Ummm why is this not showing in main download section of website? Only v12.06 is available in there
Is that because of "Stand Alone Driverpack" development?

Very sorry for posting on [SLVD] (Solved) posts (I am always lazy to read forum rules and I am not smart also xD)
Anyway I found that problem was in V1 folder so I removed it, and than it caused another error with HP driver so yea, fu*k it, I am going to learn to use DPBase...
Thank you TechDud & mr_smartepants for your helpful and fast replays.

I have the same problem with Mass storage DP 11.09 (also using nLite, will try with DPBase soon) on Windows XP SP3
The problem is with one of VIA raid drivers (folders "V" and "V1", will check folder exactly)
I prefer to use nLite for XP primary for integrating newest graphic drivers (nVidia and AMD/ATI) that I don't have (don't know) option with DPBase
... also, I am not sure if these VIA drivers should be textmode or PNP drivers? nLite is offering me to chose operating system for slipstream (for textmode drivers; I chose XP of course), maybe problem is that all necessary files are not copied if I select only XP option? Will test more and reply results.


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bigfoot wrote:

Download all the driverpacks and extract them to a folder.
Download Findhwids from kickarse -link provided  (
Start the program, choose where the driverpacks where extracted to, choose a path for the csv, and then hit start.
You should get a large csv file of all the hwids and vendors that exist in the packs.

Yep, this will do perfectly, and programs offer way more than I need (but it may be useful later)
Thank you guys for helping.


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mr_smartepants wrote:

Check the FAQ first.

Thanks mr_smartepants, but I had already read that FAQ. Maybe you didn't understand the question, so I will try to rephrase it (sry, fckit, English is not my native language). I was wondering is there a VEN_xxxx&DEV_yyyy list for drivers that are categorized in folders in driver packs. Like for instance, AUR10 gives me a VEN_xxxx&DEV_yyyy of missing driver, and then I simply check in what folder is the missing driver contained, so I could restore system image in case there is no required driver in AUR10 pack.
... Once I downloaded that list in simple TXT file with folder names/map, VEN_xxxx&DEV_yyyy, but I guess it is not for current release of driverspack (particularly massstorage), and I cannot find a link for that list sad


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Hi forum.
I am using Acronis Universal Restore 10, and sometimes I have some drivers missing while universal restore is occurring, and program gives me a device string or something that looks like this: "pci ven_1002_4380&SUBSYS_14171043&REV_00". Now I know that 1002 is a vendor and 4380 is a device ID, so I was wondering where is the list of Vendors and Device IDs for drivers packs?