Topic: Update a Windows 8 upgrade disk to Windows 8.1 with update 1

When i bought my laptop it did have Windows 7 on it. But i did have a option to bye Windows 8 cheap with a  promotioncode. Sow i buyed Windows 8. But only this year i found out its a upgrade disk... Bummer. Well never likked Windows 8 much after trying testversion and seeing the final product. It made me think of Viste. (Not finnist) Never mind... I did not like the sow called Metro menu at that time. I dont like the way the settings work. Its not like i used to.

But i wanted to do somthing with this useless Windows 8 update disk. Windows 8.1 is a free update to Windows 8 users/byers. Sow i looked into some options to get Windows 8.1 with updates.. But no option i really liked. (Dont like putting in a ligit code after install. Ore running updates) What i did not want is install the Windows 8 upgrade on my Windows 7 laptop. Windows 7 works just fine. I could have made some image *.wim from the finall install.

Sow let me finally tell now what to do with the upgrade disk image. Dont use it. Its that simple! Get a Windows 8.1 with update from here: … resh-media The image will take a Windows 8 key. Thats what i wanted!!! Normally you would have to install Windows 8.1 with some default key form MS and put in the bought key after install (When using the key from the Windows 8 upgrade disk). That suck.

Well happy installing Windows 8.1 with update1 using you're Windows 8 key. That's my point haha.

Well thats not all for me. I wanted to install Windows 8.1 for a usb stick and with out to many clicks. Sow i did look into some programs like Nlite (XP) Vlite and sow on. Than i found from the same maker of Nlite and Vlite! The program Ntlite works great. Not like Nlite but still great. The build image can be tested with a program like wm player.

Sow in the and i put my Windows 8.1 on my minipc. (Conected to the tv) Windows 8.1 is just great for playing some music and movies. (I hope i can reinstall sometime with some Windows 8 driverpack by the way)

Original i found the information here: … ows-8-key/