Oh man, UBCD4Win, brings back some good memories...   :-)

I was in charge of the drivers in the project for most of it's life until it ended in 2010, or was abandoned I guess. I sadly have moved on myself to other things and using other builders, such as WinBuilder. But, hopefully someone else can help as it's been so long, I don't remember much at all about how I got the drivers working.

Oh man, I wish you guys would have talked to me a LONG time ago.  When I created my first driver pack ( http://ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1374 ) for the UBCD4Win back in 2005, everything that was stated here about the damn nVidia drivers I always ran into.  At first it wasn't too big of a deal to copy and rename the files and such to make things work, but over time as the pack grew, it was a huge pain and it brought up more problems, as what OverFlow and others have already stated.  Damn nVidia and all of their different driver versions having same names for files... I constantly ran into that issue and began to hate the nVidia drivers...

1.) Yes, you can copy the files and rename the copied files to get rid of the BartPE missing files errors, but then you have the problem where BartPE only copies the very last file of the same name and thus you'll only get working hardware which is based on that file and not all of them.  Thus, this option wont work in the long run.
2.) Yes you can take each driver version, rename all files to something else and make sure inf references match, etc., but then you still have the issue of many duplicates HWIDs.  To me, this still isn't the best way to go.
3.) Joshua's plugin/pack, which I think he originally made for the UBCD4Win to address the above two issues, for the most part works pretty well, but there are a few systems that may not work.  I know he a ton of time into this but I don't know the specifics of how it all works.  For now, this is the best bet for good nVidia driver support.
4.) Obviously, if we can find a way better than the first 3 above, then the new Bâshrat the Sneaky LAN driver pack for the BartPE community is born IMO.

Due to the issues above and the now excellent Bâshrat the Sneaky MassStorage BartPE support, I've only recently released some LAN only driver packs ( http://ubcd4win.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9314 )where, I believe, I've completely left out the nVidia drivers and just rely on Joshua's plugin/pack instead.  Much easier for me, as least until the real Bâshrat the Sneaky LAN BartPE pack becomes available.  I've been doing my pack for over 2 years now and will just be so glad and happy once I can just rely on the Bâshrat the Sneaky packs from then on.  I know the UBCD4Win and BartPE communities will be eternally grateful as well.  smile

If you need any help with anything, though I'm limited on time, I'll do my best.  smile


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Related to the CDN, does this mean you'll have the driver packs on servers throughout the world (eventually) and then it'll choose the closest one to download them from?  I'm interested in helping mirror files if needed, as always.  If it will work differently, please let me know as I'm interested.  smile

Thanks.  smile

I see this went public today (the BartPE initial implementation).  I don't mean to be a stickler about anything, but where's the mention of EVERYONE ELSE who helped with this, especially the year long (or more) work with the UBCD4Win Team, etc.?

Well, as I've said to you in the past Bâshrat the Sneaky (well, a LONG time ago anyway), I'd be happy to host and/or mirror the driver packs for you on my downloads page, or maybe we could work something custom out.  I was looking at your posted stats, and that's nothing compared to what my downloads site does (I think I do a bare minimum 225GB per day in downloads).  But anyway, what I'm saying is that I can handle the load if needed.  I have an extremely powerful server (2 actually, though one is mainly for my clients while the other is just for me) and if my ads keep doing well to help generate revenue, I can also afford more bandwidth (and faster bandwidth) if necessary.  I mean I'm already paying over $850 a month for my servers and bandwidth now, what's a little more to help another community out.  wink  Please let me know if you are interested.  This is a serious offer.  My main site is: http://downloads.littlbuger.info  smile

I get the exact same error.  I just downloaded the very latest of all packs today and tried it with method 1, no go.  Method 2 works just fine.  Any suggestions?  I've already tried everything else posted in the previous posts here.  :-\