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Finally, an update for the DriverPacks BASE! We're now at version 6.12. Several minor improvements and bugfixes were submitted by ruudboek for the DriverPacks Finisher, which should thanks to him now be virtually bugfree!

You can find the changelog at the bugtracker.

Unfortunately there's some bad news too: it seems a flaw has managed to get into the previous version of the DriverPacks BASE, which causes the automatic updater to fail. The consequence is that you'll have to download & install this new version manually, you won't have to do this next time.

P.S.: if somebody is interested in being an active developer for the DriverPacks BASE, contact me (admin [at] driverpacks [dot] net). So far nobody has even started adding/improving things, at least afaik. Only ruudboek has, and that's the Finisher, not the BASE. As soon as I can find at least one relatively active contributor for the BASE, everything will become truly open source (as in: everything accessible for everybody), the reason for this is to guarantee quality, as explained in the open sourcing announcement.

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Thanks Bâshrat the Sneaky for the update wink


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Direct link for all you lazy asses! wink

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Thank you Bâshrat the Sneaky