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Ok as helmi said, they are missed, please update the driverpacks, or tell me if they are allready included … mp;dlc=en#

in the driverpacks, thanks

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Re: [REQ] HP Printer Driver


this is one i would say no to
no, it is not in the packs,
no, I would not put it in the packs

HP installation can be a bear, some have to be connected and run before the driver installs, other need to have the driver setup running, and half way, it says to connect and power up the HP.

this one is like it runs drivers, then asks to power it up
a 340 mega, sorry..
I would say no.

if we collect just the drivers from that installer, you will miss programs that came along in that file..
you can put the downloaded file on the dvd, and run it afterward.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.

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I am only interested on the drivers, if you have them inside your packs, then isn't necessary to add them, if not, please put only the drivers, for the software i mostly use only word and photoshop i never use the progs, thanks

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HP has a "universal" print driver they state will work on 90-some-% of all hp printers.  I'd try to make a pack out of that first...


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HP Universal Print Driver for Windows - PCL 5 4.0
16 04 2007 16.6MB hpupd40pcl5-32.exe
HP Universal Print Driver for Windows - PCL6 4.0
16 04 2007 17MB hpupd40pcl6-32.exe
HP Universal Print Driver for Windows - PostScript 4.0
16 04 2007 16.2MB hpupd40ps-32.exe
Can any1 do HPPack agane?

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Re: [REQ] HP Printer Driver

You have an HP PSC 1215 All-in-One, right ?
These all-in-one printers-scanners drivers are huge (same for Epson) ... and not easy to driver-package.
I'll have a look at it.

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Re: [REQ] HP Printer Driver

No, now for example i have 4250, 2015 and 3392 (MFU+fax), but in pack are old drivers for all HP printers (4250/4350 are not include).

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I've updated driverpack with latest HP PCL5 unified driver which supports a lot of new printers (more info : … -121.html).
Old printer drivers are deleted when new universal driver supports them (which is the case for almost *all* laserjet printers).
Check here for updated DriverPack :

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Re: [REQ] HP Printer Driver

Big thanx, how about PS and PCL6, its possible in one pack?

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new HP pack has latest PCL5 and PCL6 in it

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