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OverFlow wrote:

DriverPacks.net has never supported x64 drivers for NT5 platforms.

So... don't know where to find them. 

Some of the included drivers may or may not support x64, if they do it's unintentional and not supported.

x64 in XP was not well implemented, or supported, by MS or the community at large.

Best of luck

Thanks a lot, well yes I found some small and limited x64 driverpacks in intel website but I cannot call them real packs that will support a large number of computers, in the other hand I found x64 drivers provided by hp support site, where to download  individual x64 drivers for each desired model.
I download the drivers of my model and packed them well and worked fine but the setup process stopped at the error HAL.DLL. So I still wonder how to fix that. Thank you again.


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I need the XP x64 Drivers pack, here exactly in this example the guide shows only how to use the x86 drivers, and not the x64:

"Adding Network Adapter Drivers

To complete a network installation of Windows 5.* (XP/2000/2003) a driver is required for the client PC's network adapter - the driver .inf files can be used by the BINL service built into Tiny PXE Server to identify the name of the driver .sys file so that the correct driver is loaded - this information is requested in the form of the network adapters VID and PID numbers.

The driver .inf file should be copied to the C:\pxesrv\files\INF directory. Multiple .inf files can be copied to this path to support a range of adapters.

As an alternative to using the driver .inf file it's possible to use nics.txt - this file should be copied to the same directory as the network bootstrap program startrom.0. A sample nics.txt is included in the Tiny PXE Server download. My own (created from DriverPack LAN 12.05 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86)) is available here.

In addition to the driver .inf files (or nics.txt) the corresponding driver .sys are also required. These should be copied to your Windows source file directory - C:\pxesrv\files\winxp\I386.

To support a wide range of network adapters, download DriverPack LAN 12.05 for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86) and extract all .inf and .sys files from the download. The following batch file can be used to extract these files (7za.exe required)"

Now I seek where to find the x64 version please help

Thank you !


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Thank you all for your helpfull replies. Here are examples of what I get (the 2 last pictures) :

(sorry for some information is in french but I can always translate if needed)

Nom du système : HP-887EE39FD066
[Résumé système]

Élément    Valeur   
Système d'exploitation    Microsoft Windows XP Professionnel   
Version    5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Nu 2600   
Éditeur    Microsoft Corporation   
Ordinateur    HP-887EE39FD066   
Fabricant    Hewlett-Packard   
Modèle    HP d530 CMT(DC577AV)   
Type    PC à base X86   
Processeur    x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9 GenuineIntel ~2992 Mhz   
Version du BIOS/Date    Hewlett-Packard 786B2 v1.11, 10/07/2003   
Version SMBIOS    2.3   
Répertoire Windows    C:\WINDOWS   
Répertoire système    C:\WINDOWS\system32   
Périphérique de démarrage    \Device\HarddiskVolume1   
Option régionale    France   
Couche d'abstraction matérielle    Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"   
Utilisateur    HP-887EE39FD066\HP   
Fuseaux horaires    Greenwich   
Mémoire physique totale    512,50 Mo   
Mémoire physique disponible    314,59 Mo   
Mémoire virtuelle totale    2,00 Go   
Mémoire virtuelle disponible    1,96 Go   
Espace pour le fichier d'échange    1,20 Go   
Fichier d'échange    C:\pagefile.sys   





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Thank you.

My goal is to see the drivers being installed without any user input.


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I hope this is the right forum for a Windows xp question

When Windows detects new hardware (be it graphic card or USB Peripheral) it automatically installs driver and if it can't find a driver it shows "Found New hardware wizard" that allows you to manually select a driver.

My problem is that this "Found New hardware wizard" shows up every time when I plug a new device and I have to click Next Next Next.. until it finishes installation. It's just like in Windows 98 wink I want to fix it to the way it's supposed to be.

It's got nothing to do with "Windows Update" and "Driver Signing" settings in "System properties -> Hardware" tab, those are on default settings.

Thanks for any help or hints.


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Sorry for there is No error message to show you since the computer keeps rebooting. The last computer to do that was a HP Compaq dc5800 Small Form Factor. The OS were XP 32-bit and later Windows 7 32-bit.

I corrected that by using all the driverpacks provided here in your site but minus chipset and mass storage.

This what remains as a "big why" in my mind.


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Thanks for your replies.

I wondered why you didn't understand me well, so I posted the same topic here: 
http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/1229 … ks-to-use/
and people there understood me well so far. Why not here?

The issue was just a few computers that wouldn't boot after formating them using Windows 7 32-bit (with all driverpacks) or windows xp pro sp3 32-bit (with all driverpacks).

