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Yeah I have already tried that with that one and all the HP drivers. When I select the INF file (BD1HDAa.inf in this case) I get " The specified location does not contain information about your hardware".

Impossible. You're installing sound, right? Not the modem. It's got to work.

OK, it's possible both of you have the same model number notebook with slightly different motherboard revisions.
Can both of you (@andante_spianato & @jjaspe)post your HWID for the chipsets in question (modem/sound)?
I'll bet that's why one's working and the other is not.

I already have a working 3rd party pack for this onboard NIC chip (on Albatron PX865PE Pro mobo) based on the drivers already included in the DP_LAN pack.
Can the following HWID be added to the next DP_LAN revision?

PCI\VEN_10B7&DEV_9300&SUBSYS_2C0217F2&REV_31\4&1F7DBC9F&0&00F0: 3Com 3C910 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3CSOHO100B-TX Compatible)

The vendor/device/subsys string should be added to EL910.INF in the directory:

Thanks for all your hard work.  You are truly appreciated. smile


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OK, here's what I found out.
Your mobo (AMI Olympus II) uses the Intel 815E northbridge and the Intel 82559ER NIC chip.  The drivers you pointed to in your first post only support Win9x, NT, 2000.  Mobo Data sheet is here.

Going to the Intel download center for that NIC chip here gives you the available OS options.

Weird...WinXP (home/pro) isn't listed but WinXP x64, Vista (64-bit flavors), WinXP embedded (new one on me), and even Linux are listed.

The "XP Embeded" drivers from Intel have almost the same filenames as the ones in the DP_LAN (missing e100ent.sys)but the version numbers/dates are different, the HWID string isn't listed though (easy enough to add).  This is in the DP_LAN_wnt5_x86-32_701\D\L\IN\PRO100 directory.

I'd venture a guess that with WinXP (32) you're out of luck.

You say you don't run XP on this what do you run and what are you requesting?


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Can you post your HWID string?  Use the link in my signature.

Thanks for the kind words.  Just doing my part.  I hope to be more help than a hindrance. smile
If this helps just one person, then I'm happy.

Have you ever installed XP with the Graphics_A driverpack on your notebook and didn't get the screen resolution you KNOW your laptop supports (i.e. 1280x800 widescreen)?

In the below example, I will show you how to add support for the Gateway M505 notebook which uses the Radeon 9600 Mobility chipset and has a native screen resolution of 1280x800 at 60Hz.

Hopefully this will help you modify the driverpack to support your own unique situation.
Things you will need:
HWID save
A text editor (notepad)
Latest Graphics_A driverpack

1) Use HWID to find your unique chipset.

PCI devices 
PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_206117C0&REV_00\4&13B9B28C&0&0008: ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600/9700 Series

2) Copy the first part (vendor, device & subsystem) of your hardware string (PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_206117C0) to the clipboard.

3) Decompress the graphics_A driverpack to a working folder.
Find the 'mobility.inf' file in the directory: \D\G\A\1

4) Open the 'mobility.inf file in your text editor.

5) Do a keyword search for the string in step 2 (i.e. PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_206117C0).

6) If your graphics chipset is too new and not supported...STOP.  Post your HWID string to these support forums for official Bâshrat the Sneaky input.
If your HWID string is found, awesome.  Continue with step 7.

7) Copy the code paragraph where you found your HWID string

;--- on Acer notebooks (zorro1) --- 
"ATI MOBILITY M10 (Acer)" = ati2mtag_M10, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_00461025
"ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600 (Acer) " = ati2mtag_M10, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_206117C0
"ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600 (Acer)  " = ati2mtag_M10, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_005C1025

and paste below the original entry and rename for your hardware.

;--- on Gateway M505 notebooks (mr_smartepants) --- 
"ATI MOBILITY M10 (Gateway)" = ati2mtag_M10, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_00461025
"ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600 (Gateway) " = ati2mtag_M10, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_206117C0
"ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600 (Gateway)  " = ati2mtag_M10, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_206117C0&REV_00

8) Copy your graphics chipset type from mobility.inf

9) Scroll all the way to the bottom of the mobility.inf text, click anywhere in the bottom text, hit 'CTRL-F3' to 'find'.

10) Paste your text into the 'find' box and select the 'Direction Up' button.

11) Keep hitting the 'Find Next' button until you get to the entries:

This is where it gets tricky.  You only need to change one screen resolution setting for each of the above entries to support your native resolution.
It's critical that you do NOT adjust the resolution settings beyond what your screen will support.  Hardware damage may occur.

The codeblock will look something like this:

HKR,, WmAgpMaxIdleClk,			    %REG_DWORD%,    0x20
HKR,, DisableIDCT,                          %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, DALR6 CRT_MaxModeInfo,                  %REG_BINARY%,00,00,00,00,40,06,00,00,B0,04,00,00,00,00,00,00,3C,00,00,00
HKR,, DisableFullAdapterInit,      %REG_DWORD%,    0
HKR,, MemInitLatencyTimer,         %REG_DWORD%,    0x775771BF
HKR,, GCORULE_FlickerWA,             %REG_DWORD%, 1
HKR,, DALNonStandardModesBCD1, %REG_BINARY%,08,48,04,80,00,00,00,60,08,48,04,80,00,00,00,75,08,48,04,80,00,00,00,85,12,80,07,20,00,00,00,60,12,80,07,20,00,00,00,75,12,80,07,20,00,00,00,85,12,80,09,00,00,00,00,60,13,60,07,68,00,00,00,60
HKR,, DALNonStandardModesBCD2, %REG_BINARY%,13,60,07,68,00,00,00,75,13,60,07,68,00,00,00,85,14,40,09,00,00,00,00,60,19,20,10,80,00,00,00,30,19,20,10,80,00,00,00,85,08,00,04,80,00,00,00,60,10,24,04,80,00,00,00,60,10,24,06,00,00,00,00,60
HKR,, DALNonStandardModesBCD3, %REG_BINARY%,12,80,06,00,00,00,00,60,12,80,07,68,00,00,00,60,14,00,10,50,00,00,00,60

In this example we are going to change one of the unneeded resolutions (1280x768 60hz) into our needed 1280x800 60hz resolution.

