getting my head around the beginner's tutorial now:

DriverPacks were created for integrating drivers directly into your Windows setup CD, which also happens to make an unnattended installation easier.

Which is exactly what I want to do!

DriverPacks BASE is an integration program that will take individual DriverPacks (downloaded here or created by yourself) and integrate them into a local 32-bit Windows source for installation on another PC. (installing from the slipstreamed CD or from a RIS networked image.). At the time of this writing, you can use DriverPacks BASE to slipstream the Driverpacks into a Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 source.

In this tutorial, we will be using a Windows XP Home OEM CD-ROM as source, and DriverPacks BASE 7.04.

Before we start, there are a few items you will need.

   1. Local Windows source (That is a copy of the original Windows CD in a folder on your hard disk.)
   2. DriverPacks BASE
   3. DriverPacks for your hardware — you must not extract them!
   4. Optional: 7-zip (free). (Needed for creating or modifying DriverPacks)

OK. I think I'm getting the idea now. I only want to build my own slipstreamed XP DVD for home use, with missing drivers added to it. So do I need the network installation package mentioned in the MSFN UXPCD tutorial?

I found RyanVM's MSFN files page late last night. So now I know about the hot fixes, and where to get them form!

Well if we ignore the auto-update feature, would they still not be of value as a teaching tool, if Carey edited the start of the tutorial to say this? smile

Thanks OverFlow smile

Maybe I'm taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut by that approach?
Is this a better alternative. Please see my reply #22:


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We could potentially get around the issue of making a sale by saying a Preloaded USB stick would come FREE with any donation of over $20. big_smile

How about all the DriverPacks and the Base Pack, plus SAD2 (whatever that is?)

I tried to unpack all the latest DP's that were just under 3GB size in .7z archives. I ran out of disk space after unpacking about 11GB's worth of 7z archives.

Suggestion: Maybe a preloaded 8GB flash drive, (FAT32 is apparently supposed to cause less wear on the flash memory that NTFS) with all the DP *.7z archives on it?

This will allow space for the DP archives to grow, and also plenty of other space to store ones favourite applications to work with the DriverPacks, such as the 7zip program, and HW detection tools? Also one could manually extract a particular archive to some space on the flash drive, for installing drivers manually on a ad-hoc basis, as and when required?

I'm just wondering how much disk space is needed to unpack all the latest DriverPack *.7z archives, for all three OS versions please (XP x86, Vista/7 x86, Vista/7 x64) ?

I have run out of disk space trying to extract all the archives.

I also need to know what size USB flash drive to get, to put the extracted DP archives on.

TIA smile

Edit: I have removed the extracted DP's, and there was 11GB of free space before I started to extract all the DP's, but that was not enough as I previously checked the free disk space before removing the extracted files, and it was 0%. The error message was:

Extracting  D/3/M/S/9/m3aux.7z


7-Zip (A) 9.20  Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Igor Pavlov  2010-11-18
p7zip Version 9.20 (locale=en_GB.UTF-8,Utf16=on,HugeFiles=on,1 CPU)

Processing archive: ./Windows-2000-XP-2003-(x86)/Modem/11.01/fromDriverPacks

Extracting  D/3/M/S/9/m3aux.7z


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As a newbie to BitTorrent downloading I'd like to share this cross-platform BitTorrent client with others. It's written in Java, and should work out of the box. It will run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.


I downloaded and use the Linux version. There is/was a problem with this version, as it has been packaged with the wrong version of swt.jar. You can see this post about the error messages, and how to fix these so Azureus - now called Vuze - will run straight away on Linux.

http://forum.vuze.com/thread.jspa?threa … p;tstart=0

The Vuze download on the homepage defaults to the 64 bit version. There is actually a 32 bit version on the sourceforge download page that works fine:

http://sourceforge.net/projects/azureus … Vuze_4604/

You can also see my defunct bug report about all this at:

I did not have to open ANY ports in my ADSL ethernet router firewall, or the firewall I have running on my Linux box, which I was pleased with.

When downloading Vuze reached a maximum speed of just over 300 kB/s, and 10 kB/s upload. The d/l speed starts off slow, and then gradually increases over time. Because I have unlimited bandwith between 11pm - 9am, I allowed Vuze to seed other computers with a maximum upload speed I set in the early hours after my download finished.

If you need to download ALL the DriverPacks from only one Torrent file smile, please see this post:


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That's exactly what I was going to suggest. A compilation DVD with ALL of the DriverPacks on it, for all architectures including the DriverPacks Base package.

I hate using BitTorrents. FTP or HTTP is fine for me, as I can, and do setup cron jobs to download 4GB DVD ISO images overnight, when there is unlimited bandwith with my ISP.

I reckon distributing all the DriverPacks on one DVD would bring in the required donations for the project.

Then there's softpedia. The DrivePacks Base package is on there already.

http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Sys … BASE.shtml

Is there a problem with uploading the latest versions of the DriverPacks to softpedia for direct http download?

What about if you said that everyone who donates $20 USD or more to the project will get a free compilation DVD of all the latest DriverPacks for all architectures posted in the mail, with no restrictions on making further copies for redistribution?

Another option is to sell something like an 8GB USB Flash Drive, with all the DriverPacks installed ready for use. (IIRC, somebody sold a USB flash drive with a bootable version of Linux on it. So they were only selling the USB drive - the software was an added 'free extra'.)

Here's a short tutorial on using DriverPacks from a USB flash drive.
Apparently, using the USB drive is alot faster than running from the DVD drive.

"Installing Drivers from an ISO image located on a thumbstick."
An video tutorial on how to install a network driver (or any driver) from a 'DriverPacks.net' driver pack iso image located on a USB thumb drive.


Personally, I'd prefer the option of purchasing a USB flash drive with all the DriverPacks pre-installed on it.

a) The USB drive can be alot larger than a DVD disk, so there is room to add other things to the USB flash drive.

b) It works alot quicker that the DVD disk.

c) If the DriverPacks were supplied on the USB flash drive as ISO images, like in the video above, that would give the member the option of also burning the image to a CD/DVD disk - just in case the USB ports on a particular machine are not working.

Maybe we can have some sort of forum members poll, to see what other options for obtaining the full set of DriverPacks members would prefer to use (instead of BitTorrents,) and also what each member would be willing to pay for those other options? So free BitTorrents downloads  would still be an option, plus some others as well.

I guess USB drives could be bought in bulk, and a nice tidy profit made on these to help finances for the project?

Personally I'd be pleased to shell out $20.00 for the complete set of DriverPacks on an 8GB USB flash drive.

Maybe we can see what results a poll on this would produce - if PunBB supports polls, and the admins are up for that?

Regarding distributing the USB flash drives, if this is going to be a viable option:

The payment can be made to the project leader, and the USB flash drives could be made and shipped from the members own country locally, possibly by a willing project leader/admin?

That would save on international shipping costs.

These videos are not on youtube now! Has Carey removed them, or has somebody complained to youtube about Copyright infringement - possibly a commercial competitor?