So again :

inserting all driverpacks minus chipset and mass storage the result is all computers are installed well and they all boot normally.


inserting all driverpacks the result is all computers are installed well but not all of them boot normally but they keep rebooting over and over.

If you see that this topic deserves some discussion to find a possible solution then no problem since this is what I want, but in case you see it (and you know better than me) as not welcome then just delete and ignore it. No problem really.

Thank you smile


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You're right good noticing !!!
Well I use to prepare both "win xp" and "win 7" installation cd/dvd. And yes no Graphics C in win 7.


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Well yes... But I want to prepare one Win 7 installation DVD for different computers. I visited many topics in this forums, unfortunately I still didn't find anyone that could answer my question. Thank you for any help and hints or even links to the topics you told me about. My thanks for your reply.


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I have here a small issue of what driverpacks I must insert using wintoolkit. When I use all driverpacks some computers are well formated and installed but they don't boot and don't show the welcome and desktop. They keep just rebooting. But when I use just the following packs all computers boot with no problem

Graphics A
Graphics B
Graphics C
Sound A
Sound B

So why using chipset and mass storge packs cause some computers to not boot properly?

Thank you for any help and hints.


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I recall it happened to me aswell, I suggest :

1) you uninstall your bittorent program
2) download a new copy or another one such as utorrent
3) install it, run it
4) download the drivers



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Is there a definitive way to install driverpacks for sysprep?

I believe there are many ways that people are testing. Some worked fine so far, for some machines, and some still need some updating.

Is sysprepping from driverpacks installed image a good option?

I don't understand your question. But if you mean to prepare your driverpacks and all your stuff (as some tutorials suggest in these Forums : http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewforum.php?id=30 ) before sysprepping a computer yes I think it's a good idea to try.

As to say it's a good option or not that dépends on you to judge smile


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Thanks mr_smartepants I found it searching in Dell website:



skinlayers and everyone

Thank you skinlayers for such turorial that I am testing now step  y step. I hope it will work for me.

My remark is I don't see where you call the drivers to be installed.

For example in another Topic, The user somebody

Added a new section Under [GuiRunOnce] in sysprep.inf file, under which He added a new line


In order to call DP_Install_Tool.cmd to install the drivers.

Or in case I am wrong, the drivers in your tutorial are installed automatically or what exactly.

Again thank you and anyone for your explanations.


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yes I also tried the driverpack from a cd I have prepared with all drivers. Still no success.


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yes it's true I found a link to such download but it does not work after many attempts. thank you


Please help me finding a Sound Driver for a Dell optiplex gx50

For my old
P3                         1Ghz
Ram                   256 Mb
Disque                 20 Gb
Carte graphique   32 Mb

Thank you very much

(Please move but keep if wrong forum Thanks)

mr_smartepants wrote:

It looks like you did everything right.  I don't know why your drivers didn't load automatically.  It's possible your system chipset isn't included in the DriverPack Chipset support list.  Not loading the chipset drivers correctly can cause all sorts of havoc with other drivers loading.
Your DPsFnshr.log will have more info.  But it's big, so you'll have to split it up and post it into two (or more) separate posts.

Again thanks. I just finished installing windows using my 2nd DVD (see my new DPs_BASE.log I just posted) everything worked fine. All important drivers were installed this time with no yellow flags. I installed nothing manually this time. Looks like I did some progress.

Setup took less time with no errors. The only left thing is my Cif single chip webcamera that I have to install from its CD. But that's not a problem. If you want I can upload its setup.exe to any ftp site then give you the link. It may be useful for other people.

Please have a great day.

OK here's my new DPs_BASE.log:

2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> DriverPacks BASE 8.12.5 initialized.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> Host environment: WIN_XP Service Pack 3 on X86 CPU.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> Created temporary working directory.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> Imported proxy settings from Internet Explorer.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> Start scanning for DriverPacks for the wnt5_x86-32 platform.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Chipset 1002!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack CPU 912!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Graphics A 1004!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Graphics B 1004!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Graphics C 1003!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack LAN 1004!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack MassStorage 901!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Sound A 1003!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack Sound B 1003!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected DriverPack WLAN 1003!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Detected 3rd Party DriverPack WebCam 100104!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT>     Finished scanning.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> Could not find settings file"D:\Documents and Settings\pc6\Bureau\DPs_BASE.ini".
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [General]\prefLang not specified: default (English) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [General]\wizdButtons not specified: default (yes) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [General]\GUI not specified: default (yes) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [Settings]\DPsMethod not specified: default (2) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [Settings]\finisherMethod not specified: default (GUIRunOnce) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [OptionalSettings]\KTD not specified: default (none) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [OptionalSettings]\QSC not specified: default (yes) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [OptionalSettingsOther]\ATI_cpl not specified: default (None) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> [OptionalSettingsOther]\Nvidia_cpl not specified: default (None) was set.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <INIT> QuickStream Cache directory not found!
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <GUI>  Initialized GUI.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <GUI>  Created a list of all available language files.
2010-04-11 18:53:07 : <GUI>  Set the last used language, English, as the GUI language.
2010-04-11 18:54:10 : <GUI>  Changed Windows installation files OR export (depending on the installation platform) location to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\pro\XP\XPCD.
2010-04-11 18:54:10 : <GUI>  Windows XP Professionnel -  OEM SP3 detected.
2010-04-11 18:54:10 : <GUI>  wnt5_x86-32_disc is the selected installation platform .
2010-04-11 18:55:24 : <GUI>  Refreshed UpdateChecker with success.
2010-04-11 18:55:29 : <GUI>  Saved settings!
2010-04-11 18:55:29 : <GUI>  Closed GUI.
2010-04-11 18:55:29 : <SEL>  Selected module: mod_slip_wxp_x86-32_disc_m2.
2010-04-11 18:55:31 : <PREP> Removed all attributes from \I386.
2010-04-11 18:55:31 : <PREP> \I386\winnt.org was not found, \I386\winnt.sif was not restored.
2010-04-11 18:55:31 : <PREP> Neither txtsetup.org or dosnet.org was found. The removal of
2010-04-11 18:55:31 : <PREP> any Service Packs we may have added with Driverpacks and or
2010-04-11 18:55:31 : <PREP> removal of Mass Storage textmode drivers was skipped
2010-04-11 18:55:32 : <PREP> Verified method 2 references don't exist in txtsetup.sif or dosnet.inf.
2010-04-11 18:55:32 : <SLIP> Created QSC directory.
2010-04-11 18:55:46 : <SLIP> Extracted DriverPack MassStorage to a temporary working directory.
2010-04-11 18:55:46 : <SLIP> D:\Documents and Settings\pc6\Bureau\tmp\DPMtmp\DriverPack_MassStorage_wnt5_x86-32.ini
2010-04-11 18:55:46 : <SLIP> Processing the files now. This may take a minute.
2010-04-11 18:56:03 : <SLIP> Created QuickStream Cache for DriverPack MassStorage text mode drivers.
2010-04-11 18:56:03 : <SLIP> Slipstreamed DP MassStorage text mode drivers using QuickStream Cache.
2010-04-11 18:56:03 : <SLIP> txtsetup.sif Backed-up Successfully
2010-04-11 18:56:03 : <SLIP> dosnet.inf Backed-up Successfully
2010-04-11 18:56:10 : <SLIP> Removed entries from \I386\txtsetup.sif that will be updated.
2010-04-11 18:56:11 : <SLIP> Removed entries from \I386\dosnet.inf that will be updated.
2010-04-11 18:56:37 : <SLIP> Updated \I386\dosnet.inf and \I386\txtsetup.sif to support DP MassStorage text mode drivers.
2010-04-11 18:56:37 : <SLIP> Created necessary directory structure for method 2.
2010-04-11 18:56:37 : <SLIP> Copying files necessary for method 2.
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> Extracted additional files necessary for method 2.
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> expanded setup.ex_ to setuporg.exe
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> SETUP.EX_ Backed-up Successfully
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> Compressed setup.exe to SETUP.EX_.
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> Method 2 setup.ex_ installed
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> Created \I386\presetup.cmd file.
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> Updated \I386\txtsetup.sif to support method 2.
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> Updated \I386\dosnet.inf to support method 2.
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack Chipset to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:56:38 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack CPU to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:56:42 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack Graphics A to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:56:44 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack Graphics B to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:56:47 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack Graphics C to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:56:47 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack LAN to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:56:47 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack MassStorage to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:56:50 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack Sound A to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:57:06 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack Sound B to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:57:10 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack WLAN to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:57:12 : <SLIP> Renamed DriverPack DP_WebCam_wnt5_x86-32_100104.7z to DP_WebCa.7z in \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:57:13 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPacks to \OEM.
2010-04-11 18:57:13 : <SLIP> Will not slipstream patches, Service Pack 3 was detected.
2010-04-11 18:57:13 : <SLIP> WINNT.SIF Backed-up Successfully
2010-04-11 18:57:13 : <SLIP> Updated \I386\winnt.sif to support method 2.
2010-04-11 18:57:13 : <SLIP> Updated DPsFnshr.ini to disable KTD.
2010-04-11 18:57:13 : <SLIP> Updated \I386\winnt.sif's GUIRunOnce section.
2010-04-11 18:57:13 : <SLIP> DP_Install_Tool was copied successfully
2010-04-11 18:57:13 : <SLIP> Slipstream finished in 1 minutes and 44 seconds.
2010-04-11 18:57:36 : <CLNP> Temporary working directory successfully deleted.
- = DriverPacks BASE ini settings used = -
; preferred language
prefLang    = "French"
; yes/no, enable or disable the wizard-style buttons, if not specified: yes
wizardButtons    = "yes"
; yes/no, enable or disable the GUI, if not specified: yes
GUI        = "yes"