12) Find the last code string 'NonStandardModes' and find the coded resolution you want to change.

HKR,, DALNonStandardModesBCD3, %REG_BINARY%,12,80,06,00,00,00,00,60,12,80,07,68,00,00,00,60,14,00,10,50,00,00,00,60

Change this code into the coded resolution you want

HKR,, DALNonStandardModesBCD3, %REG_BINARY%,12,80,06,00,00,00,00,60,12,80,08,00,00,00,00,60,14,00,10,50,00,00,00,60

13) Now repeat steps 11-12 for the next entry for your chipset [ati2mtag_M10_SoftwareDeviceSettings]

14) Now save and close your modified 'mobility.inf' file (overwrite the existing .inf file).

At this point, you may (if you choose) delete the nVidia drivers you feel they're not needed
Just delete the folder DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_701\D\G\N\

15) Use 7Zip to recompress the new driverpack using the directions here

16) Rename your modified driverpack from DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_701.7z to DP_Graphics_A_wnt5_x86-32_701b.7z

17) Drop your new driverpack into the 'Driverpacks\DriverPacks\' folder and integrate as normal.

I hope this works for you as well as it works for me.  Please report back if it doesn't work as it should.
Remember to always work with a copy of the original files in case you screw something up.
Standard disclaimers apply.  No warranty is given or implied.  I'm not responsible if you ruin your XP install by following these directions.  La De Dah De Dah! smile

This mod also works with the standard ATI Catalyst drivers.  But two INF files need to be modified to work.
The pathway for the two INF files is:
The two INF files are named: C2_44981.inf  &  CX_44981.inf
Enjoy.  smile

Geez, there I go reinventing the wheel again!
Thanks Bâshrat the Sneaky and crew.  I really should have seen that for myself.  I did poke around in the mobility.inf file.  I'll plug my HWID in there with my widescreen tweak and let 'er rip.
See what happens when you can't see the forrest for the trees?  wink

You guys just saved me a few days work.

Here's my HWID for Gateway M505, native screen res 1280x800 32-bit.

PCI devices 
PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4E50&SUBSYS_206117C0&REV_00\4&13B9B28C&0&0008: ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600/9700 Series

I've posted a tutorial here for anyone interested in the widescreen tweaks.

I am working on my own catalyst driverpack modded for mobility use.  The ATI website here lists graphics chipsets and vendors supported by the official catalyst suite.  If your vendor and chipset is not listed (both listings are required) then the official catalyst suite won't install without modification.

The DH modtool modifies several INF files that WILL BREAK the catalyst suite for anything other than a mobility chipset.  Because of that, it's highly unlikely that Bâshrat the Sneaky and the crew will include modded files in the main Graphics_A driverpack.
There are limitations with building a 3rd party driverpack because the DPBase won't let you set the option for the CCC in a 3rd party driverpack.  I'm working my pack based on modifying Bashrat's Graphics_A pack for my own use.  If I get it working properly, I may upload it to Rapidshare or another site (with Bâshrat the Sneaky approval of course).

There are several other files you need to modify for proper widescreen display.  If I can find the online tutorial, I'll post it later.
For widescreen support, you have to manually edit two INF files in 2KXP_INF folder (CX_*****.INF, I can't remember offhand).

If I get this working right, I may post a tutorial since the one I found a year ago is very hard to find (can't find it now).


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No problem.  I've got my proprietary 3com NIC driverpack finished, works perfectly.
I've got my custom Graphics_A (ATI only) pack finished too.  The issue I'm working at the moment is the driverpack decompression/copy is taking a lot longer than before.  I'm going to try my ATI mobile tweaks (for my unsupported widescreen notebook) and see If I can get that working.  If it works OK, I may upload the custom pack for others to use.

I love this site!


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OK boss.  Fair enough.  I'm knee deep in the tutorial now.  Sorry to bend the rules.


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Would someone be able to create a driverpack using the new Catalyst 7.2 drivers from ATI only?  I only have ATI cards in my PCs and using the Graphics A driverpacks (although very nice) seem to be overkill for my needs.
As a second request, could someone also build a Catalyst driverpack modified for mobility chipsets using DriverHeaven's DHModTool?

muiz3 wrote:

pics to prove it? smile

Hi all, first post here.

OK, muiz3, you've just proved our point.  The only way to integrate the driverpacks all the way through is to check both the mass storage pack as well as the textmode option.  I see by your logfile that you also check the mass-storage text mode option.

Try UNCHECKING the mass storage text mode option and see what happens.  You'll see the failure we are all seeing.

For me, the integration fails regardless of what driverpacks I've selected, from chipset only to full load.
It seems as if the mass storage pack WITH the text mode option is a requirement now.

Using DP Base 7.01.5 with newest packs (as of 27 Jan).