Topic: [SOLVED] Leech Warning!!! HELP

I have been trying to get the new driverack iso's for 2 days now and all I get is:

"Leech Warning

To make an end to the never-ending leeching problem, I had to set up a download restriction, which prohibits you to download the DriverPacks unless you are using any of the valid download links present on this website.

If you are using the download links available on this website, you may want to disable certain firewall options which may be blocking referrers, and therefore redirecting you to this page incorrectly.

Proceed to DriverPacks downloads overview"

How do I get past this?? I need this to install drivers on customers computers.

Re: [SOLVED] Leech Warning!!! HELP

Your internet security suite is probably blocking HTTP referers, which will cause this warning.

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Re: [SOLVED] Leech Warning!!! HELP

I to have tried EVERYTHING! Reset my router numerous times, turned every security feature OFF on IE7, firewall & my router and keep getting leech warning. I have tried for nearly an hour!!!! Never mind thanks anyhow

Re: [SOLVED] Leech Warning!!! HELP

If you use symantec firewall (like me), you have to disable it until the download is finished, then reenable it.
If you use another antivirus/firewall package, your settings may be different.
The problem is NOT with IE (firefox and opera are same) or your router

Re: [SOLVED] Leech Warning!!! HELP

Yeah I to use symantec. Turned everything off and still had the same problem. Not to worry will just keep popping back and trying again. Thanks for replying