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This pack is based upon DP_TVCard_wnt5_x86-32_1005b1

 -C\7\1\ Conexant 23880 Blackbird from sp26281.exe
		(might need to break WHQL signing in future for drivers in C\7)
 -H\c\1\ Hauppauge WinTV NOVA (usb218c)
 -H\c\2\ Hauppauge WinTV NOVA (pci218)
 -H\c\3\ Hauppauge WinTV-Nexus (dvb218c)
 -H\c\4\ Hauppauge DEC USB Device (dec218c)
 -H\j\ Hauppauge WinTV-Aero
 -H\k\ Tivizen Mobile TV USB (CDC/ECM)
 -H\l\ Hauppauge HD-PVR2
 -H\m\ Hauppauge HD PVR USB capture
 -H\n\ Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-S-USB2
 -H\o\ Hauppauge Nova-DT (Dual tuner DVB-T)
 -H\p\ Hauppauge PVR USB2 AVS Video Capture
 -H\q\ Hauppauge WinTV-CI USB (11xxx)
 -H\s\ Hauppauge WinTV HVR-950q USB2 Stick (NTSC/ATSC/QAM)
 -H\t\ Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1100 (WinTV-HVR 713X)
 -H\u\ Hauppauge WinTV 418/HVR-1600 Video Capture
 -H\v\ Hauppauge WinTV HVR-19xx
 -H\w\ Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA SAT
 -H\x\ Hauppauge WinTV-Nova-T(D)
 -H\y\ Hauppauge Cx2310x (WinTV HVR-111xxx) Capture
 -H\z\ Hauppauge WinTV-DCR 2650 (experimental CIRCoinst.dll dependancy fix for nt5)
 -H\ to H\00\
 -C\7\ layout.bin
 -H\2\ Hauppauge WinTV 848/9, 878/9 WDM
 -H\3\ Hauppauge Computer Works USB-based device
 -H\0, H\7, H\9 & H\a\ Restored folder structure specified in .Infs
 -H\00\ Hauppauge CX23885/7/8 AVStream video/audio capture (PCIe x1) to {DriverVer=11/07/2013,1.51.31310}
 -H\4\ Hauppauge eMPIA USB 2.0 Video Devices (EM28xx) to {DriverVer=06/02/2010,5.10.325.28153}
 -H\5\ Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-900H to {DriverVer=02/08/2011,1.0.709.29039}
 -H\6\ Hauppauge WinTV (88x) to {DriverVer=11/20/2012,2.126.30325}
 -H\8\ Hauppauge hcw89 PCIe capture to {DriverVer = 07/18/2014,}

 -Ad\ Adaptec AVC-1100/AVC-1200/AVC-2010/AVC-2210/AVC-2310/AVC-2410
 -Ad\1\ Adaptec AVC-2000
 -Ad\2\ Adaptec AVC-2200
 -AV\1\ AVerMedia AVerTV USB
 -AV\4\1\ AVerMedia AVerTV Video Capture/PCI Analog TV
 -AV\4\2\ AVerMedia AVerTV Video Capture/PCI Analog TV
 -AV\9\ AVerMedia 23885 AvStream Video Capture (XCeive)
 -AV\a\ AVerMedia H826(D) USB Pure ATSC/QAM
 -AV\a\1\ AVerMedia A827 USB Hybrid DVB-T/A827A(C) USB Pure Analog
 -AV\a\2\ AVerMedia A816 USB Hybrid DVB-S/AVerMedia Ethernet Adapter for MPE
 -AV\a\3\ AVerMedia R889 USB DVB-S2/AVerMedia Ethernet Adapter for MPE
 -AV\b\ AVerMedia A700(DVB-S/Analog)/AVerMedia Ethernet Adapter for MPE
 -AV\b\1\ AVerMedia SAA713x
 -AV\c\ AVerMedia AVerBDA6x
 -AV\c\1\ AVerMedia AVerBDA6x
 -AV\c\2\ AVerMedia AVerBDA6x
 -AV\c\3\ AVerMedia AVerBDA6x
 -AV\d\ AVerMedia USB Polaris Series Capture
 -AV\d\1\ AVerMedia USB Polaris Series Capture
 -AV\d\2\ AVerMedia USB Polaris Series Capture 
 -AV\d\3\ AVerMedia USB Polaris Series Capture 
 -AV\d\4\ AVerMedia USB Polaris Series Capture 
 -AV\e\ AVerMedia 7231 capture
 -AV\e\1\ AVerMedia H968 Hybrid Analog/DVB-T
 -AV\f\ AVerMedia USB Video Capture Family (A868/E509/E882/HC80/M038/M039)
 -AV\g\ AVerMedia USB 2.0 Plus Video Capture
 -AV\h\ AVerMedia A855 II USB DMB-TH
 -AV\i\ AVerMedia A852 USB DMB-TH
 -AV\j\ AVerMedia DVB-T BDA Video Capture
 -AV\j\1\ AVerMedia DVB-T BDA Video Capture
 -AV\j\2\ AVerMedia DVB-T BDA Video Capture/A805 (USB, DVB-T)
 -AV\k\ AVerMedia A820 USB DVB-T
 -AV\k\1\ AVerMedia A836 USB DVB-T
 -AV\k\2\ AVerMedia A835(B) USB DVB-T/A918R Express DVB-T
 -AV\k\3\ AVerMedia A867 USB DVB-T
 -AV\l\ AVerMedia DVB-T BDA Video Capture (A300/A808/E568)
 -AV\m\ AVerMedia A855 USB DMB-TH
 -AV\n\ AVerMedia C027 PCIe HD Capture Device
 -AV\n\1\ AVerMedia H727 PCIe Hybrid DVBT HDMI Capture Device
 -AV\o\ AVerMedia H777 Hybrid DVB-T
 -AV\p\ AVerMedia C873 USB IR Blaster
 (XP-MCE encoder/plugins supported in new DriverPack_TVcard_wnt5_x86-32.ini)
 -AV\8\ duplicated in AV\

