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Ok i am new to this forum also ... you guys are very excellent when it comes to drivers. but i have one problem and this never happend to me before. i had my laptop for a while already and i never experienced this problem everytime i wanna play counter strike source or listen to music it plays all static and it cant find anyway to fix this is there anyway to fix this problem cause i would really love to play my game again and dont here that static noise.

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Helping with hardware problems is not what this forum is about, it is driver based.

However we will try to help you, it may be the sound card driver needs an update, in the Device Manager it will show
what Make and Model your driver card is i.e. Realtek AC97.
Find the manufactures site (Google) download and install the latest driver.

You may also have a hardware problem with the sound card or speakers, do you turn the volume
all the way up, that tends to destroy small speakers.

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I'm actually very sure this is not a driver problem, but a hardware problem. Never heard of a problem like this before.

You could isolate the problem to your speakers or soundcard by attaching external speakers.

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