Re: updated 7-zip32.dll for un7zip.exe to support LZMA2, etc

"7-Zip 9.38 beta" is already out and a final will probably not take too long now.

Re: updated 7-zip32.dll for un7zip.exe to support LZMA2, etc

7z938_beta_32/64bit has been released; might wan to check the beta and see if anything important has changed.

Re: updated 7-zip32.dll for un7zip.exe to support LZMA2, etc

Check the first post in this topic, if you like.
Is there something new there?

I'm on a "need-to-know" basis here, btw.  :lol
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I've had no trouble whatsoever with the revision of 7-zip32.dll specifically, even on older machines down to about !GHz-512MB.  Below that, certainly she be slow ... now even s l  o    w     e      r       .        .          .

It's rock solid stable though.  That is what one should be able to expect from any "Release" anyway, eh?

This revision of has multi-core support, iirc, and supports LZMA2, amongst many other bugfixes & improvements.  It was a worthy successor of the 4.65 revision that was in there, iirc.

The packs i post are simply LZMA compressed for widest compatibility, btw.
That doesn't stop anybody from recompressing their own packs to LZMA2, if they have DPs_BASE v1109012b.

I should add that to docs...

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Re: updated 7-zip32.dll for un7zip.exe to support LZMA2, etc

Well how about that.
They have updated recently.

    2014/7/4 Version public.
        Since the internal version notation remained ? version, replaced only distribution file.

    2014/6/25 Version public.
        Additional API. (SevenZipGetLastError)
        Additional API. (SevenZipSfxConfigDialog)
        Additional API. (SevenZipSfxFileStoring)
        Corresponding to the long path name. (NT system only to the extent that the head family 7-zip corresponds)
        Specified change to return FALSE if it was password error the CHECKARCHIVE_FULLCRC flag in SevenZipCheckArchive.
        Strengthening of error handling. Fixed to the had not returned at the scene should return some error.
        Fixed to return an error if the buffer shortage in SevenZipGetArcFileName like.
        Change the specification of SevenZipGetMethod slightly. Corresponding changes and the like in the case of buffer shortage.
        Supports M_CHECK_ALL_PATH and M_CHECK_FILENAME_ONLY flag in SevenZipOpenArchive. By default M_CHECK_ALL_PATH ("- r") state was the of the M_CHECK_FILENAME_ONLY ("- r-") to fix. You can also correspond to the ("-r0") by using the two flags at the same time.
        Fixed a bug that all have not the application window is unable to display the password window when dealing with encrypted file.
        Fixed a case is the processing speed of the items in the progress dialog box is displayed 100 times.
        Fixed a bug that SevenZipGetArcAccessTimeEx had to get the update date and time.
        Since -slp switch which can not be used once and do not install the 7-Zip file manager and then a non-supported DLL. (Use it is possible)
        The rebuild at 7-Zip 9.22.
        - -mf = I you can specify a compression filter at FilterID switch. Following example.
        a -mf = bcj2 a.7z a.tar
        a -mf = delta: 4 a.7z a.wav
        a -mf = bcj a.tar.xz a.tar
        - 64-bit version of Windows I can use the best 4GB of RAM.
        - Fixed some bugs. "
     quoted from:
       translated via Goggle Translate: … zip32.html

I'll do what i can to see that into at least the current testing version of DPs_BASE.
Maybe mr_smartepants would update SAD3, if it pans out for BASE.

What more does Igor Pavlov's 7-zip v9.22 offer over v9.20?
Wim support, eh Jeff?

Nice work guys, for bringing it to our attention.

Nice work author Minoru Akita (,
   & CSD,inc. and shoda T. for hosting it and/or improving the 7-zip32.dll file!  big_smile

That might be just the inspiration OverFlow needs to start developing a NT6-compatible version of DPs_BASE!

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