v1409251 - TechDud
-Ad\ Adaptec AVC-3610/3310/3210
 -A2\ through A6\ to A\2\ through A\6\
 -AV2\ through AV8\ to AV\2\ through AV\8\
 -C1\ through C9\ to C\1\ through C\9\
 -D2\ to D\2\
 -G1\ through G6\ to G\1\ through G\6\
 -GE2\ to GE\2\
 -H0\ through Ha\ to H\0\ through H\a\
 -K1\ through K8\ to K\1\ through K\8\
 -L1\ through L4\ to L\1\ through L\4
 -LI1\ & LI2\ to LI\1\ & LI\2\
 -P0\ through Pa\ to P\0\ through P\a\
 -T0\ through Ta\ to T\0\ through T\a\
 -TH0\ through THa\ to TH\0\ through TH\a\
 -V2\ & V3\ to V\2\ & V\3\
 -Y1\ through Y3\ to Y\1\ through Y\3\

for post-Windows Setup utilizing SAD3:
     - potential for exceeding maximum path-length if included in 3rd-Party DriverPacks folder
DP_TVcard_wnt5_x86-32_1410071.7z - 56.44 MB   38999F41150C9CE72EB8F6CD2FBA2D6FF87344CF   smile

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Re: [Nightlies] DP_TVCard_wnt5_x86-32_1410-1412 - Public

 -H\4\ (dmb5000.inf) Hauppauge DMB5000 WinTV DMB-T USB2 Stick (from wintv7_cd_3.9)
       (hcw17bda.inf) Hauppauge SMS1000 TS Capture
       (HCW723x.inf) Hauppauge WinTV 723x models
       (hcwD1cap.inf) Hauppauge Colossus PCIe capture device
       (hcwD1enc.inf) Hauppauge Colossus Encoder
       (hcwF9bda.inf) WinTV-Ministick 2/PCTV 78e/PCTV 79e/WinTV Duet 2/PCTV 2003e
       (smsbda.inf) Siano Mobile Silicon PCTV microStick (77e)
       (UD252D_happ2.inf) Hauppauge DMB-T MiniStick
 -MS\ (irbus.inf) eHome Infrared Receiver  {DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2535.0} IrBus.sys v5.1.2600.2180
 -H\4\ (hcw72bda.inf) WinTV HVR-950q USB2 Stick (NTSC/ATSC/QAM) to {DriverVer=08/15/2014,1.101.32227.0}
       (hcw85bda.inf) WinTV PCIe(x1) CX23885/7/8 AVStream video/audio capture to {DriverVer=09/23/2014,1.54.32266}
       (hcw89.inf) Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-22xx to {DriverVer = 09/17/2014,}
       (hcw713x.inf) Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1100/1105/1110/1150 Capture to {DriverVer = 02/20/2014,}
       (hcwC6bda.inf) Hauppauge WinTV-Aero/Dell Digital TV Receiver to {DriverVer=12/11/2012,}
       (hcwD9bda.inf) Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA SAT to {DriverVer=07/02/2014,1.34.32183}

 -*.devicemetadata-ms (nt6)
 -invalid .cat files, incl. .inf references
 -AV\i\CIRCoInst.dll (nt6)

 -H\0, H\00, H\5 through H\a, H\j, H\l through H\q & H\s through H\z to H\4\
 -H\k to H\
 -H\c to H\0\

for post-Windows Setup utilizing SAD3:
DP_TVcard_wnt5_x86-32_1410151.7z - 60.84 MB   FE3C6C9839B36D8521046B6C00A98182DBA844EB

Re: [Nightlies] DP_TVCard_wnt5_x86-32_1410-1412 - Public

Updated to finally take care of an old, old request.