; disc/bartpe/multibootDisc
instPlatform    = "disc"
; trailing backslash is allowed, but not necessary
location    = "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\pro\XP\XPCD"
; none/all/select, if select, specify them below, if not specified: all
DriverPacks    = "all"
; 1/2, method to install the DriverPacks, if not specified: 2
DPsMethod    = "2"
; GUIRunOnce/RunOnceEx/custom, if not specified: GUIRunOnce
finisherMethod    = "GUIRunOnce"

; this section is optional!
; none/all/select/paths/patterns, enable or disable Keep The Drivers (KTD) , if not specified: none
KTD        = "false"
; <path>, to specify a custom KTD cache location, if not specified: default (%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks)
KTDlocation    = "%SystemRoot%\DriverPacks"
; yes/no, enable or disable QuickStream Cache (QSC), if not specified: yes
QSC        = "yes"
2010-04-11 18:57:36 : <CLNP> Create a DPs_Base.log backup @ D:\Documents and Settings\pc6\Bureau\LogFiles\DPs_BASE_10-04-11_18-57.log
2010-04-11 18:57:36 : <CLNP> Program terminated.

Thanks mr_smartepants

Actually I have no problem installing my camera and monitor because I have their original CDs and for such links sorry I don't have them. As for LG it should be at LG support drivers pages and as for the camera I still don't know the constructor website. It just says Digital USB PC cam with no provided link on the new camera box. 

I am working on my 2nd DVD now, I hope it will be ready soon in a couple of hours, then I will provide you with my DPs_BASE.log with no prob as I deleted my first one. I have only one question for now:

is "DP_WebCam_wnt5_x86-32_100104.7z" the latest pack for cameras?

Thank you.


OK I would share how I did it. First I decided to make my new win xp pro installation DVD with all drivers possible so I went first to download the DriverPacks BASE 8.12.5 Released on June 11, 2009 from:

http://driverpacks.net/applications/dri … ase/8.12.5

after I installed it I downloaded all drivers using such program then slip streamed all drivers into my installation folder then burnt it into one DVD.

After about one hour of work I ended up with 1 bootable DVD of about 1.8 Gb of files: XP + Drivers + A few extra programs to install (such as messenger, flash player, antivirus and real player etc...)

The windows setup took about one hour, copying all the drivers took about 10 minutes then the installation was done normally then just before the first login the DriverPacks program kept closing the drivers pop ups for about 15 minutes.

Well I didn't know what to do so I left it like that then it finished alone. Okay now I am on my desktop everything seems fine so far. OK of course I went to verify my drivers to see if they were all installed. I found a few in yellow. That was a surprise. Of course I did something wrong during slip streaming drivers first time.

But I tried to right click on drivers then update them automatically and it worked for all of them except for my Cif Single Chip camera. I didn't worry because I have its CD installation program.

After using windows update I found no driver that needed any update except for my LG Flatron W1943 Monitor which was downloaded via windows update. OK now all my drivers are installed.

So the mistake that I did was around using the program options during slip streaming drivers maybe I didn't choose the right options. Or is it normal to find yellow still not installed drivers after windows setup. I don't know.

What about camera and monitor drivers?

Conclusion, I would thank everyone who helped build such program and collected all the drivers possible, and I am happy now after such first experience with all my drivers installed with no error whatsoever.

My suggestions would turn only about making easier the program options and set the best ones as the default program options. I don't know what are the real best program options but what I did and selected as options ran and worked smoothly but forced me to finish them manually.

I would so much that it worked automatically but perhaps it will happen in my next CD or DVD :-)

I wish you well.