 -TT\ (MPEVirtual.inf) CityCom GmbH Virtual MPE Decoder Adapter  {DriverVer=01/16/2012,}
      (Saa7146n.inf) TechnoTrend TT-DVBsat PCI (SAA7146n)  {DriverVer=04/21/2009,}
      (ttBudget2.inf) added Security Catalog
      (ttBudget4100.inf) TechnoTrend budget S2_4100 (BDA)  {DriverVer = 02/07/2011,}
      (ttBudget4500.inf) TechnoTrend TT-budget CT2-4500 CI (BDA)  {DriverVer=02/20/2014,}
      (ttConnect4600.inf) TechnoTrend TT-connect S2-4600 (BDA)  {DriverVer = 07/21/2013,}
      (ttConnect4650.inf) TechnoTrend TT-connect CT2-4650 CI (BDA)  {DriverVer=02/20/2014,}
      (TTHybrid.inf) TechnoTrend TT-budget T-3000/B3ATSC  {DriverVer=08/28/2005,}
      (ttPremiumHD.inf) TechnoTrend TT-premium S2-6400 Twin HD  {DriverVer = 09/07/2011,}
      (ttTVStick4400.inf) TechnoTrend TT-TVStick CT2-4400 (BDA)  {DriverVer=07/26/2014,}
      (ttusb2bda.inf) TechnoTrend DVB USB 2.0 BDA Devices (TTUSB2BDA)  {DriverVer=05/24/2012,}
      (ttusbir.inf) TechnoTrend USB Infrared Device  {DriverVer =04/21/2009,}
 -TT\5\ (ndislpu2.inf) TechnoTrend DVB USB2.0 series (Network)  {DriverVer = 11/08/2004,}
        (ttusb2ts.inf) TechnoTrend DVB USB 2.0 Device  {DriverVer=11/30/2005,}
 -TT\6\ (Ttbdgeon.inf) TechnoTrend PCI DVB Budget Adapter (EON)  {DriverVer = 12/06/2005,}
        (ttndsbda.inf) TechnoTrend Virtual BDA DVB Network Adapter  {DriverVer = 06/18/2008,}
        (ttusb2bda.inf) TechnoTrend DVB USB 2.0 BDA Device  {DriverVer = 10/17/2008,}
        (ttusbir.inf) TechnoTrend USB Infrared Device (w2k)  {DriverVer = 01/24/2005,}
Moved & Updated:
 -H\0\1\ to TT\1\ (ttdvbusb.inf) TechnoTrend DVB USB series to {DriverVer = 05/23/2005,} & (ndisloop.inf)
 -H\0\2\ to TT\2\ (ttbdgpci.inf) TechnoTrend DVB PCI budget Adapter to {DriverVer = 02/03/2006,}
 -H\0\3\ to TT\3\ (ttloophe.inf) TechnoTrend Virtual DVB-S/-C/-T Network Adapter
 -H\0\4\ to TT\4\ (ttndistb.inf) TechnoTrend Virtual STB-S/-C/-T Network Adapter
 -H\0\, TT\3\Saa7146n.* (updated in TT\)
 -TT\ (older than driver files, sha1 hashes not matching)
 - .Inf references excluding misc invalid .cat files, vista or x64 files, where driver is non-WHQL
 - USB\VID_04B4&PID_8613 (FX2 hardware, virgin EEPROM) references preventing conflict, by commenting out HWID
     in K\5\modload2.inf, TH\8\UDST7020Bda.inf, TT\5\ttusb2ts.inf, TT\6\ttusb2bda.inf

DP_TVcard_wnt5_x86-32_1412061.7z - 64.78 MB   96E8BCA53FB11CB5B13DA50E735E44060ED634F0     smile

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Re: [Nightlies] DP_TVCard_wnt5_x86-32_1410-1412 - Public

Can you make a DVB-T only Separate driverpack??

Re: [Nightlies] DP_TVCard_wnt5_x86-32_1410-1412 - Public

Good topic.